Potters Clay Paint Color

Potters Clay Paint Color – With April showers outside, it’s time to sprinkle some love into your home using our Color of the Month: Potter’s Clay 1221. The earthy feel of Benjamin Moore’s Potter’s Clay 1221 Red tones bring a touch of nature into your home, and there’s no better time to admire Mother Nature’s colors than as we prepare to celebrate Earth Day.

Enjoy your view with a sunshade reminiscent of a clay pot you might find in the garden. Potter’s Clay 1221 evokes the feelings of comfort, peace and energy that come with blooming seasonal flowers. The natural harmony of Potter’s Clay 1221 is one of the reasons for the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 palette!

Potters Clay Paint Color

Potters Clay Paint Color

After a busy 2020, bring some comfort to your home and enjoy the joy of nature year-round with Potter’s Clay 1221. Stop by any of the 48 JC Licht locations in the Greater Chicagoland area to pick up your color samples or find your favorite Benjamin Moore paint.

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The bright rays of the summer sun bring Potter’s Clay 1221 to life as it reflects the deep shade of terracotta, making it the perfect floor for your family areas. Along with dusty reds and pinks, this color serves as the perfect backdrop for all the fresh colors and bright flowers that decorate your home during the spring and summer months.

If you have a cold, dark room, Potter’s Clay 1221 adds a lot of warmth. Even a single word wall can do the trick. Pay attention to the natural light in the room before painting. Potter’s Clay 1221 has an LRV or Light Reflectance Value of 27.23, meaning it is on the dark side of clay (0 black, 100 white), so it absorbs most of the incoming light.

What does this mean in your area? In a well-lit room, Potter’s Clay 1221 will appear bright orange with pink undertones. If your home receives little light, the color will glow a dusty red. Either way, this natural color adds warmth to a cold room and gives you bright earthy vibes.

Many Potters Clay 1221 highlights wooden elements in your room such as beams, wooden cabinets or wooden furniture. For a modern take, layer this color with Chantilly Lace OC-65 or Ward Iron 2124-10. If your home has a boho or southwestern decor, Potter’s Clay 1221 will help complement your current style perfectly.

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Imagine a clay pot bursting with moisture from a spring plant. These colors serve as the inspiration behind the color palette to create a timeless and trendy look. To achieve this look, mix Potter’s Clay 1221 with other clay tones such as Evening Grove 1526 or Springfield Sage 510 for a “natural secret feel.”

You can bring the warm and fuzzy feeling of Potter’s Clay 1221 into your home, painting entire rooms and walls without making major changes. Get the DIY way by refurbishing old furniture and applying color to small items like nightstands or end tables to give your space a quirky earthy feel. The best part is that Potter’s Clay 1221 will blend with any color you have on your walls!

You can create your own temple with decorative pieces of your choice. Rust and aqua accents pair well with Potter’s Clay 1221, so bring in some aqua pillows or rust-colored vases to complete your tranquil space.

Potters Clay Paint Color

If it’s all about rich, earthy tones, stop by your nearest JC Licht location. Our color advisors are happy to give you tips on how to make our April selection, Potter’s Clay 1221, work in your home. Don’t forget to bring all your painting supplies – we have brushes, materials, samples and more to meet your classic painting needs!

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