Model Master Acrylic Paint Color Chart

Model Master Acrylic Paint Color Chart – This beautiful acrylic shade is called Field Green and comes from a company called Testor. Their product numbers are listed below with HTML, RGB and CMYK color codes. Beautiful Shades of Green Fields and more can be found in the Testor Model Master Art Paint Gallery! Also, be sure to browse our other great professional paint galleries to see more from Testor Model Master Acrylic Brand Paints and other paint manufacturers. And as always, draw!

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Model Master Acrylic Paint Color Chart

Model Master Acrylic Paint Color Chart

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2 Model Master Marine Color Classic Marine Color: 4201 Bayshan White 4202 Thayer Blue 4203 Gunnel Yellow 4204 Deck Amber 4205 Bulkhead Gray 4206 Midship Blue 4207 Caprel 2 Green 4208 Bulwark O29 Blue 29 Blue 29mm Naviron 429 Blue 29 Pan Blue 29mm Dark Buff AN Navy Red # Navy White AN CG Red AN CG Orange AN C Blue AN Black Boottop AN Anti-Fouling Red 4229 Deck Green AN2 Deck 4232 Navy Buff #22 WWI Camouflage Color US Navy: 4233 #5 Standard Navy Gray (1937) 4234 #20/250N Flight Deck Gray 4235 Mahogany Flight Deck (1937) 4236 #5-L Light Gray (early 1941) 4238 #5-H Haze Gray 4239 #5-O Ocean Gray # 5-4S Navy 4241 #5- N Navy Blue 4242 Flight Deck Stain Deck Blue 20B (1942) 4244 #5-L Pale Gray (1 ) 4245 #5-L Light Gray (1943) 4246 #1 Green (1944) 4247 #2 Green (194) ) 4248 # 3 Green (1944) 4249 Type Cargo Carrier Aircraft Number 4251 Unit 51 RAL 700000DuKelway9 ) 4260 Mittelblaugrau (No) 4261 Hellblaugrau (Norway) 4262 Sc hnellbootweiss 4263 Schiffsbootfarbe III Ral Dunkelgrau 224 Ral 7.

3 Model Master Fantasy Color 4350 Demon Red 4351 Dragon Red 4352 Blood Red 4353 Goblin Orange 4354 Pumpkin Orange 4355 Kirin Yellow 4356 Soul Yellow 4357 Luna 4385 Aqua Green 4386 Green 4386 G49 4393 4393 4386 Blue 4393 Blue 4393 4375 Savage Blue 4376 Royal Blue 4377 Marine Gray 4378 Magic Blue 4379 Morning Blue 44380 Blue 44380 Green 4399 Sul 440 Gold 440 Brassy 440 Gunmetal 44040 Brassic 440 Gunmetal 4404 Brassic 44040 Gunmetal 4404

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4 Model Master II Image Color: 2001 Skin Tone Tint Base Light 2002 Skin Tone Tint Base-Dark 2003 Skin Tone Warm Tint 2004 Skin Tone Shadow Tint Year 2005 Burnt Amber 2006 Raw Amber 2007 Raw People 201 Blue 201 Blue 201 German Uniform Feldgrau 2142 Flat White FS37925 Lacquer Finishes & Thinner: Decal Solutions: 2015 Flat Clear 2016 Semi-gloss Clear 2017S 2017S Angel 2017S 2017S, 2017, FS37925 Lacquer FS37925 ) FS Dark Drab (B-52) FS Willow Green FS Underside Blue 2134 Earth Brown 2125 Earth Gray 2126 Topside Blue 2127 Marker Red 2128 Marker Yellow 2129 Russian9 Green Armor FS True Blue FS Blue FS Bright Blue FS Blue FS Air Engine Gray Command Gray FS Dark Gray (F-16) FS Flint Gray FS Light Gray FS Can. Voodoo Gray FS Aircraft Int. Black FS Fluo. Red Orange FS WWII USA/UK Color: 2048 RAF Azuro Blue ANA RAF Sky Type S ANA Olive Drab ANA Faded Olive Drab 2052 RAF Middlestone ANA Sand ANA Dark Earth ANA Navy Blue Gray 2056 RAF Medium State Gray 2057 RAF Sea 2057 RAF Sea Green 2052 2061 RAF P.R.U. Blue 2062 RAF Interior Green 2063 RAF Trainer Modern Yellow Russian Color: 2130 Flanker Pale Blue 2131 Flanker Medium Blue 2132 Flanker Blue Gray 2133 Fulcrum Gray 2134 Fulcrum Gray Green 2135 Interior BlueTSM / FlatSM Green

5 Model Master II WWII German Panzer Color: 2094 Schwarzgrau RAL Panzer Dunkelzell Scholadenbrunn 1943 RAL Panzer Olivegrau Afrika Khakibrown 1941 RAL Afrika Grünbrunn 1941 RAL Signalbrunn Modern RAL Sand 213 Israel Sand 2094 Sand Grün 1941 Anmerside 1941.

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