Kitty Whiskers Paint Color

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Kitty Whiskers Paint Color

Kitty Whiskers Paint Color

When it comes to painting your home, the choice is truly personal. But with so many colors and shades to choose from, the decision process can be overwhelming. What are the best bedroom paint ideas to meet your bedroom and aesthetic needs? If you’re not sure what color to go for, don’t stress. We turned to experts who have used more than one or two layers in their time and know what is best. Trust us, one of these options is sure to do the trick for you.

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If you have nightmares, consider dark colors to prevent insomnia. If you’re an early riser, choose soft, warm colors to wake you up in the morning while promoting that sense of comfort.

Ahead, experts share their favorite colors that are guaranteed to have the dreamy tone of your dream bedroom.

Don’t be afraid of the dark at first – it can help you sleep in rooms with lots of natural light. We love using Farrow & Ball for early rooms, especially when we’re getting tanned, because the pigments are so rich. We love early room designs that feel rich, layered and mysterious. Because the California sun is so strong, the bedroom can be really dark. Disc founders Krista Schrock and David John Dick say it’s perfect for lazy mornings in bed.

The term “master bedroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the house, as it better reflects the purpose of the space. Many real estate agents, architects, interior designers and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized that the term “handyman” is potentially discriminatory. Read more about our promise of diversity and inclusion.

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All whites can often look too cold, but this Farrow & Ball color looks clean without being too dark. We love Fro Stone and Skimming Ball for the bedroom, as well as Cornfort White. “The colors are slightly warm and subtle but rich, so they look great with everything.”

Shades of brown can be soft and cozy yet rich and calm, making them a great choice for the bedroom. “I’m a little biased about my favorite paint brand because I have my own brand. It took me over a year to perfect it, but I’m obsessed with it. I choose calming and dark colors for the bedroom. … So I like deep, complex pigments. because everything you put against them seems bigger and more serious than it is.” “My number one choice is Crosby; brown with pink undertones.”

Looking for a timeless and classic color? Don’t look ahead. “This TriBeCa house is one of my favorites! The whole house is gray and silver, so we wanted to carry that theme into the bedrooms,” says Tali Roth. “For the master bedroom, I used Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray because it’s a classic color that pairs perfectly with the charcoal headboard and brown fur. The moment we painted the space, it enhanced the feel of the bedroom.”

Kitty Whiskers Paint Color

Warm neutrals are always a winner in the bedroom. “Right now we’re loving Donald Kaufman in shades like achromatic, white goatskin, leather and taupe,” says SFA designer Cara Smith.

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No matter your decorating style or color scheme, we’ve found a color that looks good with everything. Max Humphrey says, “Dan Edwards Silver Spoon is my dream color. It’s a pale blue-gray that looks good with everything.” I like it with other shades of blue and then black and white with colors like red green and olive. “It’s one of those colors that changes a little bit depending on the time of day and the lighting in the room and keeps things interesting.”

This Benjamin Moore shade pairs well with bright, clear whites. “This Soho loft is the smallest bedroom space I’ve ever designed. It had one brick wall and the rest was plain plaster. I decided to highlight the brick texture with Benjamin Moore Super White and the other two walls with Graphite. Paint Benjamin Moore,” said Roth. .

I like pale colors in the bedroom: white, soft gray, ivory. “A pale palette is really relaxing and can be very sophisticated if kept fairly monochromatic,” says Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design.

Do you think gray is boring? Think again, this Benjamin Moore color is great for making it stand out when mixed with pop colors. Says Roth: “For this guest bedroom, I used Benjamin Moore Sidewalk Grey. It’s a little cooler and perfect for a space that needs a little color! It’s the kind of gray that goes with any space in this space.” “

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We used Benjamin Moore Kitten Whiskers for a client’s living room. This color has the perfect balance of warm tones to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This is a beautiful color. I love it!” says Sarah Magness of Magnes Design. Tip: This shade pairs perfectly with reds and pinks.

If you’re ready to go dark and dramatic, we’ve got the perfect shade for you. I love the bedroom and never shy away from dark and deep color. Roth says Smokey Green has the neutral, dramatic kick you want from a color while making you feel really dreamy and relaxed during sleep.

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Kitty Whiskers Paint Color

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