Mercruiser 470 Wiring Diagram

Mercruiser 470 Wiring Diagram – My 1984 merc 470 had a faulty voltage regulator (water cooled). I am replacing both parts.I have some doubts about the starter solenoid fuse wiring. The fuse is mounted on a large post above the solenoid. Below that are two large red threads. One appears to be the positive battery lead and the other goes to the harness wire bundle. The other end of this fuse link has a small wire post. This post had a tan wire going to the voltage regulator. As far as I can see, these fuses only protect the voltage regulator wires. My question is: is it properly wired? Or are the wires in the wrong place? They changed the starter a few years ago and the wires may have been misplaced. If anyone has a 470 with this setup I can take a look and tell you where the starter solenoid fuse wires go. thank you

Looking at the wiring diagram, it looks like there is a fuse instead of a switch, so looking at the picture, the fuse should be connected like a switch.

Mercruiser 470 Wiring Diagram

Mercruiser 470 Wiring Diagram

Looks like someone changed the wiring because the only tan wire has to go to the temp transmitter.

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If you haven’t ordered the part yet, please consider another conversion. I think you can do it for $300

Solar7647 said: Looks like someone changed some wires because only the tan wires should go to the temp sender. Click to expand…

An important thing to consider when working on an old boat is the color of the threads. I’m pretty sure the “black” wire mentioned in the original poster was the “orange” one. blur

I also want to make sure it’s not a stator. Mine went and the voltage regulator was $521. An alternative conversion kit was $300.

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You must agree with Stonylom to become an alternative. I have a 1986 MCM 170 (4 inline) with a water cooled voltage regulator.

VR was on fire last year when I was in the middle of Lake Rathbun with my two kids. I lost some cables and some power steering hoses I also damaged the coils and points It could have been a lot worse, I turned off the lights and headed for the beach where many people were coming to babysit. He also helped load the boat.

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