Painting Panel Doors Different Colors

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“Are the interior doors and trim the same?” The short answer is no. Doors and trim can be any style and color you want. The design of your home is entirely up to you.

Painting Panel Doors Different Colors

Painting Panel Doors Different Colors

But isn’t that the answer you’re looking for? The real question is, should the door match the trim? When it comes to design principles and best practices, the answers are that simple.

How To Paint A Panel Door With A Brush

Ask any famous designer and they will tell you that there are no hard and fast rules for interior design. There are only guidelines, and they are mostly based on personal preference. It looks the most beautiful on you.

If you want to play safe and have the comfort of knowing everything looks good, matching your door and color scheme is the way to go. Trim is traditionally white or dull, so matching your doors to the same shade is always trendy.

No need to paint it white. If you choose a larger color, make sure you actually get the effect you want. If you don’t want to go with white but are hesitant to go too far, creams, Apply taupes and many other shades. Then match your door with that color.

If you want to express it boldly, Contrasting colors are the way to do it. Pair a black door with white trim or deep red with cream. Contrasting colors are a great way to open up your door and break up the colors.

How To Paint Interior Doors (step By Step)

Going with complementary colors for your doors and trim is a good middle ground between going with matching colors and contrasting colors. Complementary colors allow you to choose slightly different colors or pair beautiful woodsy colors with the colors below.

You should also consider the color of the wall when making a decision. The color of your walls will have a significant impact on the overall look of your room and will determine how your trim and color combination will work, so contrast. This is true whether there is complementarity or compatibility.

For example, with a complementary color scheme; You can match the decoration and the door to different parts of the wallpaper. The wallpaper is tempi, If it’s light green and orange, you can trim the doors green and paint the doors green to complement the entire room.

Painting Panel Doors Different Colors

Once walls are brought into the picture, there are many other things to consider. However, when it comes to door trim, the answer is the same. You can paint them completely different colors, but you don’t have to. Total coverage.

Painting Interior Doors

The short and fast rule is if you want to play it safe, cut the door to fit.

However, This isn’t really a rule and isn’t always the best choice for your location. Let’s take a look at some examples of how these homeowners brilliantly combine different color doors to create a spectacular look.

Who thought of combining pink and white powder? How incredible that this homeowner did it! The pink plays perfectly with the green in the room and really ties in the Scandinavian design. The trim matches the wall, but the colors don’t match because they use shiplap instead of a plain wall.

Wood grain is a great choice for this sliding barn door. Although the rest of the room is white, the trim around the door allows this door to steal the show.

Use These Expert Techniques To Paint An Interior Door Like A Pro

This color choice looks amazing in a dark room. The dark colored door matches the painting and the distressed trim enhances the overall design. The design of the room and the color of the doors are very bold and inspiring. Black exterior doors are common though. Interior doors also prove stylish. The distressed look on the rim means the trim doesn’t have to be a background design piece. In fact, it’s the one piece that holds everything together.

This whole look feels so coastal and perfect. Creamy sails and Dutch doors are trimmed in light wood, creating an elegant combination that screams lightness. Complementary colors for doors and trim prove that sometimes the smallest color combinations make the biggest impact.

Do interior doors and trims match? Not all! You can do them if you wish; But in the end it’s all about creating the beauty you want.

Painting Panel Doors Different Colors

If you’re not sure what type of trim you should choose for your room, try another option. Here’s a short quiz to help you match your ideal design aesthetic with the perfect touch. Check out our inspiration gallery today for more ideas. Want to know how to paint a door like a pro? With my simple step-by-step instructions, painting interior doors will be a breeze and you’ll get the professional finish you’re looking for.

Choosing Interior Door Styles And Paint Colors: Trends

In the two houses we lived in, the old ones were yellow and out of shape, so I gutted each space and painted the doors. It’s amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint can make, especially if you replace the hardware. Years ago a professional painter taught me how to paint the doors, including painting the doors, and the results were much better than if I went from top to bottom. I painted the door. Over the years I’ve experimented with different painting tools and methods to find the best, so today I’m sharing how to paint interior doors like a pro.

If you painted your door white and had white trim, we recommend using that paint finish. Some of my favorite whites for trim and doors are Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White and Dove White semi-gloss or satin. Black or gray interior doors are a beautiful choice. I recently painted the door from my kitchen to the garage gray (Benjamin Moore Charcoal Slate) and love it:

The door colors you can choose to paint your front door are endless, but I personally think it’s best to stick with white or gray for the interior. Below are six of my favorite colors for interior doors.

Whites: Benjamin Moore Dove White | Benjamin Moore Cloud White (cloud white has a slight yellow tint)

How To Paint A Door: My Best Tips For Painting Interior Doors!

In addition to your paint job, Including everything you need to complete your door painting job.

Old door wood filler (my favorite – doesn’t dry out like regular container filler) and a putty knife.

A 4″ woven nap roller or a 4″ foam roller – both work well.

Painting Panel Doors Different Colors

Success in any paint job starts with good preparation. You can paint your doors or hang them and paint them on sawhorses. If you already have door handles, I recommend removing them – easier than painting around them. If you want to operate the knob, Cover your knobs and hinges with tape. For door hinges; I used a utility knife and gently traced the outside of the hinge and cut the tape:

Painting Wood Paneling

If you are renovating an old door, The first step is to fill the gaps with wood filler, sand until smooth (I use 150 grit), then sand the entire door with fine (220) sandpaper. .Use a cloth to remove most of the sand. Then, go back over the entire door with a buffing cloth to remove any residue.

Note: If your door was painted before the 80’s it could be lead paint without proper care so be sure to check the lead paint if possible.

Now it’s time to paint. Although many people have had success painting doors using a single brush, I like to use a combination of a brush and a small roller as it makes the job faster and gives a smoother result. Instead of painting the door from top to bottom, you can get the best paint by painting the panels in a specific order. For a typical 6 panel door, The order of entry is:

2. Then paint the door.

The Painted Trim

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