Nautica Blue Paint Color

Nautica Blue Paint Color – There’s a reason why blue is always in fashion: depending on the shade, it can be cozy and atmospheric, calm and soothing, or bold and energetic. Plus, it blends beautifully with a wide range of other colors (including wood tones and metals). With so many options out there, choosing the right blue paint can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together a list of our tried-and-true designer favorites, from the palest blue to the deep blue of sea ​​and excellent. Think of finding the right blue paint like a pair of blue jeans that fit you like a glove – whether your decor is super traditional or super modern, you’ll find the perfect blue!

Icy blues bring clear skies indoors. “For a client’s library that opens onto the garden and pool, we chose this beautiful azure gray to create the illusion of bringing the outdoors in,” says designer Paloma Contreras, who paired Benjamin Moore’s Water’s Edge with a glossy lacquered mirror high. – how to finish.

Nautica Blue Paint Color

Nautica Blue Paint Color

“There’s a softness in the air after it rains, and this color has that feeling,” says designer Katie Maine. She adds, “Suddenly the ceiling in the room looks higher and the space somehow feels bigger. It completely changes the energy of the room and you feel like you can finally take a big, deep breath.”

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“This icy blue has a crisp coldness that’s refreshing,” says designer Robert Stilin. “I would add fabrics in different shades of the same shade, such as Or, as Stilini recommends, bring in contrasting colors like brown and red to add warmth and coziness.

Paint an office? Try the grey-blue ones. “Studies have shown that blue helps with focus,” explains Sheila Bridges, who used Farrow & Ball’s Oval Room Blue for this room. “There’s a bit of gray in this particular shade and it makes it even more soothing.”

“Some people will call it pale gray, but it actually has blues and purples in it,” says designer Brian Paquette. He continues, “To me, it’s the color of the fog here in Seattle. I used it in a living room with big windows that looked out over the Pacific Ocean, and at certain times of the day you couldn’t tell the difference between the sea and the sky. and the walls are all one color.were.

“It has the freshness of drinking water on a long, hot day,” says designer James Howard. “I often use it on the ceiling because it’s sophisticated. It draws attention but doesn’t scream. Or if you want to dazzle, go high-gloss on the walls and the space will electrify!”

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Designer Susan Ferrier loves this light blue shade. “When you think of the color of a lake, you think of trees, shadows and clouds,” he explains. “A pair like this teal color. Not a light jewel tone like the ocean. The ocean is about energy with its waves. Lake water is more calming. Around the shore. She likes this gray-blue. It washes through a room and you do not see the mess.

“My favorite blue paint is Benjamin Moore 813 Sweet Bluette,” says New York designer Marie Burgos. “This color is part of Benjamin Moore’s classics and has a timeless appeal that complements styles from traditional to modern and everything in between. It’s such a soft shade that brings relaxation and overall healing, and it’s perfect for design . bedroom or children’s room”. .

“It’s a beautiful, romantic blue with soft gray undertones,” says designer Ryan Saghian. He adds: “To me, it embodies Paris in the rain: silver reflections on the street, the misty sky, the wind catching your coat. It’s a very soothing color, so I can see it in the bedroom or the breakfast room. Combine with yellow and orange to make the blue even richer.”

Nautica Blue Paint Color

“I used it in a studio apartment in Manhattan with sweeping views of the Hudson River,” says designer Raji Radhakrishnan. “The edges of the walls were washed out and it looked like the sky was crashing in to cover the room in one fell swoop. And the blue of the sky was reflected in the river. Add the green hues inspired by the treetops and lots of white.”

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March Wind lacquer walls by Pratt & Lambert brighten this north-facing room in a Nick Olsen-designed apartment.

“The sea in Turkey is so clear and so bright, a true ocean blue like this color,” says designer David Phoenix. He adds: “You see the same blue in the tiles in the Blue Mosque. It has infinite depth and makes it very calming. I imagine it with a high-gloss surface in an entryway or a library. After all, just take a chance and do it!”

“Sherwin-Williams Dynamic Blue is a blue that bursts with joy,” says designer Courtney McLeod, who used it in her living room. “It has a great balance between bold and bright, but it’s also very livable. It also provides a great background for other bold colors.”

“Certain shades of blue instantly transport you to a tropical island, and this is one of them,” says designer Debbie Viola. “Even though it’s a medium shimmery shade, it’s soothing yet vibrant enough to make me happy as soon as I walk into the room.” She recommends adding tangerine and lime green accents to bring out the tropical flavor.

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In designer Vern Yip’s Florida home, a kitchen with painted cabinets from Cruising by Sherwin-Williams embodies beach living. It offers a welcoming energy that can’t be beat, especially when the rest of the house is covered in bright colors, patterns and other textures that give it a great vibe.

“I like real colors, not ones that just hint at something,” explains designer Harry Heissmann. She continues: “I love the purity and this light blue. Anything you put against it (a black bamboo bed, a bright abstract painting) will pop. And the light in the room creates a wonderful atmosphere. .

“This living room was inspired by the ethereal blue found in Kandinsky’s paintings hanging in the Hermitage Museum,” says Kirill Istomin of Benjamin Moore’s muted shade of turquoise, Thunderbird.

Nautica Blue Paint Color

“While on vacation in the Caribbean, I was walking down a street and stopped to sit on a ledge to look at the water, which is just that color,” says designer Erinn Valencich. He continues: “And suddenly, just a meter away, these tropical fish were swimming in the most amazing purples, yellows and greens. We humans can make many beautiful things, but nothing is more beautiful than what already is here in nature.” “

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“My favorite blue paint color is Farrow & Ball Green Blue #84,” says stylist Chad Graci. She explains, “I love wearing this light, shifty blue because of its chameleon-like quality. It looks coastal, historic or just cool when you need it.”

Designer Ashley Izsak chose Good Jeans by Clare Paint for this post because it worked so well with the wallpaper she chose (Endless Summer by York Wallcoverings). “This shade of blue feels almost neutral due to its soft tone and works well in our open concept space to add some drama without feeling intense,” gushes the designer.

“Aqua is a soothing color that balances fiery red hair like mine and creates a beautiful room,” says stylist Lindsey Coral Harper. “In fact, most people look good in aquamarine, and when you look good, you feel more confident.”

He likes to use a color palette, so he adds a darker brown or Prussian blue to this. “Red or pink would make it stand out and add more dynamism,” she adds.

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When painting small rooms, designers often choose a deep, dark blue, such as Farrow & Ball’s all-time favorite Hague Blue. “Because the library is small, it’s been given a rich treatment with jewel cases,” says Jeanette Whitson of this stunning room.

“It’s the deep, almost dusty blue of the ocean in the Bahamas at low tide,” says designer Alessandra Branca. “If you combine it with coral-colored materials, it’s amazing.” Branca used this color in a bedroom with a blue and white bathroom. The designer recommends this if you live near the sea or want to be constantly reminded of it.

“I love the kitchen, it fits your personality: cool and sophisticated,” says designer Melanie Millner of the Atlanta kitchen she designed for some beachy bon vivants. The backsplash is a beautiful blue color that matches well with the painted Sea Serpent cabinets from Sherwin-Williams, making the space a dream kitchen space.

Nautica Blue Paint Color

“I love this color because it changes throughout the day,” says stylist Kelly Finley. “It’s the pigments

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