Macadamia Paint Color Behr

Macadamia Paint Color Behr – In short, we are working to add all Sherwin-Williams colors to the Rugh Design line. We plan to have all 1,700 colors available by the end of 2018 and will release 25 new colors every week on a carefully selected schedule. Along with 25 new colors each week, I’ll feature 1 Sherwin-Williams color that I love in person or visually.

Peel and stick the paint swatch. Find out if Navajo white is right for your space today! [product id=”37791, 36259, 36467, 37961″ category=”psblogpost”]

Macadamia Paint Color Behr

Macadamia Paint Color Behr

In recent days we have introduced Greige (warm green with reddish brown), Antique White (warm white-white with yellow-beige), Pussywillow (grey with light green) and Kilim Beige (creamy coffee).

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I just finished writing a long post showcasing the best whites from Sherwin-Williams, including many of the whites I mentioned in my “Color Wheel” mini post. In the text, I list the main categories of white colors, starting with the basic “white” color (Plus White): cool white, off-white and warm white. This week I wanted to focus on a white that I didn’t cover in my post but is very interesting to explore: Navajo White.

The main reason I don’t use Navajo white as much is because most of my clients are looking for a good white or white with a lot of gray to help take their homes away from the heat/Tuscany. more modern. However, we can see that the interior leans more towards warm tones, so I’m willing to look for more warm white as a back pocket option.

Another reason I don’t look at Navajo white is because I have warm whites that I use a lot. Antique White is a warm white best for areas that need trim or cabinetry that is warm but not too yellow. However, Navajo white is a nice warm white with more yellow undertones and is a great wall color to choose in areas where bright yellow appears. It’s actually a lighter shade than Ivoire SW 6127, a beautiful oil yellow.

Okay, now that you have the basics of Navajo white, look to my followers for inspiration. Take a look below and tell us which one you like best. If you have your own pictures, send them to me and I’ll upload them! Also, check out the Navajo White coloring pages for handpicked ones online!

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I like that Navajo White has a slightly yellow tone to Antique White, but is creamy enough that it won’t look too bright yellow where a nice touch of warm color is needed. The following picture is a good example! Navajo white comes as a warm yellow that looks amazing with a white border.

Because Navajo white has a yellow undertone, it pairs well with cool colors like the blue we see in this room. I also love the idea of ​​using Navajo white in the kitchen with white cabinets for a fun and elegant look. Almost every room in the house can get sunlight from Navajo White!

Another idea for the color Navajo white is to combine it with dark tones. Also, warm and cool colors complement each other well and keep Navajo white from feeling too warm and cozy. I love the idea of ​​using Navajo white on the walls in a bedroom with gray bedding and carpet.

Macadamia Paint Color Behr

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what the Navajo White interior looks like, I wanted to show you a photo of the exterior. As I always say, the colors are very simple on the outside. So think of Navajo White as the creamiest in the world. Navajo white works well as a primary body color with a dark brown or as a dress-up color with a dark brown body.

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If you’re considering Navajo White, the best way to determine if it’s right for your space is to pick up a Peel & Stick paint sample and try it out.

Our paint samples come pre-painted with 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams True Colors and are enough to touch up before you go into the gallon. Peel and Stick Paint Samples make it easy for you to be confident in your color choices and will save you time, effort and money when testing colors in your space. Get started now with Navajo White!

If you still can’t decide, contact me for advice on choosing the right color for the interior or exterior. I am passionate about color and love helping clients find the perfect color for their home!

If you have Navajo White at home or want to try it, let me know. I want to hear from you! Also, follow the next color from the color chain…

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Navajo white was the focus, but I also wanted to show off one color from the color update, Ravishing Coral SW 6612. It’s a beautiful coral color and goes really well with Navajo white! I love the idea of ​​decorating a bathroom, nursery or furniture in Ravishing Coral. I love the unique cabinets shown below painted in Ravishing Coral!

Check out the colors we’ve updated this week on the color wheel below. Click on the swatch to see my color options!

If you need help with color, check out our interior and exterior color consultation. I also have a variety of eDesign packages for all your interior design needs. Yes, I wrote a book.

Macadamia Paint Color Behr

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