Happy Diwali Coloring Pages

Happy Diwali Coloring Pages – Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights and to celebrate the occasion we have created some free printable coloring pages for you and the kids.

Kids of all ages can have a lot of fun celebrating Diwali and get creative with this set of beautiful coloring pages. Our printable Diwali coloring book includes colorful images of clay lamps, oil lamps, candles, clay lamps, fireworks and the Hindu symbol Om.

Happy Diwali Coloring Pages

Happy Diwali Coloring Pages

Diwali is a Hindu holiday celebrated in the fall, usually in October or November. It is one of the most important festivals in India and Nepal, with different meanings for the different Indian communities. In the Indian state of Gujarat, Diwali is known as Deepavali and is one of the most important holidays celebrated by Hindus.

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The Diwali festival has its roots in an ancient story about Lord Rama. Diwali celebrates Lord Rama’s victory over evil. The story goes that Lord Rama returned home after 14 years, at the end of which he defeated Ravana. Because of this victory, he was crowned king and his people feasted for ten days on lights, fireworks, music, dances and banquets.

It is a celebration of peace and prosperity. It is an opportunity to reward hard work, to give thanks for what life has given us.

The day after Diwali is called Narak Chaturdashi and its meaning depends on the region you live in.

It is important to note that there is not just one day that is celebrated as Diwali. It is actually celebrated for five days, starting on the thirteenth day of the Hindu lunar month called Kartika. The festival continues until the Kartik fortnight. Different regions celebrate it in different ways, but it usually involves family members getting together and lighting lamps or candles that symbolize knowledge and enlightenment. The festival also includes other symbols such as fireworks, a large amount of food, colorful decorations, ringing bells and much more!

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Diwali is a Sanskrit word which means “row of lamps”. Celebrate good over evil with cookies and lights. For many it is also a time to reconnect with family and loved ones. This festival welcomes prosperity for the coming year, so people shop for new clothes and decorations.

If you’d like more details on Diwali’s history, here’s a fast-paced kids activity through the village’s Ram and Sita story.

Here are all the images of our Diwali coloring book pages and you can download them in a handy PDF file at the end of this blog post.

Happy Diwali Coloring Pages

Get kids ready to decorate these adorable Diwali coloring pages using crayons, paints, markers and markers, glitter, gemstones and ornaments, stickers or even colored sand. Kids can make them truly unique in their own fun way.

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Here is a detailed adult coloring page featuring a beautiful Diwali lamp. It will also be suitable for older children who are looking for free coloring pages that are a little more modern and mature.

This is a Diwali themed worksheet with activity pages that include a corresponding activity, labeling activity, and copy coloring.

Here are all three spreadsheet pages, and you can download them in a handy PDF file at the end of this blog post.

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Use the download links below each PDF file preview for a free instant digital download of each of these printable Diwali pages.

Want to keep the kids busy with Diwali crafts? Try some of these fun handcrafted fireworks or create your own henna designs with activities in our blog posts below.

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Happy Diwali Coloring Pages

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