Kelly Moore Greige Paint Colors

Kelly Moore Greige Paint Colors – Since my number one question (so far) is “what color did you use?” This post has been one of my most viewed posts for a long time. It’s been a while since I finally updated the colors of all the junk in our house – I think we’ve gone through about six changes and changes since our last update! I always try to include the room colors at the end of the home tours and the information on my room landing pages, but I wanted to provide a resource for all the colors for new readers (or regular readers who may have missed it). . My honest thoughts after living with most of them for three years. Spoiler… I’m not crazy

From them. Here, my friends! From soft whites like Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Benjamin Moore Plain White, to warm neutrals like Benjamin Moore Edgecombe Gray, to dark, charcoal and newer blacks like Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, there’s a comprehensive list of interior colors everywhere. . my house.

Kelly Moore Greige Paint Colors

Kelly Moore Greige Paint Colors

When we built our house I made a lot of mistakes before moving in, “I just wanted everything done”. Basically, I wanted to move into a house fully furnished and painted just the way I wanted it. from 24 hours. I bought ahead (and got it wrong), prioritized some things while not others (and got it wrong), and overpaid our builder to paint the rooms (and got it wrong). Maybe I’m preaching this now (and don’t laugh), but I got all my original colors from paint colors in 15 minutes. COLOR CHOICE! The little bit indexes break the index cards with about the same precision…well…I don’t know how. And looking at this post, you can see why this is a bad idea – often the output is far from what the color chip/computer screen shows. In some areas I happily decided, but in others I got a pit in my stomach when I saw the color. Will I do it differently next time? YES. Since then, I’ve slowly changed rooms over time, but not before investing in several samples and experimenting with lighting, different times of day, different parts of the room, etc. Before we jump in, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Paint Colors That Are Always In Style

Ok, now that I got all that out of the way, I’m going to show you all the colors in my home, where they appear, and how I feel about them.

It is the decorative color of most of our houses. It’s a nice, warm white, especially against darker colors, BUT if you put it against a sharp/bright white, it looks yellow. Many people use it on top of cabinets; Here you can actually see how our recessed walls look against our semi-gloss gray walls…

Sources: Urn | Blue and white jug with lid | Fiddle fig leaf stem | Sofas (Linen Fabrics) | pillow throw | Artificial hyacinth stem

Sources:  Cabinet & Drawers | File Boxes | Gray vase | Log files | White Laundry Baskets | Great art A bit of art

The Best Whole House Paint Colors For Any Home In 2022

Because painting another room in the house, such a warm white color is really

A small obstacle. In the rooms I painted white, I had to paint all the trim and doors so they weren’t darker/yellower than the room color, and in some of the larger rooms I wasn’t allowed to pull the trigger because I had to paint all over the baseboards. and passing the crown mold is such a big commitment. If you like colors and warm colors, this will be great. But if you often change your mind and consider white walls, maybe you want something whiter (like still warm but more

(Where is this? Great Room; Foyer; Bathrooms; Laundry; Upstairs and hallways – all rooms/spaces not visible)

Kelly Moore Greige Paint Colors

This is the color i chose for most of our house before we moved. All rooms/hallways you don’t see on this list are this color. Greige (as the name implies) – part gray, part beige. Although I am happy with the color, it turns a little purple at different times of the day. In our great room, the wall of windows brightens it up and it doesn’t get dark until evening. (PS- see how many different shades and colors you see in this photo? Everything is one color – even upstairs on the runway.)

Paint By Numbers: Top Paint Brands Reveal Their Most Popular Colors

Sources: Sofa and Loveseat (Everyday Linens in Ivory; Square Arms; Furniture) | Coffee table | Carpet Sage Green Linen Pillow (24″) | Teddy Bear Pillow (20 inches) | Teddy Bear Blanket (Largest Size) | Ottoman Leather Tablet | Oversized White Mantel | Drink holder (holds gourds on top of stove) | Child Sherpa Anywhere Tool | Fireplace Screen | White ceramic vases on bookshelves | Blue and White Ginger Jar with Lid | Great wood art

Sherwin Williams’ versatile gray mix is ​​how the walls of the great room connect to most of the home’s open spaces, including the staircase, upstairs podium, and foyer (pictured below). White I’m getting closer to changing the paint color I’ve been using for six years now, if we’re allowed, these rooms should be painted at the same time. There are some painters in the big room, a scaffolder… it’s going to be quite a “thing” haha… so I’m a little dizzy.

Sources:  Entryway Lantern Light | Three-story cabinet Mirror A large white vase Artificial cherry blossom stem Entry text | dining room chairs | Kitchen area carpet

Sources: washing machine | Dryer | Rope resistance | Lighting Carpet Basket with lid | thin velvet hanger (adults) | Thin velvet hanger (Children) | Closed laundry basket | Height OXO Large 4.5 Qt. Dispenser (for vinegar) | OXO 4.4 Qt. Dispenser (for OxiClean and Baking Soda) | Tea Storage basket with transparent handle | Spray Bottle | Towel dispenser (for drying sheets)

A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Neutral Paint Colours

When we did the kitchen update (see the full HERE), I really struggled with the color choice. Since we were only replacing certain elements, we had to make deliberate choices that complemented the existing features and the rest of us, for example, the cabinets. Our cabinets are cream (exact color unknown) and while I wanted to brighten up the room, I was afraid that they would look yellow with extreme white or a color that doesn’t really match. After painting every inch of the kitchen and breakfast nook and experimenting with colors, I finally decided on Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.

– Warmer, lighter grays like Sherwin Williams Perfect Gray, which covered the walls, and Sherwin Williams Versatile Gray, which is still in the main part of our house. It’s quickly become one of my favorite neutrals, and while I still recommend trying it out in an actual room, the thing to consider is that if you’re looking for a warm, bright neutral, you’d be better off with a there is no neutral there. .

, great choice. Here is Edgecomb Gray with a matte finish in our kitchen…

Kelly Moore Greige Paint Colors

Sources: Large White Vase | Eucalyptus stem (fake version) | Turkish runner Bottle of olive oil Olive wood salt shaker | Olive Wood Cheese | wooden spoon | Pull out the cabinet and drawers

Km5767 Greige Paint Color

And even though there is no natural light or window in the kitchen, our breakfast nook still has natural light – it seems. Also worth noting – and this is the only room we’ve done this – the ceiling color is still Benjamin Moore Edgecome Grey, but toned down 50%. I also had it on full power.

Sources: Dining Table (similar) | dining room chairs | Carpet Pearl chandelier round mirror | Cement vase in buffet Cement vase on the table Curtains

We painted our kitchen and breakfast nook a few years ago and still love it, so when we started decorating our chat room it was one of my first choices. This room is still waiting for the finishing touches before it can be revealed as a whole (you can check out the latest update here), but if you missed the progress post where I talked about the paint colors, I wanted something I had a light that still worked well. Sherwin Williams Cream painted the pillars, baseboards and windows. You can’t change this warm white without changing the color in most of the house because the room is not closed, so I decided to go with a warm and light color instead of white. I tried a few other colors besides Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray but none of them were quite right – again Edgecomb Gray was the winner. An unfinished chat room with a dark ceiling looks like this.

Speaking of the chat room, I wanted to do something different than what I was doing

Greige Paint: 7 Best Paint Colors

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