Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram

Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram – The signal switch is two black wires for ground, two blue wires and two blue (or violet) switch/brake wires.

In my country I can’t use marker lights, so I turn off the blue lights. Blinkers not working? I have two switch signals both front and back the blue wire is cut and it doesn’t work…

Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram

Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram

Also the dark (or dark) wire is the brake light and turns the light on the same wire. In my country my car can’t have a brake light (it works by the way, no blinkers but when I hold the brake it lights up).. any way to make them change only the signals?

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It’s not clear here but if you disconnect the blue wire from the front panel it shouldn’t come on like a running light, if you have a brake light problem I think you have a wire somewhere.

On the 2012 model the rear signals use the same wire for the brake and brake signals, there is no connection. So I’m looking for a way to stop it…

I guess I threw the blue wires both front and back and maybe the computer thinks the lights are burnt out.. But that’s just a guess… I don’t have two lights, you can check. Start out of the blue and try…

All I can say is that you don’t know exactly which blue wires you have disconnected, the only blue wires you need to disconnect are the first three signals and nothing else. You have to avoid the front light and only if you use the flash as a signal to change, I did it like this with the simple end that I had before and it worked for me, another blue wire connection.

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The front is not the problem because it doesn’t fire that brake.. also the problem is that after stopping both the front and the rear brake it does nothing.

Morit said: I believe I left the right blue front and rear.. The front is not the problem because they don’t hurt that brake.. The front and rear are also problems. After disabling both blue it does nothing. . Extend… what I’m talking about is put it back together, just disconnect the blue wires from the front.

I don’t have two real proofs of changing the wiring so I can’t connect them to see if it works but still:

Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram

In my country I can’t have brake lights in my turn signals, I can’t have indicator lights in my headlights and I have to have only amber lights that turn on.

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A three-wire network will only do the termination of the blue wire for the front signal and use the same socket and bulb, for the rear signal connect connector 94D V pin # 5 to connector 94B V pin # 6, 94D pin # 3 BN to connector 94B pin # 3 V, if the rear signal works like this inside just plug the blue wire into them but i don’t think they should.

But other than that – all the blinkers don’t work due to disconnecting the blue wires both front and rear?

I know when we use an LED the computer thinks the LED is a light bulb so it turns off the blinkers… so maybe no blue wires are wrong either.

You wouldn’t think so, the blinkers use two light bulbs and the blue wire provides low power while the turn signal uses the positive element, so removing the blue wire should prevent the low voltage from coming on. And the onion should be treated the same. One thing

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Using the thin wire from the back is 2 blue from 94B as already mentioned. Tires are easy to disassemble and remove.

The brake function for the switching signal is connected to the STT box. The easiest way is to drive them around the box. I’m not sure if the connectors are compatible but if you plug the 93B into the 93A it should work for Europe. For America it is. Cable #2 from 93B should go to pos #1 (in Europe the active light works as a parking light and should be on ACC)

Removed the STT at the beginning of the module, and bought and installed a 94C connector instead of the 94A (pictured). Everything works without problems.

Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram

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Ok guys, like many people I am not happy and worried about the lack of tail lights on my 2012 Street Glide.

Today I received a replacement LED from Radiantz and I bought two integers (LED strips that change amber and red).

I want to connect the red lights to the line and the brake lights and connect the “back” to them. For amber I just want to connect the signal to change.

Can someone give me the diagram or color of the wire I need to plug in to install the brake only change the symbol?

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Can’t help you b/c the ’12’s wiring is different than my ’09, but I’m sure someone will install the same tail. Just curious – your lighter didn’t come with instructions? If not – I will call the seller.

Bookstore is the best $60 you’ll ever spend. If you have a voltage tester, you can short one end of the wire and turn off the brake light or the test signal. Or, if you open the brake light, or turn signal, you will be able to see the color of the wire. Mine is 99, so maybe not the same.

I have a lot of light on my 09 FLHX. It has an alternative flash mode to create a brake light and 3 different lighting modes. Check out www.brightasslights.com

Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram

I’ll get the book soon, I never knew. If I don’t get an answer, I will use a voltage meter. Trying to cheat a little.

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If you want to disconnect the signal to be able to use the amber, I think you have to plug in the facia/switch module first. It should be somewhere under the seat.

And if you do……make sure you write down and take pictures of everything. You will be a hero to some here.

I’m researching something. I want to put a custom dynamic class in the back of my 2012 RG. I have the service manual and am looking at the same diagram. I’m trying to figure out how to send the different brake and switch inputs to the lights, connect them as they go through the switch. I think if I push in the three amber blades in front of the switch, it won’t work because it will send another “three” command to the brake light line from the side from the switch it will be. If that makes sense. Maybe I’m thinking this and there’s an easy way to do it for me and I’m really missing it….

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I am replacing the Fat Bob rear fender with a Wide Glide Kit Fender. In order to not be a completely new poser, I want to do it myself. It’s fine with all the mechanical stuff, but I could use some help with the wiring.

Fat Bob had a cricket ball in front of the tail that disappeared when I went to cut the fender. So I need to make a pig to make a lamp. You will use an 8 pin connector on one side and a standard pin connector on the other side. I’m trying to figure out which wires are connected there.

I was planning on using the same wire (#7 blue wire) to power the light fixture and the LED panel since they all draw less power. It is also planned to display the board’s LEDs in series so I need one hot wire connector/pigtail.

Harley Davidson Brake Light Wiring Diagram

The attached picture is how I plan to put things together. I have also sent you the following diagram.

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2) Where can I buy the right plastic connector? Can I get them from a local dealer?

I will get a connector from the dealer to attach it to the lower part.

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