Paintworks Paint By Number Color Chart

Paintworks Paint By Number Color Chart – So this is the first blog post … ‘Unpacker’. It’s not just a technical toy. This is the Dimensions PaintWorks PBN kit, the most advanced I’ve seen, light years ahead of anything I’ve done.

Paintworks is a brand belonging to the Siplicity family of arts and crafts products. This large-scale, information-based job is aimed at ambitious PBN enthusiasts who are ready for a challenge beyond other regular Royal and Langnical employees.

Paintworks Paint By Number Color Chart

Paintworks Paint By Number Color Chart

Above is a box of Paintworks # 91320, Taste of Italy. It turns out to be a beautiful, unique experience of an Italian village street, bursting with colors and old world charm.

Behr Premium Plus 8 Oz. #ppu8 16 Coliseum Marble Satin Enamel Interior/exterior Paint & Primer Color Sample B370016

It measures 20 by 16 inches. Compared to the work I have done so far, it resembles a large dining table with an extension inside. A few things to note; A piece that really compliments the designer (the first sign that we’re working on a different level here) and the image, if you look past the words, it looks like PBN’s finished work, not a detailed image of the design. taken in.

Here it is: 18 paint containers, design plan and chart sheet with diagrams and tables illustrating paint containers and various color combinations.

Here the colored pots are taken out from the circles and arranged in rows. Pay attention to the printed letters on the front of the pot, a real blessing … without scratching them on the cap in sharpie this time!

There are two ways to define characters. The number in front of the parentheses is the number used in the diagram, and the number in parentheses is the code number that allows you to issue more commands when you’re done…

Paint Works Paint By Number Kit 14

I want to draw more creatively. Since the website on the box no longer works and the pages listing PaintWorks kits don’t have a clear way to order replacement paint, the sidebar will look for it if possible. This is a great panel. I can start, but I have to do it thoughtfully.

The table in the chart lists the colors of the ‘pots’ of mixed colors. Two notes: 17, black, marked on table with black pattern. This is another exciting new feature; The solid black areas on the panel are where you put the black paint. You see it in the picture above, where I put the colored containers; See below for solid green areas. I pass the blacks.

Color #18 is something I have never seen before. It is used only in compositions, it is never mixed on the edge.

Paintworks Paint By Number Color Chart

And this table lists the mixed colors I make to complete my painting. It differs from others, in some sets if I have to combine #1 and #7, it shows “1/7” on the panel. There is only A.

Paintworks Animals Paint By Number Kits

Also look at the area on the table with “7 + 15”, why is there a gray swatch next to it? Since there are strong dark areas on the panel that need to be covered with black, your 7/15 mixture is meant to cover the gray filled areas.

He’s smart, and that’s one thing for those of us who like “work-y” art. I have a feeling I love it.

Here is a closeup of the chart. Here is the important thing. Dashed lines indicate areas that require an advanced PBN painting method … dry brush. This is to get a visible blending effect. Most of them are subject to publication.

Here’s a close-up of one of the thoughtfully designed pots. They open and close tightly but easily, and the wide base makes them solid.

Paintworks Harry Potter Hogwarts Paint By Number Kit, 11

Here are the cleaning instructions. You dry brush along the dotted line for a softer blended look and a harder finish than the average PBN job. And it occurred to me that the way to learn it is a metaphor and a skill. This kit will teach you the right technique for a given situation! It’s really fun.

You can trigger commands that show the outline with a marker or pen, as I used a marker in my last paper to make it look like a media object.

Zal looks like an educational and entertaining program at the same time. I can’t start right away, but soon and can’t wait to start… I have to though!

Paintworks Paint By Number Color Chart

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