Murphy Switch 117 Wiring Diagram

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Switchgage Models Series 20 (2 in./51 mm dial) and Series 25 (2-1/2 in./64 mm dial) are diaphragm-activated temperature gauges with built-in electrical switches for tripping and/or alarming. Closed device.

Murphy Switch 117 Wiring Diagram

Murphy Switch 117 Wiring Diagram

The track mechanism is encased in a coated steel housing to resist corrosion. A shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens and polished stainless steel frame help protect this durable device.

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This vapor activation meter has a closed capillary tube and a detector lamp. When exposed to heat, the liquid in the sensor bulb turns to vapor, which creates pressure on the diaphragm mechanism. The diaphragm converts this vapor pressure into a mechanical reading.

For the 20T and 25T series, the gauge pointer acts as a temperature indicator and as a switch pole that completes a circuit when it contacts the adjustable limit contact. The contacts are grounded with a switchgage case. They have a self-cleaning movement to improve electrical continuity.

This instrument is used in oil field equipment and monitoring of engine coolant, crankcase oil and transmission oil.

20T and 25T Series Switches: For these models, the gauge indicator makes an adjustable contact to complete the pilot circuit.

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