P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet

P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet – The P90X2 officially launches in December, but is available for pre-order now. This program will erase all previous work. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, this program is for you. P90X2 breaks down. This program combines the latest sports science with the fitness we love from the P90X. If your goal is to run faster, jump higher, and get in better shape, this program is for you.

You can find all the latest information about the P90X2 in my post, P90X2 Secrets Revealed. Here are some of the key features that make the P90X2 revolutionary.

P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet

P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet

The P90X2 now includes three components to boost power and performance. Programs dropped from 6 days a week on the P90X to 5 days a week. This program is partially open. You can stay in any part for as long as you like. So, you can plan your recovery week whenever you want.

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Stage 1: Foundation Stage (3-5 weeks): You will be able to walk better, feel better, and be injury-free. You can move better and build more muscle. This includes exercises like X2 Core and Strength and Balance.

Phase 2: Strength (Weeks 3-6): You’ll get stronger, bigger, and look better through a variety of movements. With the foundation established, these skills can now be applied to new types of fitness. This section includes exercises like Chest/Back + Balance and Plyocide.

Phase 3: Implementation phase (3-4 weeks): Are you ready to put everything together? In this section you can jump, raster run, multiple explosions and more. You will feel like a child again. This is where sports science starts to come together. Photos of P.A.P. or strengthening exercises after activation. It’s the latest science that allows you to be successful in every way.

X2 Total Body: A full-body workout that targets all parts of the body. You’re going to do a little bit of everything in this one.

P90x2 Workouts: Get Pro Level Results [15 Videos]

Balance + Strength: This has to do with balancing movement and strength. It is difficult. Trust me. I did it in training.

Chest & Back + Balance: This is the first workout for me. Push and pull exercise. The new influences are walking and med ball pushing… fun!

Lower Body and Back: Combine plyometrics and pull-up exercises for two of the body’s major muscle groups.

P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet

PAP Lower: A new exercise science course designed with a focus on dance. Powerful moves are followed by explosive moves.

P90x2 Workout Sheets

PAP Upper: A new sports science course designed with a focus on sports. A movement of energy followed by an explosion that causes an explosion.

X2 Ab Ripper: A new abdominal move. This would hurt… in a good way. You can “hate it but love it”

V Sculpt*: This is the second exercise. The back/biceps take on a new dimension. Draw something you’ve never seen before. Bicep moves that challenge all parts of fitness. All moves are performed in racing games, so the power you gain is useful for real-world moves.

X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris*: Full body workout. A new movement, a new movement. This should “push” your muscles to work better. We do this by using consistency and constant pressure to leave the field.

Which P90x2 Workouts Do You Feel Are The Best?

For those who want to know, I’m into Chest & Back + Balance, V-Sculpt. You can see more highlights here in the P90X2 training section of this website.

The P90X2 comes with three types of packages available on Blu-ray and DVD. You can now get 2 more free Tony Horton 1-on-1 workouts by clicking the link when purchasing through the Trainer (I).

•V Sculpt: Improves strength and flexibility while supporting the back and forearms, also known as ‘actor muscles’.

P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet

•X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris: Get amazing results with workouts that use stress to push you harder than ever.

Beachbody On Demand

First, you receive special benefits when you order through Beachbody Coach. You can register your ME as a coach here. You can have ME, P90X2 Cast Member for Chest/Back + Balance and V-Sculpt as your coach.


1. Older orders will receive free shipping and handling. this is great! This is for pre-order only. You can save a lot if you plan to order the Deluxe or Ultimate packages.

3. When you order from Coach, you will receive two free DVDs to include with your P90X2 program.

P90x2 Workout Schedule Template

4. Pre-invitees will be entered into a list eligible for the WEEKLY prize, which includes T-shirts, gear, P90X2 apparel, workouts, and home delivery of a P90X2 by Tony Horton himself.

5. Those who pre-order will get a chance to participate in the first P90X2 infomercial. When you receive your P90X2, you’ll be shown how to track and submit your results, so you can be featured in the P90X2 infomercial when it’s released. Is it good? My P90X2 infomercial on YouTube (psst, also briefly featured in the new Beachbody P90x2 infomercial released on Jan 26th):

*New*- The P90X2 is now available as a Challenge Pack and the training fee is waived. Check it out at http://www.extremefitchallenge.com!

P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet

The P90X2 is simpler than the P90X but follows the latest medical recommendations. With seven years of feedback from the P90X, Beachbody’s team of professional athletes have taken the program to a new level and introduced the latest technology to help you get back in the gym. You can also read my “Am I Ready for P90X2?” post.

Which Is Better: P90x Or P90x3? (& When To Do P90x2)

Muscle stimulation, commonly known as P90X training, was the heart of the program. Taught about flexibility, efficiency, recovery, and how to teach in a changing environment. For the P90X2, this principle continues but allows for flexibility. It is designed to make the most of the work you do. Each training session and recovery period is tailored to your needs.

The P90X2 is a slightly different program from what we saw on the P90X. There are 3 ‘phases’, but each phase is not exactly 30 days, 4 weeks or 1 month. Each level of the P90X2 requires skill to progress to the next level. If you’re not ready to hit Part 2, don’t. Continue to build strength, flexibility, and core balance. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is that the P90X2 now has a 5-day workout plan and day 3 is also a recovery day.

The first part of the training focuses on the core and more specifically the grip. This applies not only to the legs, but also to the entire kinematics, which means the muscles, skeletal system and nervous system. If you have a weak base, you will have no friends when you try to do an explosive action. The purpose of step 1 is to help establish a strong ground contact so that you can move without interfering with your posture.

Day 1: X2 Core – Body movement is done in an X shape from one hand down the center to the feet and the same on the other side. A big cross, everything is controlled and centrally coordinated. In P90X2, the X now appears to represent the field of human kinematics. Foundation is the foundation of our body. Where all travel begins. By working the core through compression, we allow our bodies to burn more exciting and stable connective tissue…

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Day 2: Plyocide – Invocation… Death by Plyometrics? Plyocide combines traditional explosive movements with a mind-body workout to improve running and endurance as well as overall coordination/body.

Day 3: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility – optimizes recovery by forcing the body to adapt to promote better performance. The secret is a myofascial release technique called foam rolling (aka… the rumble roller). I look forward to a new understanding of the word “wonderful.” I’ve done this album three times so far and each time it hurts a bit more, but I get these points and the show brings them out.

Day 4: X2 Total Body & X2 Ab Ripper – combines resistance and stability to get your body to use the right muscles at the right time. Walking alone at school as it can cause muscle strain is not recommended for this activity. Style is king.

P90x2 V Sculpt Worksheet

Day 5: X2 Yoga – Relax your body and mind. It’s tough yoga. Isometric strength, increase range of motion and build core strength. This is 66 minutes vs Yoga X 93 minutes. The coolest, most intense and amazing workout.

P90x2 Fitness Dvd Exercise Set 4 Disc Workout Gym P90x Exercise P90 Gym Blu Ray

Day 6: X2

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