King Saul Coloring Page

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1 Samuel 24:3 (NIV) On the way he came to scissors; There was a cave there, Saul entered the resting place. David and his men are far away in the cave.

King Saul Coloring Page

King Saul Coloring Page

1 Samuel 24:4 The people said, “This is the day that the Lord said to you, “We want to deliver your enemies into your hands, so that you can do whatever you want.” David dragged. .in an imperceptible way he got up and cut the hem of Saul’s clothes.

King Saul Kids Bible Story

1 Samuel 24:11 (TB) “Look, father, look at this piece of clothing that is in my hand! I cut the corner of your garment, but you did not kill me. See that there is nothing in my hand to show that I am guilty of crime or rebellion. I do not offend, but you are hunting me to take my life.”

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