Lets Focus On Ethos Worksheet Answers

Lets Focus On Ethos Worksheet Answers – Teaching discourse analysis is one of my favorite things to do with my students. I love teaching students speaking strategies and techniques, analyzing what makes an effective and persuasive argument, and reading important speeches to my students.

Here are some of the speeches I like to include in the rhetorical analysis section.

Lets Focus On Ethos Worksheet Answers

Lets Focus On Ethos Worksheet Answers

1. The Gettysburg Address (Abraham Lincoln) This is usually the first speech I analyze with my students in speech analysis classes. I spend several days writing and revising for my students. This is a great speech to introduce rhetorical analysis to students because it is short. You can easily read a speech and analyze it in one lesson.

Man Is Not Truly One, But Truly Two’: Duality In Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

Notable things about this speech include an outline and a parallel structure. To make your analysis more meaningful, show students these tools and explain how these tools enhance the meaning of the text.

2. Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech Many of my players like to analyze this speech, and it is an exemplary text for teaching pathos. And like the Gettysburg Address, it’s short. This is another speech that you can read, analyze, and even write in one sitting.

When I use this talk in my classroom, students look for examples of diseases. I often make them look at word choice, tone and mood. How does Lou Gehrig’s choice of words affect the tone and overall mood of his speech?

3. I Have a Dream (Martin Luther King, Jr.) This speech is one of the most important speeches your class will analyze, and most students are likely familiar with the gist. This talk is a little longer than the others, but since the talk is so popular, it won’t take more than a few days to analyze and explain it.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

In the classroom, it is important to emphasize the evangelistic sense of the word, and for students to look for calls to action and paths. Ask your students to look for sounds, images, and word choices that will help them identify these expressions.

4. Speech on the March on Washington (Josephine Baker) This is another important speech that was key to the change needed in America. The speech is shorter, so it does not take much time to analyze it in class, and students can understand the meaning of using the expression in less time than some other speeches.

As I teach this speech, I like to remind my students to look for a car that is a great example of the streets of this speech. Some of these tools can be mood, repetition and pronunciation.

Lets Focus On Ethos Worksheet Answers

5. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech (Steve Jobs) Students will enjoy reading this speech, which makes great use of rhetoric and hopefully inspires what Jobs said. The speech is structured to make it easy to analyze, because each point is clearly set out in a specific way. Jobs uses a lot of thought to present his ideas, especially since it is a speech he is giving at a celebration and he has to encourage his position in society.

How To Design Inquiry Lessons For Your Thematic History Class

In the classroom, it is good for your students to comment and analyze the speech in the same way that they have done for others. Organizing the speech will help them see the similarities and differences between each of the points in the Works.

6. Space Shuttle Challenger (Ronald Reagan) This speech presents powerful ways for the movement to help Americans cope with the loss of the astronaut challenger. This is another speech that is not very long, so it will not take long to analyze and comment on the entire speech.

When teaching speaking in class, be sure to pay attention to how pathos drives the speech through tone and diction. How did Reagan use emotion to focus on the astronauts as people rather than as a disaster?

7. The Danger of Irrationality (Elie Wiesel) This speech is good for teaching because it makes students question their lives and the way the world works. The speech relies on pathos and some wisdom to make the audience feel the full impact of the Holocaust and what the speaker went through. This is a long talk, so students may need more time to fully understand all the details making it more difficult.

Convincing The Masses: Rhetoric In Julius Caesar

When I teach this speech, I like to have the students point to where they see an example of pathos and then explain why it makes them feel emotional in their writing. Similarly to ethos and then we can analyze the rest together.

8. 9/11 State of the Nation Address (George Bush) This speech shows another example of the use of disaster roads. The president wanted to show the American people how much he cares about the people who died in the tragedy of September 11. It is not a long speech, but the amount of emotion in the words is important for the students to know.

When teaching this speech, it is very important that students look carefully at each part of it, noting each part that shows voice, emotion, and other literary devices. How do different devices add speech paths?

Lets Focus On Ethos Worksheet Answers

9. We Are Virginia Tech (Nikki Giovanni) This speech is probably the shortest on the list, but it is one of the most emotional and touching speeches. It describes another tragedy told with pathos to give the audience a sense of security after an emotional event. Students can spend time analyzing the different devices that make the game more emotional.

The Best Templates To Help You Hit Your New Year’s Goals, At Home And Work

In the classroom, make sure your students know about practice and what it does for performance. Does it make the feeling convincing? How does the audience feel part of something bigger?

10. Women Suffrage (Susan B. Anthony) This is another short speech that packs a punch. Many students will enjoy reading to see how much the country has changed and the role this speech can play in that change. This is a great speech to help you learn logos in class and doesn’t take much time to analyze.

Make sure your students know and understand the use of verbal directives. These instructions help establish the use of symbols because Anthony wants to use American historical documents to show the logic of his argument.

You may also be interested in my blog post 15 Discourse Analysis Questions to Ask Your Students.

Tracks And Into The Wild

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Lets Focus On Ethos Worksheet Answers

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