How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint – I turned the playroom into an office! Over the weekend, I checked out a big project for the place: restoring the original 1920s light fixture to its original look with antique brass knobs. Guys, I can’t wait to show you how to paint any surface with this flawless copper painting technique!

Finishing this antique brass takes some trial and error, but it’s worth it in the end, and it’s easy to do!

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

This paint technique can be replicated on many items: furniture hardware, lamps, lanterns, decorations, and more!

Sherwin Williams Announces Urbane Bronze As 2021 Color Of The Year

You can use this technique to create a real brass finish on metal, brass on wood, or any surface.

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So, guys, check out this light structure hanging in an abandoned playhouse. Hate! At some point the previous owner of the house painted it white. Why? I have no idea.

It strips away all character and charm, making it plain and ugly. (Note: See how neglected this room is? We didn’t even bother to install a matching light fixture in this room!)

How To Add Bronze Metallic Glaze To Painted Furniture

Since my husband and I wanted to keep as much of the original character in the house as possible, I decided to restore the lamp to its former glory. Luckily, my husband was on board and helped me get things done.

Once it was safely removed from the ceiling, I used a wire brush to remove the loose paint. Some bright gold is starting to appear. I think the original color is too bright. A copper bottom is quieter.

After drying, I sprayed a coat of classic bronze spray paint. I stayed further away to avoid spraying this thick stuff on the device.

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

After the paint dries, I move the equipment to the second round. At this point, the paint looks very pigmented. There are solid colors almost everywhere, although under the bright bronze, the dark bronze is somewhat exposed. At this point, it doesn’t seem like it’s over.

Spraypainting Vent Covers

I got out my trusty Briwax, which I like to use for furniture restoration projects, and filled it with a small paper brush. This instantly darkens the color and adds a tonal shift to the entire piece. .

I let the Brieux sit for about 20 minutes, then gently wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

Next, I took some Rub n Buff and dabbed it on the raised areas of the bulb.

It adds some sparkle to this texture and really helps it look authentic! Can you believe it’s white soon?

How To: Create An Antique Brass Finish

After everything was set up, it was time to hang my old and new light fixtures! My husband was ready to install it when he thought the old cloth wiring must be a fire hazard.

I thought that meant all my work was for naught, but then he surprised me with his secret electrician skills and had everything back together in no time! I was shocked (but not because I didn’t touch the wires – hey (get it?)), and I don’t know where he learned it. It blew me away, I tell you!

Anyway, after she worked her magic and hung the lamp on the antique brass end of the office, I did a happy dance (and threw a new Edison bulb in there)!

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

I mean, do you seriously believe that this is the lamp I showed you above? ! ? Era Paints (h4q

This antique brass knob is more realistic than I expected and I am so grateful! I’m so happy to be able to preserve a piece of my home’s history and keep this ugly and ugly thing for a long time.

I think Nicole Curtis wants to be my friend because of this project. (He never contacted me after I cleaned the door instead of painting, but I thought this project might get me on the radar. 😉)

I’m guessing most of you don’t have ugly 1920s light fixtures that need restoring, so what would you replace a distressed antique brass knob with? .

2. How about that little ice bucket you found at the thrift store? With a cheap brass handle and top, this sad little thing looks even worse.

Color Of The Month January 2021: Urbane Bronze

3. Or what about these? They are the hooks I bought for my new slate and slate walls in the kitchen.

I mount something on the mantle and use a wire to connect to the receiver above

Walls on both sides? Or maybe I should eat night lights in all directions? Who designed it?

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

Sorry I’m not good enough before most of the pictures and I don’t think I’ll blog.

How To Use The Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Of The Year

I wanted to restore it to an antique look, so I found these handles online. Only they are copper.

I could get other colors to match for a little more, but it was too much for this project.

After spraying, I added a little more of the same gold to them to give them an antique finish.

I sprayed them with oil rubbed bronze to give them a cohesive look instead of ruining the photo inside.

Tried & True Spray Paint Colors

8. This is a bar in another house we built, and there is a bar in the kitchen.

So these guys stayed in our display closet for a few years because I never got rid of anything.

We built a tall bar between the family room and the kitchen, so we needed more bars.

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

I then applied gold paint to the medallion on the back of the chair to highlight the detail. Paintscratch Touch Up Paint Spray Can Car Scratch Repair Kit

It was originally a cherry wood color, but I recently painted it when I decided to redo my bathroom.

I’m planning on buying new appliances, but I think I’ll spray paint them to match the rest of the appliances in the house…you guessed it, oil rubbed bronze.

10. I bought these small mirrors at a thrift store. A little rough at first… nice little splashes and puffs.

I also added some gold to the edges. (Obviously I like the effect of gold on ORB :))

Szx16069 Bronze Pearl Translucent Aerosol Paint

Oh, and gold decorations on every table. (only one shelf…three shelves go to the floor)

I scraped the cheap copper off the edge of the shelf, then oiled the copper and sprayed everything.

They make me so happy when I see them…I see how beautiful they look in that beautiful bronze color on my floor.

How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

I love how easy and inexpensive it is to change so many things in my house with this spray paint!

What Colours Go With Bronze?

This is an affiliate link for this ORB. (Check out my full disclosure here) You should be able to find it at your local store.

OK, I’m showing you 12 here, but there are many more ways to use this color.

Check back next week when I’ll be sharing how to use a thin ring in a completely unique way! (Note…it does not work with cabinets!)

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How To Make The Color Bronze With Paint

I used Rust0leum’s Painter’s Touch Super Coat Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze and the bathroom project was a breeze

Behr Premium 1 Gal. #ppu4 17 Olympic Bronze Urethane Alkyd Semi Gloss Enamel Interior/exterior Paint 393001

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