Home Gym Paint Colors

Home Gym Paint Colors – As we wrote yesterday, we just got a brand new checkered carpet on the first floor of our house: stairs, hallway and two bedrooms. And while you already know about my guest room plans, today I wanted to take a look at another room that gets the plaid rug treatment: our home gym.

In addition to our guest room, there is another bedroom that is an extra space for us. One day, if we ever have kids, it will probably be a nursery, but it won’t be anytime soon. We are building a home gym instead.

Home Gym Paint Colors

Home Gym Paint Colors

Before the pandemic, we preferred to work outside the home – Dustin at the gym and me at the Bar Method studio. But when we got stuck at home and my beloved bar studio had to close for good, we slowly started working from home. And while we might get back to some personal training one day, it’s honestly so convenient to work out at home that we wanted a dedicated space for it. That’s how the idea of ​​a home gym was born.

Home Gym Ideas

With the new carpet arriving, we’ve had solid motivation to get out the stuff we’ve been storing in here and paint the walls, so it’s time to get out of the home gym.

When we decided to do this, I saw Orlando Soria’s home gym and I really liked the idea of ​​making our workout room colorful and inspiring, giving us the energy we need for our home workouts.

The key to an energetic home gym? Color. When I started looking, I found so many great color schemes for home gyms: bright colors, fun patterns, murals, and more!

Today I’m sharing some home gym paint ideas that have inspired us, and with the new carpet arriving, we plan to get this space wrapped and ready to reveal very soon!

Finally A Home Gym Worth Being In.

As I mentioned, my first inspiration for a home gym came from this discovery by Orlando Soria. I really like this giant pink arch, and you can see the reflection of the other fun painted shapes on the walls across from it. I think the fun shapes and colors really balance out the utilitarian (read: boring) home gym items like mats, weights, and other equipment.

I was going to go easy on the walls until I saw this beautiful home gym from Sunni Circle Studio. First of all, that wooden floor, the furniture bench itself, and the framed TV make this space super chic. The blue walls of The Hague also add class. Also, I love the box that frames the TV and mirrors – again an interplay between utilitarian and decorative.

Okay, this picture is less about painting (but count me in on the plank wall at the gym). How amazing is the balance between these shelves and the plants? I just love the idea of ​​incorporating style elements into home gyms that we would see in other rooms. Sharp man!

Home Gym Paint Colors

This is actually a multi-purpose space (office, guest room, gym), but I spent so much time studying the reveal post that I had to share it here. I love how the framed TV hides among the gallery wall. I love these chic exercise equipment hooks. And I really love that dark color – nice!

Small Home Gym Ideas

Ready to take a quick look at how all this inspiration came together in my mind? This is how our home gym has been created so far:

Do you see my vision? Don’t worry – we’re just fine-tuning before we reveal this space. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

This post may contain affiliate links, which are a way of supporting our blog at no cost to you. Thank you! Let’s call it what it is: Exercise is, well, exercise. But the right environment can do a lot better – for both mind and body – especially if you train at home. In fact, a well-designed home gym can motivate you to reach your fitness goals even further. And workout gear definitely doesn’t have to be the opposite of chic. If you are looking for inspiration to make your home gym look more beautiful and functional, you have come to the right place. Whether you have a spare room, a corner, an open space or even an entire basement ready for a makeover, these home gym ideas have you covered.

Part exercise studio and part meditation, this home gym designed by Sherry Hart and Jennifer Jones Condon does it all. See the beautiful gold and white decorative items? They are actually weights that act as sculptures. Seagrass meditation cushions and lounge chairs are there when clearing your head is more desirable than sweating in the Peloton.

How To Create A Home Gym (or Nook) You Will Actually Enjoy Using

If you’re someone who prefers to exercise outdoors, be sure to design a home gym that you’ll actually use by choosing a location with lots of direct sunlight. In this barn, which the general assembly converted, the accordion doors open all the way to allow fresh air. You can always just install a fan for a cool breeze effect if actual outdoor access isn’t an option!

Heather Hilliard made this home gym look stylish by painting it a cool shade of gray and choosing exercise equipment in a similar tone. A consistent color story makes everything look chic and elevated without compromising functionality. Plus, a wall-to-wall mirror can help you work on your form while making a stuffy basement or small gym feel much bigger.

This beautiful home gym designed by Cass + Nico is tasteful, soothing and practical all at the same time. And it can also serve as a home office when not being used for training.

Home Gym Paint Colors

Crispy white is not the only option! In fact, sometimes a moody deep tone enhances the feeling of intimacy and simply makes the space cooler. Here, design firm Sunni Circle Studio used Farrow & Ball Hague Blue, hanging abstract art and built-in decorative seating.

Simple Guidelines For Choosing Garage Paint Colors

Leanne Ford converted a backyard barn into a striking home yoga studio. A leaning tree branch is the perfect addition to wabi-sabi (it’s a great plant choice when the budget is tight). If you don’t have a garden shed or barn in your backyard to convert, consider painting the floor and walls of an unused garage white, then furnishing the space with modern cream cushions and meditation rugs.

You don’t need a large space to build a good home gym that you will actually use. Tucked into a corner with a wall dedicated to storage, this home gym by Kelly Finley from Joy Street Design packs all the essentials into a small storage space. The yellow roof creates a sunny atmosphere. And the colorful Flor tiles easily fall on your knees!

Mirrored walls are a staple of gym design, but why not let your home gym speak of your great sense of style? Instead of simple walls with mirrors, pay attention to this space by Ken Fulk and install an elaborate gilded floor-length mirror, hang pendants and attach beautiful wall sconces for additional lighting.

The basement space is well used. In this home designed by Breegan Jane, the indoor pool is sexy and elegant, but also peaceful thanks to a circadian lighting system that changes color and calms the internal clock. Opt for a long, narrow design that stretches from wall to wall to accommodate a narrow floor plan and allow you to get into those circles. If you can’t make yours long enough for laps, install a nozzle that lets you swim against the current in place.

Why Isn’t White Always The Best Paint Color For A Ceiling? #hosscolor Chat

If your media room shares space with a home gym and/or home office, consider creating more separation with sliding doors. It will help delineate the hobbies being done there and add some privacy without taking up all the revolving door space. Another space saver? An exercise device that does it all with one piece of equipment:

Have fun with designer treatments, such as wallpaper and decorative paint on windows and ceiling moldings. In this former bedroom, now home gym designed by Brad Krefman, the plaid wallpaper “adds a whimsy,” he says, and the backyard view makes it fresh and inviting.

Think about what you’ll be using the space for so you can set the right mood that will actually inspire you to, well, use it. In this space, Regan Baker Design incorporated plenty of nature-inspired decor to create a soothing environment, from hanging greenery to a decorative wooden wall and wave-patterned wallpaper. It is perfect for yoga and other recovery nutrition routines.

Home Gym Paint Colors

If space and budget allow, add some extras, like a home sauna for post-workout detox. Here, Studio Griffiths painted this wooden paneling with ink, then illuminated the walls for added drama (heat-resistant bulbs are essential for a sauna). This ensures an easy transition to the edges of the concrete materials used in the adjacent space.

Transitional Home Gym With Orange Walls Ideas You’ll Love

Designed by Lauren Buckbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates, this basement gym looks twice as big

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