Las Vegas Golden Knights Coloring Pages

Las Vegas Golden Knights Coloring Pages – Being young, the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team has only one highlight so far. Focusing on an equestrian theme with long-standing symbols like the shield and hat, the logo also pays homage to Las Vegas.

The National Hockey League first played games in Las Vegas in the early 1990s. Since then, the Frozen Rage race has been held in Las Vegas. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that rumors began to circulate about the city’s own expansion team. The following year, the NHL officially began accepting applications for expansion teams. A bid for a Las Vegas team proposed by entrepreneur Bill Foley and the Maloof family was approved in the summer of 2016, and first baseman Red Duke was signed in March 2017. Today, the franchise is still owned by Bill Foley and his family as well as the Maloof family.

Las Vegas Golden Knights Coloring Pages

Las Vegas Golden Knights Coloring Pages

The team first introduced the badge in 2016 and launched the latest version five months before the start of the 2017/18 season. In fact, since the club had no name at the time, the “Equestrian” title did not exist. Despite being relatively simple, the temporary logo had atmosphere and style. The white lettering “Vegas Hockey” with the NHL logo appears on a solid black background. A font is recognized by the angularity of many letters.

Las Vegas Golden Knights (alternate Gold)

This name was chosen because of its great symbolism. Rush owner Bill Foley noted: “Cavalry is an elite fighting class.” The centerpiece of the Vegas Golden Knights logo is the black and white, gray and gold Knights’ helmets. It is placed on a black shield with gold lines. The way it covers the bezel creates a subtle 3D hint, as the hood looks closer to us than the shield.

The secondary symbol is further developed in Knights, this time based on another popular knight symbol, the sword. Behind the star are the two swords of the legendary Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Although the original Vegas Golden Knights logo does not contain a team name, the team has a logo that can be combined with an icon or used on its own. The logo may be hand drawn rather than the current type. The glyphs seem to fit the brand identity perfectly, as they look like neon signs that glow at night.

Although there are four colors in the official color palette (steel gray, gold, red, and black), only three colors appear in the Las Vegas Golden Knights logo besides red. Red was used throughout the elements, but he added a border as an accent color.

Stars Push Golden Knights To Brink Of Elimination With Shootout Victory

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