Navajo White Paint Color Benjamin Moore

Navajo White Paint Color Benjamin Moore – Every detail of one of my favorite colors, Benjamin Moore Navajo White (not to be confused with Sherwin Williams’ eponymous color).

This color looks a bit complicated because Benjamin Moore has changed his color code several times over the years, so you’ll see it listed as OC-95 or 947. Make sure it’s the same color.

Navajo White Paint Color Benjamin Moore

Navajo White Paint Color Benjamin Moore

I was confused in the shop when they asked me about the shop. Apparently, no one has ever tested my day!

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We first used Benjamin Moore Navajo White in our north facing mud and mud bath. This color is often used by one of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard. Don’t miss my favorite spicy eggs!

I researched the spaces I used and felt that they would fit in perfectly with all the new natural light we get in these spaces. You are right! It’s amazing – day and night.

When we purchased our current home, we were hoping to only use one or two paint colors for the entire home. However, the lighting varies greatly in different parts of our home, so I used different shades of cream to best suit each place.

Our large, bright breakfast room needed something a little warmer than the Sherwin-Williams Zurich White we had originally painted. After the ceiling lost not once, not twice, but three times (after replacing it!), We decided to finish the room until the first check.

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Having loved it in the mud room, we decided to use it in the north facing breakfast room. It is very beautiful, but I prefer the day to the evening, because it looks more yellow.

Draw at home? You can learn all about choosing ceiling paint and decorative paint here! You can also find more information on using this furniture dye and paint.

You can find all of our paint colors here and trace yours here. If you use any of these, come back to share your thoughts! Home → Best Paint Colors → BENJAMIN & SHERWIN: Paint Color Reviews → Paint Color Review: Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95

Navajo White Paint Color Benjamin Moore

While gray, gray and beige alternate on the cool trend wheel, there is one color that has some incredible quality, and that color is cream. So let’s take a look at Benjamin Moore Navajo White, one of my favorite creamy colors.

Oc 95 Navajo White A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

I only use photos of my clients online for color consultations to show you real, closed houses. This means that I don’t always have the high quality or right images that I need, but I definitely have some very useful information to help you along the way!

Ninth! While the name might suggest otherwise, Navajo White isn’t necessarily a white color, but rather a creamy paint color that’s bad.

Each color of the cream paint has a yellowish tinge, the inevitable. We’ll go in a bit on the tones, but the yellow of the Navajo White is what makes it a great choice for cooler, north-facing rooms, as well as rooms with direct morning light from the east or west.

On the other hand, Navajo White isn’t so hot and yellow that it looks awful in a south-facing room, even though it would turn out to be very hot.

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Navajo White has an LRV of around 78 or 79. I gave you both because Benjamin Moore couldn’t communicate directly between his fans and his website! Either way, Navajo White is a western white paint color.

With a higher LRV like this, if you have a room with intense natural light, you can expect Navajo White to fade in moments. However, its softness and tones make it a great choice for many dark rooms and rooms with moderate lighting.

The photo above shows Navajo White in a bright north-facing space. Notice how the main part of the wall has faded and you begin to see the extra “color” in the painting.

Navajo White Paint Color Benjamin Moore

Not sure what an LRV is? Color can save your love life – read all about it here.

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As you just learned, Navajo White has a yellow undertone, just like any cream paint color. Now, yellow undertones can lean a little more towards yellow-green or yellow-orange – Navajo White leans towards yellow-orange, but not too much – just enough to dilute the yellow with a large neutral base.

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It’s not that Navajo White is a bad exterior color, it’s just that most people looking for such a color gravitate towards more fluid, less yellowish creams (similar to Benjamin Moore Ballet White or Sherwin Williams White Duck). ).

BENELLLLLL, yes. But I don’t mean fame in a good way. I can’t tell you how many customers have tried updating the look of Navajo White kitchen cabinets and spent a lot of time trying to find matching colors.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Painted Navajo White

If you like cream-colored cabinets, you can fill your shoes, but be aware that it can affect the resale value in the future. Regardless of your personal taste, most people prefer white cabinets because they are the most timeless and the most flexible when it comes to new styles and updated features.

Sherwin Williams Navajo White is similar to Benjamin Moore Navajo White. The difference is that the Sherwin-Williams version has more orange. If you want more depth, you can also check out Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream (I have a crazy love for Gentle Cream).

If you’re wondering which paint colors look best with Navajo White CABINETS or TRIM, read this blog post.

Navajo White Paint Color Benjamin Moore

Yes, the way you treat Navajo White furniture and finishes is very different from how you treat larger rooms with Navajo White; The cabinets and decorations are more luxurious.

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