John Deere 455 Wiring Diagram

John Deere 455 Wiring Diagram – My heaters are not working, the light on the control panel is on. But no voltage at the contacts… Looks like there is a control panel on the left side of the panel. The parts book says it’s the glow plug control. It’s kind of expensive to throw parts away at this point…Anyone have any other ideas? There is a relay, it says it’s an engine temperature relay, although I’m not sure what its purpose is. Or a wiring diagram?? Thanks

What is the serial number? The break is at 70,000. Below is the test procedure and test points. Also a wiring diagram if needed.

John Deere 455 Wiring Diagram

John Deere 455 Wiring Diagram

Do you happen to know what the relay on the right above the fuse panel is for? Couldn’t get anything to work either… Parts list says engine temp.

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I think this sketch shows it is the engine high temperature relay. I’m not sure if it senses how cold it is so the glow plugs stay on longer or if it just senses when it’s over 100 degrees and shuts off the glow routine or something.

Thanks so much for the info…Looks like I’m buying a module, if I don’t come up with a problem fitting the module I’ll mess with it a bit first, can’t think of anything yet.. .

I noticed in your schematic that the control module looks different, mine has no connectors on it, it has about four inches of wires soldered to the bottom with connectors on the ends

The glow control is a separate module, located on the left side just behind the radiator. Mine is fried. I replaced the blown fuses in the wiring harness on the right side of the engine with flat fuses. And connected to the glow plug switch, just hold the switch for ten to fifteen seconds and then start. I think the module is expensive for what it does. I took delivery of a beautiful 455 this morning and when I got there the PTO wouldn’t work. No lights or anything. It looked like the safety switch wouldn’t turn on, but I couldn’t find it when I was there. I brought it home and now the puzzle begins. I hit a big hole that bounced the tractor up and then back onto the trailer, which I think may have been the cause. I checked all the fuses and they were good. I pulled the PTO connector and cleaned it but that didn’t help. He worked well when I showed him the tractor. I noticed that the little red light on the PCB is not lit, but green. Could this be a problem area? Have an idea where to start hunting? My 445 couldn’t run red because the reverse switch was a little off and I had to adjust it. All this after sitting in the dentist’s chair with an implant drilling into my jaw. I was semi-drugged and the novocaine wore off quickly. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is the 455 wiring diagram I saved, not sure if the serial number is wrong but there is some PTO stuff in the first diagram

It should have ohms across the relay if it is closed. Maybe you should test before replacing, Sean1987 might be right, it would definitely cause the problem if it was bad.

I removed the brake and seat safety switches and both are fine. I checked the 12v supply at the PTO switch and it is there. I cleaned all the connections on the PCB but it still doesn’t light up. I have a little problem with the service manual where they tell me to test a point here and there but they don’t list the test points on the chart they provide. I have a tractor serial number 71000> or the latest model of this tractor as far as the schematic is concerned. Has anyone taken this test and recorded it? I found some articles about red and green leds, but when the red one doesn’t light, it squeaks. Here is the schematic if someone can help me with it. I don’t understand what’s going on with the sw chair. It shows that it flows from it to the glow plug and then to the two temperature switches. Is there any way to bridge these two switches since the tractor was just started in very cold weather and could not overheat or even warm up? I tested the high temp sw on the water pump and tested under 12v, 5v but the manual said it would be battery voltage. They also said it was a purple/white wire but it was orange/white. BTW, I went on Just Ask and was connected to a “John Deere” mechanic who asked me if my 455 had a gas or diesel engine! He got angry when I asked about his past. I got a refund!

John Deere 455 Wiring Diagram

Inspectorudy, Can you get pictures of the board from both sides and one with the cables attached. I’ll pull up the pictures and try to mark the test points from the manual for you. Is your AWS? I hope I understand something for you. Is Chuckv here?

John Deere 455 Lawn Garden Tractor Service Repair Manual By 163114103

Side note: As mentioned by Seane1987, the engine temperature control relay and high temperature switch must also be working properly for the red light to come on and provide power to the PTO. So check the connections on the high temp switch and the relay I’m trying to find for you. They can be separated during transport (interference).

The relay appears to be mounted below where the ignition switch control panel is. Take a picture if you can.

Additional Note 2: JD parts for temperature switch position (item #15) and relay (item #13 and connector #62) related to PTO/red LED problem.

Russ, I tested the high temp sensor on the thermostat housing and it read 5V. The manual says it should be 12V. I found this table of PCB test points and will try them.

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Just remember that there are two temperature devices, one is a variable resistor to control the air/fuel temperature and an upper limit switch that is in the NO position (normally open until the high temperature reaches 110 degrees C/230 degrees F). Mainly Brake Switch, Seat Switch/Delay Relay (0.5 Second Bounce Delay), Eng High Temp Switch Disconnects PTO. RIO adds a parallel path for PTO force around the brake/reverse.

Just to test, pull the plug and test the high temperature switch with the VOM set to very low resistance/continuity/tone. I’m not sure if the switch is single wire or two wire. But it should be infinite or very high ohm. The high temperature relay stops power to the PTO and alerts the diesel control unit to illuminate the glow plug lamp to indicate a high temperature problem. Does the spark plug light come on when the PTO is on? off when the PTO is off? You may need a known good relay to test! It should be automatic, there may be an outlet/disconnector.

Get those answers and then we’ll look at brake switch function and adjustment (a test jumper may be needed to locate the problem)

John Deere 455 Wiring Diagram

I tested the temperature sensor on the thermostat housing, one conductor, with the key on and it read about 5V. I don’t know where to find the other temperature switch you mentioned unless it is the engine temperature switch on the left side of the engine. There are constant mentions of relays that don’t say where they are located. Here is a schematic of the PTO test circuit. The only temperature sensor they show here is the one on the bottom right with the orange wire.

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The temperature devices should be placed opposite each other (180 degrees), at the top under the t-stat, part of the cover, the water pump unit. Temperature sensor on the left, temperature switch on the right. Both are individual contacts. The sensor will be resistive, the switch is NO (open, no continuity between ground and terminal)

So if the water pump is facing the back of the tractor, the high temperature switch should be on the left and the temperature sensor on the right.

Which TM do you use? The TM1517 itself is 70 megabytes and there is another that is 3 megabytes and is very sparse on details.

The PDF manual I have is TM1517. I was wondering if it would make sense to remove the ignition module and check the circuit board for cracks. They are usually breakable and from anything I can think of to break it would be a record. I can buy used/returned for $60. Is there any way to tell if one of the solder joints is open or if the board is bad? I don’t understand how to simply be self-sufficient

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