Kelly Moore Popular Paint Colors

Kelly Moore Popular Paint Colors – With so many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect color for your living room at Kelly-Moore Paints. With Kelly-Moore paint you get beautiful colors that match your vision with great durability guaranteed to last for years on your walls.

The Kelly-Moore Interior Classic Collection includes several standard colors that look great in living rooms. For a clean white that never looks too bright, choose a creamy white like Swiss Brown, Antique White or Acoustic White. For a richer, more neutral tone, consider a piece of tannin, sage owl or Navajo white for your living room wall. This beautiful neutral color makes your furniture look great and doesn’t clash with the color scheme of your upholstery or curtains; it also doesn’t make your walls look like ordinary unpainted drywall.

Kelly Moore Popular Paint Colors

Kelly Moore Popular Paint Colors

If your furniture is mostly neutrals of ivory and brown, consider blue to add a little pop. Blue is on the cooler side of the spectrum, making it perfect for the living room; In a bright living room, a darker shade of blue can help make the room appear larger. Consider using a rich blue such as Tahoe or Lake Como to balance things out, such as a room with lots of white or bright furniture, or white curtains. Light blues like Sky Watch or Swim Team are perfect for creating an airy beach look. Consider Blue Moon Bay or Baffin Island Night for a deep deep blue that looks great on a wall behind a TV or in artwork to help the wall appear further away.

Km4833 Camping Trip Paint Color

Shades of green balance neutral tones and help create a visual connection between the interior of the living room and the courtyard and garden outside; It can also match the color of botanical paintings or potted plants in your living room. Think warm greens like green apple skin or tart apples; for a more neutral shade of green, consider Lamb’s Ear or Hillsmere.

Kelly-Moore’s golden blonde color will warm up the living room without making the space too bright. These warmer colors liven up a room filled with black and white furniture, while helping your colorful upholstery and pillows pop. To add a touch of yellow to your walls, consider a deep golden blonde like Serengeti Song or Somerton; It also offers neutral colors with yellow tones such as Kelly-Moore, Sea Oats, Slip into Sunset or Honey Mustard.

Your living room is where you spend time with your family and welcome your guests into your home. Decide how you want the wall color to set the mood in your family room; Great colors from the Kelly-Moore interior paint range can help you realize all your design ideas.

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Color Of The Month: Swiss Coffee From Kelly Moore Paints

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Kelly Moore Popular Paint Colors

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Understanding Sherwin Williams And Kelly Moore Paint Labels

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Kelly Moore Popular Paint Colors

Other uncategorized cookies are cookies that are being analyzed and have not yet been categorized. Today, on Paint It Monday, I’m excited to share an interview I had the chance to do with Mary Lollar, Color Stylist and Color Marketing Manager at Kelly-Moore Paints:

Kelly Moore Keystone

Mary has my dream job and follows paint color trends, creates new paint collections and develops tools to help consumers find the paint color they need. Great job playing paint every day!

I’ve always wondered how paint companies choose certain paint colors for their collections and how they determine which colors consumers will respond to. Paint companies have a team of color stylists who understand paint colors better than anyone and can accurately analyze color trends when developing color collections. Of course, any information or “insider” advice we can get from experts on choosing paint colors would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly-Moore Paints recently contacted me to talk about their new color system called the ColorStudio Collection, and I asked them if I could interview their color stylist. I wanted to get as much information as possible to help us choose a color, and I’m so glad Mary agreed to talk to me. Today I’m sharing with you my interview with Mary and she gave us some really great information and tips about choosing colors. So let’s move on right away;

What influences and inspires you when choosing a new paint color for your collection? Looking for trends in design or fashion? We want to know how you determine the colors consumers like in their homes. Are you intrigued by the “barometer” like Pantone color of the year?

Pixley Lumber Brings Kelly Moore Premium Paints To Claremore

As a regional paint manufacturer located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, when designing the ColorStudio collection I was struck by the geographic, cultural and lighting uniqueness of our different Western markets. With over 1,700 highly useful and timeless colors, this color system has been developed to meet ever-changing trends in design and fashion.

I will choose a collection of colors from this color system several times a year. When choosing the trend palette for this collection, I looked at design and fashion trends, socio-economic factors and reliable “barometers” as influencing factors.

Many people have difficulty choosing the right paint color for their home. I can’t tell you how many of my readers struggle with color and end up deciding and then hate the color when they see it on the wall. Do you have any tips that can help us make better paint color choices and how we can better identify halftones and crazy colors that stand out in certain lights?

Kelly Moore Popular Paint Colors

Choosing the right color for our walls certainly has its challenges. As for “halftones”, they are best described when compared to true colors or primaries. For example, to identify the “undertone” of a certain neutral color in question, combine it with an actual red, green, blue, or yellow color. It will reveal which family the color belongs to. Then it remains only to determine whether this “subtext” is compatible in space.

Km4905 Hush Gray

And the most important thing is to remain indifferent to the color and try not to analyze it too much. Many are afraid to choose an embarrassing color. Paint colors can liven up a space quickly and with little expense. If you think a certain color excites you and makes you feel comfortable, use it.

Last year I shared my tips and tricks for choosing paint colors. Is there anything you can add or explain about my little technique that might help us further?

I must say your post with tips and tricks is very well done. Understand that there can be no color without light and

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