Mini Cooper Paint Colors

Mini Cooper Paint Colors – BMC and British Leyland cars from 1964 to 1978 with names, paint schemes and color schemes for brands such as MG (MGB), Triumph (Spitfire, TR6), Austin (Mini), Austin-Healey (Dwarf), Morris and truck paint schemes Small, Riley, Wolseley

Chip pattern for BMC (later British Leyland) car colors from 1964 to 1978, names and color codes of various British brands such as MG MGB & Midget, Triumph Spitfire & TR6, Austin, Austin-Healey Sprite, 100 & 3000. , Morris Little, Riley, Wolseley, Colt and Cricket.

Mini Cooper Paint Colors

Mini Cooper Paint Colors

Because scanners vary and monitors display colors on screen, these color charts should be a rough guide, as reproduction will not be accurate without a sophisticated control system. If you’re looking for a new color for your car, the best way to find it is to visit your local car dealership (see the events calendar on this page) and see it in person.

Find The Right Paint Code For Your Mini Cooper!

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1964-1967 Paints: BG-14 Stone, BG-15 Sandy Beige, BG-16 Laguna Beige, BG-17 El Paso Beige, BG-18 Titian Beige, Ariana Beige, BU-2 Ice Blue Met., BU-2 Blue Healy. 37 Trafalgar Blue, BU-39 Persian Blue, BU-40 Bermuda Blue, BU-42 Honolulu Blue, BU-43 Aquamarine, BU-44 Riviera Blue, BU-45 Midnight Blue, GN-1 Florida Green, GN-13 Green fire Grampian Grey, GR-15 Chelsea Grey, GR-23 Mist Grey, GR-26 Dove Grey, GR-27 Rose Taupe, GR-29 Cumulus Grey, GR-31 Arabian Grey, GR-32 Canyon Grey, GR-33 Mandalay Gray . 11 Fiesta Yellow, YL-12 Pale Primrose

1968-1969 paint colors: BG-4 Whitehall Beige, BG-19 Golden Beige Met., BG-20 Albatross Beige, BG-21 Armadillo Beige, BU-11 Basilica Blue, BU-17 Horizon Blue, BU-18 Blue. English Race Green, GN-35 Cumberland Green #1, GN-35 Cumberland Green #2, GN-41 Everglade Green, GN-42 Everglade Green, GR-3 Birch Gray, GR-7 Oakon Gray, GR-17 Steel, GR -18 Carlton Grey, GR-30 Peat, GR-34 Dover Gray (Bike Color), GR-35 Saxon Grey, RD-23 Maroon B, RD-25 Fuscous Brown, RD-26 Faun Brown (Sable), RD-27 Yellow diagram

Black Jack Rear Pillar Decals For 3rd Gen Mini Cooper

Color Charts 1970-1972: BLVC 3 Blackberry, BLVC 4 ​​Bedouin, BLVC 7 Antelope, BLVC 9 Skymist, BLVC 12 Midnight Blue, BLVC 15 Bronze Yellow, BLVC 16 Blaze, BLVC 18 Tea Blue, BLVC 19 Harvest Gold BLVC 22 Mallard Green, BLVC 23 Black Rose, BLVC 24 Wild Moss, BLVC 25 Race Green, BLVC 59 Ice White, BLVC 60 Aqua, BLVC 61 Flame Red

Also: BLMC Study 23 Cyan, 54 Saffron Yellow, 65 Emerald Green, 68 Slate Green, 72 Pimento, 96 Imperial Sapphire, 106 Mallard Green

1973-1975 color photos: BLVC11 Mirage, BLVC29 Rhine Gold Met., BLVC42 Lagoon Met. ., BLVC133 Flamenco

Mini Cooper Paint Colors

Also: BLMC Study 19 Pure White, 64 Mimosa Yellow, 75 English Race Green, 82 Carmine Red, 83 Maple, 84 Topaz, 85 Java Green, 92 Magenta, 116 Blue, 126? French blue, 136 blue

Mini Cooper S Convertible (color: Caribbean Aqua Metallic)

Ditzler Automotive, PPG Industries. Specify DDL for DURACRYL acrylic lacquer, DAR for DELSTAR acrylic lacquer, DQE for DITZCO alkyd lacquer.

1976 color photos: BLVC 11 (33135) Miraage, BLVC 59 (8845?) Glacier White, BLVC 63 (24300) Sandy Sand, BLVC 65 (14866?) Tahiti Blue, BLVC 73 (44947) Citron, BLV607) Citron Bracken. BLVC 94 (44978) Tundra, BLVC 95 (14728) Aconite, BLVC 99 RD 5 (71064) Damask Red, BLVC 109 (24046) Brazil Poly, BLVC 109 (24260?) Brazil 2008 BLV2 #2, BLV2 Reynard Poly, BLVC 133 (72144) Red Flamenco, BLVC 136? .

1978 color photos: study 118 CML (60932) Vermillion, 224 JNA (15231) Choice Blue, 243 NMC (90106) Leyland White

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Mini Cooper Rear Hatch Silk Green 41627139735 02 06 R50 R53 260

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The Mini Hatchback, along with its 5-door siblings, the Convertible and Clubman, are great cars, so choosing the right color is important. If you’re going to buy one, choosing the wrong color is hard to sell and hard to clean. We’ve put together this guide to help you choose the perfect shade.

The three-door and five-door models share the same color scheme, while the Clubman variant gets a slightly different shade under the hood.

Mini Cooper Paint Colors

If you’ve chosen the perfect shade, check out our Mini Hatchback, Mini 5-Door, Mini Cabrio and Mini Clubman sales pages for the latest deals. Don’t know what to buy? Let Auto Selectors narrow down your search. To understand the difference between metal and steel, see our guide to types of cars.

Used 2019 Mini Cooper For Sale In Mesa, Az (test Drive At Home)

If you’re not in the car wash zone, you will be soon – white cars are starting to look like dirt on the road. Keep a white pepper, it will look good and sell easily in the used market.

As for colors that don’t want to be spray painted, but bright, Volcanic Orange is a good choice. It gets dirty quickly and doesn’t fit everyone, so it can be difficult to sell in time.

Dark gray is perfect if you want your Mini to fly under the radar. Blue is one of the easiest colors to sell on the used market, and black colors hide dirt well. Don’t expect to pay a premium when you sell.

This color is not available on the base “One” line and requires the installation of the JCW Chile package, which increases the price. Red is such a popular color that you don’t have to oversell it, and while it’s not always easy to clean, you don’t have to spend time checking it every weekend.

Best Used Mini Clubman For Sale, Savings From $2,459

The brownish green is unique to John Cooper Works. It is also the best color for country dwellers because it hides dirt well. It may not be easy to sell, as the usual shades like green are not common on the streets.

Black is always in demand, so if you’re looking for something that sells easily on the used market, this is the color for you. Black cars, on the other hand, show dirt quickly, so they cost more to wash.

British Racing Green is the perfect shade for cars from these shores. It’s not a reliable option, so it may take longer to sell than popular colors like silver or black. However, it is easy to clean because it is dark.

Mini Cooper Paint Colors

Blue is safe concrete and still a popular color, so it won’t be difficult to sell on the used market. It also hides road dirt well by being dark.

My Perfect Mini Cooper

The yellow shade would be good for someone who spends a lot of time on the road, as it hides road mud better than other colors. It’s a popular choice, so you shouldn’t sell too much.

Blazing Red is similar to Chili Red, but on closer inspection, it looks sunnier thanks to the sunlight. It won’t be hard to sell and it shouldn’t get dirty quickly.

Electric Blue is a darker, darker shade that will suit outdoorsy people. Unfortunately, it’s often dirty, and the boldness means that any buyer won’t like it, which can make it harder to sell than most colors.

The silver melt is not pure silver – it has copper around it. This means that it will sell as easily as all silver cars, rather than as easily as regular silver.

Mini Cooper Colours In India (8 Colours)

Surprisingly, this silver “One” is not in the main line. Bright silver is easy to sell but tarnishes quickly.

Green Lightning a

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