Nav Anchor Light Wiring Diagram

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Nav Anchor Light Wiring Diagram

Nav Anchor Light Wiring Diagram

Hey guys… I’m in the wiring stage. I thought I had done all the research, but I figured it out myself. Please see my outline rocker switch pin wiring diagram. I have a lot to change but I just put 3 for simplicity. Everything is lit, so my main concern is the light pole. One of the navigation lights is on/off/on and the other is on/off.

Navigation Light Circuit

I think I have on/off (A and B) but I’m not 100% sure about on/off/on (C). **Lighted switches also have a low light pin (7) for each switch. Can I connect all three grounds (7A, 7B, 7C) back to the negative bus (5C)? If I’m wrong about this please let me go…thanks for the help!!!

C is incorrect. With only one negative LED you need; Everything else must be hot (from batteries or jumpers) or the switch foot.

Are you trying to navigate and paste yes? Change anchor, change anchor and navigation? If so, install it as follows:

Terminals 1 and 3 are connected together and you have one wire going to the anchor light; One wire goes from terminal 6 to the front light. Each light has a negative wire that goes back to the battery; To not change.

Mast Light Switch Wiring

Thanks for your help, Rat! I redrew diagram C but it’s not perfect because I’m not sure what connects terminals C4 and C5. If the diagram is wrong (ie C1 goes to C3) you can be a little more specific. Thanks again…I would be lost without this site!

Pletzy » Today, 13:31 wrote: Thanks for the help, rat! I redrew diagram C but it’s not perfect because I’m not sure what connects terminals C4 and C5. If the diagram is wrong (ie C1 goes to C3) you can be a little more specific. Thanks again…I would be lost without this site! Unless you have something you want to run with an anchor light (maybe a fishing light?), the C4 doesn’t do anything; Otherwise, it is not used.

Mine was like this before switching to individual switching. I can turn my fishing light on or off when the switch is in the high position (on) and I can plug the anchor light into the outlet. Then, when you are in the down position (illumination), both navigation and anchor lights come on. This way I can control three things with one switch and the anchor light is either plugged in (when moving) or off (fishing at anchor). I use the lights so I don’t have to use my anchor light when I anchor and fish. Original Carling Contura II rocker switch marked “Nav/Anc”. This Nav/Anc rocker switch is an ON-OFF double throw switch. When the switch is on – it is designed to activate both the low beam (red and green) and high beam (white). And when the switch is off, only the backlight is on.

Nav Anchor Light Wiring Diagram

This product is a complete switch combination and includes both switch body and label cover. Find the separately sold Nav/Anc switch cover here.

Digital Switching Gets Easier, Cheaper, And More Compelling

Our navigation/anchor rocker switch has two indicator lights that illuminate when the rocker switch is in any position. If the wire is connected correctly, the UP position on both lights will show as it should.

This Nav/Anc rocker switch will replace any Carling V series or Contura style rocker switch. Includes Contura style replacements sold by Carling, Sierra, Blue Sea Systems, Sea-Dog, etc.

A hard copy of the wiring diagram is supplied with this switch. You can also find it in the product images above or download the PDF wiring diagram here.

What does this mean in real life? This is a high quality rocker switch from industry leading manufacturer Carling Technologies. This switch will last for years in a harsh marine environment.

Running Lights Wiring

This Nav/Anc rocker switch is Contura II style as shown above. Contura II is the one with the fewest bumps. We offer the Contura II printed with red and blue lens options (select from the menu above).

We also carry that label here with the Contura V model switch. The Contura V style includes two light switches that provide a nice backlight effect for nighttime reading.

Your navigation “running lights” or navigation lights are ahead of the red and green lights. Your work light is the white light behind the radar arch or the top of the T or above the radar arch. All lights (red, green and white) must be on when driving (actually driving at night). If you are anchored in the dark, only white light should illuminate.

Nav Anchor Light Wiring Diagram

That’s what this rocker switch is for. It’s a true double pole double throw and can be connected with two simple wires so that the UP position activates both tail and rear lights. When parked, only the backlight is activated. When I put the panel back together something went wrong with the NAV/ANC switch. Some cables have 7 tabs on the back of the switch.

My 288 Lost Navigation And Anchor Light…

Also, I think there is a jumper somewhere that should allow something to be connected to make the tach light come on when driving with the switch in the NO position.

I feel like I’ve tried every possible combination and I can’t get it to turn on the tac lights when I’m in the NAV position, only the ANC position, which I know is wrong unless ….. Reverse.

If I’m reading you correctly, you’re probably here. You can jump a touch light from a ship light by (a) crimping both wires into the same crimp or (b) with a double spade connector. Don’t worry about this Tab 7 unless you want to run a relay on your deck, Christmas display, or boat lights.

I feel your pain – it’s a PITA wiring if you have a diagram. (I added my sump pump switch yesterday) What I remember:

Dpdt Switch For Led Lighting — Rinker Boat Company

If you look at the back of the switch, the top and bottom left have the light inputs, the top right has the power source (I think) and the bottom right (which doesn’t go to the bottom of the switch) has a daisy chain for pinning. – I hope this helps …………..(I think I’m right)…………….

Remember that navigation lights are separate from your work lights. They do different jobs. An anchor light is sometimes used as a steam light. If you are in the anchor area, with one exception, the anchor light must be on after sunset when you are not on the water. In this situation, the navigation lights must be switched off. The steam indicator should light up when it is on, as should the navigation lights. My panel has a separate switch for each light so I can choose what I need the light to be on. The only lights I have when striper fishing at night are work lights.

Attached is how the NAV light switch is attached to my boat. My anchor/ambient light is used by both anchor and NAV, so it turns on when anchored and moving. The rear light also shines when moving, but according to the rules, the rear light does not have to be on at the same time, because it shows two white lights from the aster when moving. Shamrock was wrong there – if there is a running light on each side (for boats under 12m), then there should not be a solid light.

Nav Anchor Light Wiring Diagram

Some boats have a combo omni/225° forward white light with two bulbs that can be used as an anchor (ideally) and a 225° forward moving light along with the stern light. Some Shamrocks are equipped like this (usually Cuddy/WA models – ‘Gator, you should check how your 246 is equipped. Keing Momentary Waterproof Rocker Switch Toggle

Hmmm, I don’t spend much time on the water at night, but I like to do my job. So, Kurt, if I’m reading your post correctly, I need some sort of “hood” to put on the back of a lantern-sized t-top when I’m out at night, and I need to be able to change it up. . . Does the continuous light turn off when focusing? I don’t think the light is strong on the ANC, but I’m sure both are working in NAV.

Steve, Reg says you can

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