Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors – Some of them default to what creates a strong emotional response, while others look for an easier way to preserve the color of the car.

As a business owner in the professional auto detailing world, I am often asked what the best paint color is for a car.

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

To begin to answer this question, we need to define the question more precisely.

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Finding or choosing the “best” of something is not just a basic question. Choosing the best will always be a winning balance of what one values ​​in terms of features and preferences.

With these (3) bullet points, I may have begun to expand your thinking in choosing the best car paint color for your next car.

If you’re looking for “best car paint” here, follow along as I stretch your imagination and let you decide.

As a professional dealer, I am often asked which color of car is lighter or heavier. Many people realize that black is more difficult, and then assume that white is easier.

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So let’s explore the different paint colors and let my professional experience show you what you can sign up for in terms of the color of your next car choice.

With this updated information, you will be able to factor in more variables when making your next purchase

These are the common thoughts when discussing car paint colors. As a professional, I agree that black is the hardest of all car colors to wash, polish or wax.

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

But I will tell you, like the white color of the car paint, the basic answer depends on the binary answer.

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It’s hard to choose a color that creates a more emotional response than the black color of a car! The expressive expression of black is like no other.

Few can deny the emotional response a freshly cleaned and detailed black car will bring! This is the “love” part of the relationship.

The problem arises when it comes to generating results on black machines. Due to the nature of black color, everything will be more difficult. So it goes to the “hate” part of the relationship.

Ask anyone who has owned, or currently owns a black car, and they will tell you about the frustration that a black car represents. So for most people, I advise you to stay away from black, even if your emotions scream at you the next time you see a shiny black car.

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If you were to take a poll, most people would say that white car paint is the easiest color to maintain.

Car paint easy to maintain. Before we admit that it is the easiest color to maintain, let’s look at the benefits of white.

This may seem like an odd way to describe a color. That’s why car manufacturers don’t call this color “Fabric”, but something more sophisticated, like champagne or taupe.

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

How many of us want to announce to our family and friends that our new car is the color of “dust”?

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If you own a “dust” colored car, there is nothing wrong with you and your car, but this is exactly why this color represents the easiest car paint color to maintain.

In normal conditions, this will be dust, which will gradually make your car dirtier and dirtier.

There are many versions out there, but the photo above shows an example of the fabric version of this color!

Since we’re on the subject of what we call extreme car paint colors, let’s take a look at some additional paint options and see how they rank on the difficulty level of care and maintenance.

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And I’m not only talking about maintenance and heating works, but also about what I call “signaling” that certain colors will symbolize the world, part of what we as humans put in society. dressing, talking, walking, etc.

Many people may think that red Ferrari represents cliché or stereotype in many cases.

And similar to red, other car paint colors announce their own type of notice based on the color of the paint. I will include these tips along the way.

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

Yellow and red colors attract attention. Not everyone or every car can pull off yellow as their color of choice.

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I think only certain cars can pull off yellow as a paint color. I look like a teenager in yellow because it screams for attention.

But there are some unique and innovative cars or cars that will get rid of the yellow color. My demo examples would be:

There’s a reason you don’t see many bright yellow cars on the road – of course your taxis are painted yellow as the color scheme.

When the “alarm” of yellow color passes, it comes under service and maintenance. If you’re a fan of yellow, it represents a winning balance in many ways:

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Although part of the speeding ticket is an urban myth (the urban myth is that red cars are notoriously and unfairly given more speeding tickets due to the nature of the color red), according to proven statistics red is indeed red. strong emotional response from people and as a rule it looks more appropriate in sports cars.

A deep, metallic burgundy definitely sits above the moody colors. Any dark color creates deep shadows and shows depth of color unlike light colored cars. This is why they are a love/hate relationship for owners of these black cars.

Light blue is a “good” color and gives a certain class and beauty, and I also consider anti-weathering as an option when choosing a car.

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

Light blue is also considered by many to be a boring bright color, and yet it represents a halfway point on the scale of visual excitement. With these words, blue is an easy color to maintain.

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Similar to yellow, many see blue as a winning balance of emotional response, ease of maintenance and heat dissipation.

Light gray metallic has always been one of my favorite car paint colors. It has the ability to create deep emotional responses without the headaches that black cars provide.

Male color as opposed to some “chicken” colors. The light gray metallic color options show the same advantages of the halfway point:

If you’ve ever played my game of “which car paint color is easier to maintain” and you’ve had a lot of experience, you’ve already called silver the winner for technical ease.

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If so, you wouldn’t be far off. But despite the fact that silver is as safe as car paint, it is not as light as champagne or taupe.

I now consider silver to be my favorite choice in car paint because of its compatibility with the other car paint colors I have featured here.

While the examples above don’t show the possible color options, I may have given you something to think about when shopping for your next car.

Non Metallic Car Paint Colors

While many people are drawn to black cars because of the strong emotional response they evoke, you might want to think twice the next time you…

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Everyone loves it when black or dark colored cars are clean and shiny, but they hate it when the dust immediately appears and looks dirtier than before!

If you have the “luxury” of owning a black or dark colored car and are looking for the best wax to use for these exciting colors, check out the best car wash for expert advice.

Thank you for your support of my website. I spend a lot of time giving you great car advice from my 30+ years of experience as a detailer.

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