Plant Cell Coloring Page

Plant Cell Coloring Page – Children and plants have one thing in common: they both love dirt! Let’s explore plant cells with this wonderful plant cell coloring worksheet. Learn more about plant cells and their parts in this worksheet. And if you color different parts, you can guide your student to match the part and function of the plant cell.

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Plant Cell Coloring Page

Plant Cell Coloring Page

There are cell walls, nuclei, cytoplasm and mitochondria. These four parts provide the basic structure of a cell, whether plant, animal or bacteria.

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The cell wall is the clear structure that surrounds the cell. It performs the same functions for the cell that your skin does for your cell. It protects the cell from external toxins while providing openings (vacuoles) that allow nutrients to enter and waste to exit.

Plant cell walls contain “cellulose” which helps them maintain this rectangular structure. Which is why the plant parts usually tend to be more rigid, not flexible like our skin. In the plant cell coloring worksheet, your child should color the cell wall brown and the vacuole pink.

The nucleus is the control center of each cell – the “brain”. The nucleus (on the nucleus) contains DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid – try saying that 5 times fast!), the “code” that tells the cell what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

Color the nucleus red in the worksheet for coloring the plant cells. And maybe encourage your student to study the DNA in the nucleus.

Plant Cell Coloring Pages

Cytoplasm is the messy stuff in the center of the cell where all the other organelles float. It consists of water, salt, minerals, cell waste, proteins and many other substances (

Mitochondria are the sexual powerhouses of the cell. In the mitochondria, food is transformed into usable energy for the cells. It actually has its own form of DNA, and scientists are still not sure how the chemistry works in mitochondria.

For more information, watch this video about the functions of mitochondria. You can also color the mitochondria in purple on the plant cell coloring worksheet.

Plant Cell Coloring Page

Unlike animal cells, plant cells have chloroplasts. They should be green in your plant cell coloring worksheet because they really are green. In the chloroplast is chlorophyll, which gives most parts of the plant its characteristic green color.

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) to produce sugar in a process known as photosynthesis. This process is unique to plants and is part of what makes plants so special.

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And now that you know all about how plant cells work, try growing your own plants. You can pick up seeds from your local garden store and find your own dirt. Or maybe one of the fun kits will give your child a green thumb.

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