Linear And Nonlinear Expressions Worksheet

Linear And Nonlinear Expressions Worksheet – This worksheet generator allows you to create printable worksheets for evaluating simple variable expressions based on the value of a given variable. There are three levels, and the first level has only one task. For example, the student can find the value of the expression 2(t − 5) when the value of t is -6.

To customize the worksheet, you can control the number of questions, the difficulty, the range of numbers used (can include negative and decimal numbers), the area under the questions, the borders around the questions, and additional instructions .

Linear And Nonlinear Expressions Worksheet

Linear And Nonlinear Expressions Worksheet

Each worksheet is randomly generated and therefore unique. An answer key is automatically generated and placed on the second page of the file.

Th Grade Algebra

You can use the generator to create worksheets in HTML or PDF format. Both are easy to print. HTML worksheets have the advantage of being able to be saved directly from the browser (choose File→Save) and later edited in Word or another word processing program.

Here are some quick links to pre-made worksheets. Refresh the worksheet page to get another page of the same type until you are satisfied with the problem and layout.

Including negative numbers in the series or including decimal numbers can make the problem more difficult.

(PDF worksheet only, HTML worksheet orientation can be set in the browser’s print preview)

Free Worksheets For Evaluating Expressions With Variables; Grades 6 8, Pre Algebra, And Algebra 1

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