Mid Century Modern Front Door Paint Colors

Mid Century Modern Front Door Paint Colors – We often get questions about Eichler photos, so I thought it might be helpful to include a note about these things when planning your new photo.

Although Eichler’s original color palette is available, it’s difficult to narrow it down to the original colors of the 1950s. Times have changed, and with the vast array of colors available, why stop anyone from exploring their creative freedom?

Mid Century Modern Front Door Paint Colors

Mid Century Modern Front Door Paint Colors

But if you want to stay true to the era, you can choose from a sample translated by Eichler’s painting experts (which appeared on the Eichler Network).

Best Front Door Paint Colors For White Houses

First, let’s look at the overall visual aesthetic created by the architects who helped build these amazing homes. Just like concept cars, renderings can look amazing from an artist’s high-end design concept, but the cars look different when they go into production, but still keep the same theme.

This is our design sketch, a concept sketch of how we envisioned the Eichler: the body of the house, the roofline, the light fixtures, and the doors.

Finishing on an Eichler is a lot of work and you have to adjust the paint scheme for the finish application. If the trim is on the body of the house, keep it the same color. Try to match the color of the ceiling along with the ceiling. The design is not stripped to stand out on its own and is painted to blend in with the body of the house or the roof.

Below you can see the original Eichler design, designed to maximize the sense of open space. You can see the desired illusion that there is not even a glass wall between the rooms. The goal is to maintain this illusion, and this trick works for everyone!

Best Colors And Paints To Use On Your Front Door

The roof was usually made of tongue-and-groove tiles painted with whitewash. Over the years, many homeowners have painted their ceilings white, not only to enjoy the brightness that white ceilings bring to a room, but also to add the illusion of no glass. The rays were also white, so they blended into the rays.

The photo above was taken from inside the Eichler looking up and out. There are floor-to-ceiling glass walls with paintings that create the illusion of no glass. Paint the wooden stops that hold the glass in the same color as the body of the house, unless you get wooden stops that match the color of the roof.

Looking down, you can see that the trim isn’t the same color because I routed all the wood clips to the glass and the slats that are attached to the roof.

Mid Century Modern Front Door Paint Colors

Here’s another example (above) looking up and out where the post meets the beam. To the right is a floor-to-ceiling glass panel that is invisible because the studs are the color of the studs and the stops along the ceiling match the color of the roof.

Modern Front Door Options

Let’s look at a traditional house. Below is a classic American bungalow with all the trim work highlighted in white. While most painters are accustomed to painting all finishes white, that rule doesn’t apply to the Eichlers.

The original Eichler shown below has dark painted fenders. You can see many doors and windows cut, but nothing of note.

Preparing your home is the most time-consuming of all the stages. In our case, we had to rip out the vinyl siding and redo the original finish, so it took a week or two. You will want:

For our house, the beams and ceiling were the same color and finish. We use Kelly Moore’s Swiss Coffee Satin Finish Primer/Paint.

Before And After

It took two weeks to prepare, a full day for the mask and a day for the paint. We hired a local artist and guided a two-man team on what colors needed to be painted.

Most of it was done with Graco Professional spray, and we mostly used a mix of Kelly Moore and Behr (when we ran out). It represents the emergence of a new, unconventional era. The middle of the century saw a new trend of American optimism, with the bright and cheerful colors of the interlude of the terrible war years. Joseph Eichler took this concept and ran with it, mixing subtler colors with brighter, bolder ones in ways that had never been seen before. Eichler homes are a good starting point to feel at home, with lots of glass, studs, beams, concrete floors, colors and natural materials. However, Eichler wouldn’t be Eichler without fun accents on the walls and eye-catching colors on the front door.

We get a lot of questions from Eichler and Mid-Century Modern homeowners about entryway color feedback, and we’re starting to tell them to think about the entire palette they have. . For example, if they choose bright yellow for the front door, I suggest painting the walls yellow inside the house or adding yellow furniture. We also mentioned that they should choose a color that reflects their personality, hopes and dreams, be it bright colors or muted, more elegant colors. Using Eichler’s original color palette as inspiration, we compiled a list of our favorite front door colors.

Mid Century Modern Front Door Paint Colors

Although Benjamin Moore does not carry all of Eichler’s colors in its inventory, it does have a wide selection of colors that Eichler originally used. They let you buy a sample (1 liter) for about $7 so you can test the color and see if it complements your home’s color palette.

A Memorable Modern Makeover

The last thing we want to mention is that color is something you should have fun with, so get out of your comfort zone and open the door to something upbeat and wild.

We use cookies and tracking technologies to track your activity on our website. By browsing and using our website, you consent to our use of cookies and tracking technologies in accordance with our privacy policy. The transformation was amazing, transforming the old two-story brick house from shabby and bland to luxurious and sexy. Can a foreigner be sexy? Can you drink from a fireplace? Yes you can!

The house previously had very good bones and I was a fan of the overall look of the exterior, including the living area roof, it just needed a little KLC…

Before, the front door wasn’t the glimmering glory, so there was no front step roof, no focal point to draw you in.

Mid Century Modern Exterior • Pmq For Two

Then the front door creates a wonderful and welcoming invitation! They were smart enough to install a new pitched roof to cover the house to give it a more layered look.

I love the mid-century modern vibe and this is probably one of the worst outdoor lighting.

Previously, the back was very interesting looking (that’s what I was told), and the brickwork meeting the horizontal hood looked shocking.

Mid Century Modern Front Door Paint Colors

Mark and his family were looking for something light and bright with a white or off-white color. However, if you’re a good member of the Kylie Cult, you’ve read my blog post about the outer color and you’ll know that the outer color looks pale when applied because of the LRV and all that framing. , so I knew. A solid white was probably the best bet.

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