Mardi Gras Color Pages

Mardi Gras Color Pages – Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, is a carnival that begins on Epiphany (Three Kings Day) and ends the day before Shrove Tuesday. Mardi Gras, which means “Fat Tuesday” in French, marks the tradition of eating rich and fatty foods before fasting during Lent. This custom, festival or tradition has its roots in thousands of years and is celebrated in hundreds of countries, especially those where Roman Catholicism predominates. With this holiday right around the corner, we decided to come up with a collection of free printable Mardi Gras coloring pages. We’ve even included Mardi Gras 2018 coloring pages for you. So check out our collection of Mardi Gras coloring pages below.

Here is a beautiful coloring page of a woman wearing a Mardi Gras mask. You can change it to traditional Mardi Gras colors to make it stand out.

Mardi Gras Color Pages

Mardi Gras Color Pages

This complete Mardi Gras mask coloring page is perfect for adults only. They will definitely enjoy filling in the colors in the fine lines and edges.

The Ultimate Guide To Mardi Gras Symbols And Meanings

Here is a coloring page of the famous Mardi Gras toss or beads. These beads are usually green, purple and gold, so we recommend using those colors for these beads as well.

Here is the perfect Mardi Gras coloring page with details. This mask is beautiful in any way and it will be even better if it is filled with color.

Here’s a jolly clown wishing you a happy Mardi Gras. Since this coloring page contains a bit of poetry, we recommend using bright and bold colors for coloring.

This M to Mask coloring page is perfect for preschoolers only. In fact, we got this coloring page especially for them because we didn’t want to leave them alone while the adults were celebrating.

Mardi Gras Worksheets

Here is a beautiful Mardi Gras 2018 coloring page that you can print and color. It’s a simple page that just shows a mask with the words Happy Mardi Gras 2018 underneath.

This is a great Mardi Gras coloring page for kids and adults. It has the shape of a boa, a mask and a sprig of leaves. Each of the items is very detailed.

Here is a coloring page of a woman passing out Mardi Gras beads. I wonder who will be lucky enough to get these highlights.

Mardi Gras Color Pages

This Mardi Gras coloring page features a young woman enjoying the party. We see that she has collected many rounds. And balloons and confetti lying around too.

What Are The Colors Of Mardi Gras?

This coloring page shows the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. Historians believe that the first Mardi Gras in America took place in 1699. They had a little party in New Orleans and called the place Point du Mardi Gras.

Here is a coloring page of a clown or clown that is often seen in Mardi Gras parades. This singer carries a mask in one hand and a musical instrument in the other. We could even see fireworks in the background.

This coloring page shows two children, a boy and a girl, celebrating Mardi Gras. The boy has jewelry and the girl has a big dress. It looks like they are attending a party.

Not only men and women, men and women, but even rock lobsters celebrate Mardi Gras. Omar asks the Master to throw something. Is he looking for more beads? He already has enough.

Mardi Gras Coloring Pages For Kids (fun & Free Printable Activities)

Here is another great Mardi Gras mask coloring page. How to convert it online and print on cardstock to make your own mask? This would also be a fun Mardi Gras project!

In this coloring page we see a group of children with a Mardi Gras dog. The kids seem to love it so much! There were two children dressed as the Scarecrows who visited Jesus when he was born.

This is no ordinary Mardi Gras page. He also shared some details about this festival! This Mardi Gras coloring page explains that purple, gold, and green are traditional Mardi Gras colors because of their association with the Three Wise Men. He added that the festival attracts visitors from all over the world.

Mardi Gras Color Pages

This Mardi Gras Jester is very scary, perhaps because of his extra long nails or fingers. Perhaps giving him certain colors would make him less afraid.

Fleur De Lis. Mardi Gras Coloring Page For Adult Coloring Book. Vector Illustration Stock Vector Image & Art

This Mardi Gras float or parade represents the beauty of India. This full color page features horses, Lord Ganesh, a royal Bengal tiger and a stable scene that looks like a palace.

Here is another Mardi Gras jester coloring page, but this one is a little different and unique because the jesters look like Harley Quinn to us. The evil smile made us feel better.

Here is the Mardi Gras King Cake coloring page, a gold, purple and green cake associated with the Episcopal Festival. This colorful cake is usually filled with pecans, cinnamon, sugar and sometimes even baby plastic.

This is an elaborate Mardi Gras mask with feathers, stones and ribbons. We recommend that every little artist uses glitter and sequins to decorate this mask. It will look great.

Drawing Mardi Gras #60674 (holidays And Special Occasions)

Here is a beautiful coloring page of a young woman in a Mardi Gras costume. She combs her hair, wears a mask and carries a curling wand for added effect.

I’m so sorry if you thought we were complaining about a Mardi Gras coloring page. We can’t help it when mask coloring pages are so popular with kids. At least the words on this coloring page are different.

Here is a complete Mardi Gras coloring page that represents the Mexican Day of the Dead. Because there are very nice lines in this picture, we recommend using colored pencils or felt-tip pens for this coloring page.

Mardi Gras Color Pages

These kids are excited about the Mardi Gras parade. They travel in a mock boat and are dressed in cool costumes and outfits. Children also carry beads in their hands and you will try very hard to get them from them.

Mardi Gras Dot Dauber Set

This is the perfect Mardi Gras font with two masks. Usually, this type of picture is shown outside the cinemas. Therefore, children who make art must play it.

This coloring page has beautiful masks with thick lines. This mask is a bit different and unique because it looks like a wolf. We recommend printing it so you can make a real mask out of it.

This coloring page of a bejeweled woman with a mask and wings is perfect for adults. We really like the details of this coloring page and we definitely recommend you all to try it.

This coloring page features a cute Mardi Gras Doodle with a cute mask sitting on top of the letter “M”. The doodle on “Gras” looks scary, but the stars manage it well.

Free Printable Mardi Gras Coloring Pages For Kids

This coloring page shows a couple who like to have fun and enjoy the Mardi Gras celebration. The festival gave them spirit.

We hope you enjoy our list of free Mardi Gras coloring pages. All of these Mardi Gras coloring pages are beautiful and we couldn’t choose just one. If you have the same problem, we invite you to print all these Mardi Gras coloring pages. They are precious.

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Mardi Gras Color Pages

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Mardi Gras Masks Free Coloring Page

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