Luxaire Furnace Wiring Diagram

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My heat pump has a heat leak problem. (Luxaire HL5B048F1A) The heat pump starts and stops depending on the thermostat setting. Assistant. If the set temperature is too high than the room temperature, the heat will rise. When it gets close to the set point, it shuts off and exits the heat pump to provide heat until it reaches the set point. This seems ideal. However, I don’t think the excess heat will be removed after the warm-up period. This morning I saw that the outdoor unit went through a freeze cycle. After the defrost cycle was completed, the unit ran until the temperature reached the specified range where the heat pump was activated. But… the air conditioner (Luxaire AVL48D3X21A) was constantly running and producing heat. I want the temperature to rise a degree or two above the set point. Does not turn off thermostat assist or air conditioning. The only way to fix this is to kill the main air conditioner. I’m pretty sure what’s happening is that it will overheat during the idle cycle but won’t shut off. Is this a problem with the air conditioner control or the main cooling panel of the outdoor unit? How do I solve problems?

Luxaire Furnace Wiring Diagram

Luxaire Furnace Wiring Diagram

The air conditioner has an electronic belt and a fan control system. This is basically a multiple delivery activity. You need to know if the sequencer is jammed or if there is a problem with the paste board.

Luxaire Furnace Issue

Do you have extreme heat in your storage room? If so… warm it up and then turn it off. See what happens. If the fan spins after a few minutes… it’s the sequencer. If the fan shuts off in a few minutes….I doubt it, but I won’t blame the bakery just yet.

Sorry for the duplicate post. I see I put it in the wrong place, but I can’t figure out how to remove it. I copied and pasted it in a new thread. Will be more careful next time.

Back to unity. I put the emergency heat setting on the thermostat and set it to 70 and the temperature inside was 68. When it got to 70 the thermostat clicked but the unit continued to run. I turned off the thermostat, turned on the heat with the air conditioner.

Well… the problem is in the air conditioner. Maybe a stuck sequencer. I will check.

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I searched too. Difficult at best. Tomorrow I will enter the air conditioner and check the people there.

I found three Zettler AZ2280-1A-24DF relays in the air conditioner. Could it be a TV series? If so, I’ve already changed them.

Have you installed or recently installed a new thermostat? If a mistake is made, it can easily backfire

Luxaire Furnace Wiring Diagram

I ran the transmitter/sequencer wires so I know I did it right. I replaced the thermostat and was pretty careful when I took a picture of the old one and replaced the new one. I’ve gone through it at least once, but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Furnace Tune Up Checklist

I left the Honeywell RTH8589WF1007 over the summer to replace the original unit that came with the system when I left work. The cooling worked well. The problems started with the heating mode. I thought it might be a new thermostat and removed the WIFI and installed a Honeywell RTH6350. Nothing has changed.

Here are some photos, one of the A/C wiring to the thermostat, the other of the Zettler relay, and the third of the face of the heating element panel.

The thermal relays seem to be controlled. This means that it is not a coherent system. Look around and see if you can find the wiring diagram for this unit, it’s usually on the back of the wiring service door.

I go through the thermostat wiring and make sure the connection is the same as the A/C. I am currently installing the Honeywell RTH8580WF1007. I connect the wires from the A/C terminal to the thermostat terminal using the Honeywell manual. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

What To Look For When A Luxaire Furnace Is Not Working

If I read the direction on the right, the brown is W1, which corresponds to W2 on the AUX terminal in T mode? It is separated from purple and blue.

I believe Luker York is in disguise. If so, the symptoms you describe occur when the outdoor unit’s emergency heating wire is (accidentally) connected to the W1out or W2out wire from the outdoor unit. Feedback W1out or W2out asserted – typically as a result of a freeze cycle, or typically as a result of extreme heat activation.

If this happens after installing a new thermostat, I would assume it is faulty. The easiest way to check is to check whether the emergency signal connection point is W1out, w2out.

Luxaire Furnace Wiring Diagram

If you can’t find anything, the surest way to find out is to turn off the emergency heat alarm on the outdoor unit – if the problem goes away, it might be the problem described above.

Troubleshooting Common Furnace Problems With An Hvac Expert

The wiring diagram you put up is useless because there is no heat.

Luxury is truly York. If you see what I did with the retrofit, there are only three wires left to attach to the thermostat. What I have done so far is exactly what is shown in the link. Any help with the W1, YY and X/L wires, where they should be connected to the thermostat?

EvinrudeBigtwin I installed a Honeywell RTH8589WF1007 over the summer and replaced the original unit that came with the system when it was running. The cooling worked well. The problems started with the heating mode. I thought it might be a new thermostat and removed the WIFI and installed a Honeywell RTH6350. Nothing has changed.

I provided this link…URG-C-0413.PDF because it has a useful diagram showing how the thermostat/handle/field units are usually connected.

York Luxaire Furnace Control Board Panel 031 09156 000

Here is a link to the York control panel for external units that may include some possible symptoms.

Are you looking at the wire as it is now? Not sure about the three wires. I believe the blue wire controls the thermostatic valve, but I don’t know where to connect it. I don’t know purple and brown. Excuse my picture because my hands are hurting from arthritis.

It looks like you have an ECM X13 engine. If a fan is needed, I measure the 24VAC motor between Com and Lo and Com and Hi.

Luxaire Furnace Wiring Diagram

The problem seems to be with the thermostat wiring. I took some pictures before I removed the old thermostat. There was another one in the store. This is a non-programmable Honeywell touch screen. I put it back to the original wiring and the devices now respond correctly to commands. It has gone through several cycles and seems to be working well.

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Thanks to everyone who responded and helped. I can say that I learned something new that will last me 65 years. Now the furnace keeps room temperature for a good 8 hours.. but then I have to go into the basement and turn off the power to the furnace and it comes back on and runs for another 1/2 day.. I had a tech. It came out but the oven decided to actually work when it arrived. .I think if it works, if you hit the heat, if it sits for a long will turn on..however, he also advised me to turn on the thermostat. .though he thought the circuit board might be bad.. for the life of me, where do I get a flash for this unit? I’m looking for a search. Can anyone explain? where can i find Do you think I’m wasting my time trying to replace the thermostat? Thank you…

If the furnace has a flashing lead light, it will be in the lower part of the air vent on the panel. This door usually has a hole, but you may have to move your head to see the headlights. Sometimes it is necessary to tape the fan door support so that when you remove the door after the next lockout, you will retain the diagnostic code and not turn off the power.

The oven will have a legend to tell. It is usually attached to the inside of one of the oven doors.

There is usually a list on the inside of the oven door or flashing on the panel.

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