Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2012

Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2012 – To complement our roundup of tips for choosing and trying paint colors, we asked Cindy to share all her experiences and practical tips and tricks for choosing the right color for your home. Don’t forget to check out all of Cindy’s color palettes here (plus more on her site!) and if you missed other painting tips, you can check them out here:

Last month I did something different and shared “Colored Light” where I dedicated an entire post highlighting Benjamin Moore’s beach glass paint. If you missed this post, you can find it here.

Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2012

Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2012

This month I wanted to share some of my favorite tricks for choosing the right color for a room. Choosing colors can be a challenge, but with these tricks, you can eliminate the frustration and instantly find the perfect color, as well as any colors or undertones you don’t want to see.

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How to choose the perfect paint color 1) Choose the paint color in your home, not in the store

The most important thing when choosing a color is to look at the color schemes in the room you want to paint in your house, for the paint shop. That’s because stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sherwin Williams all have bright artificial fluorescent lighting that can drastically change the appearance of color.

If you place your color cards in the room you are going to paint, with the lighting in the room, you can decide which colors will or don’t suit your room best. Certain types of lighting can drastically change the appearance of color. For example, spaces with a lot of natural light can show true gray and blue. In rooms with artificial lighting, colors such as warm light gray with peach or pink can appear. Looking at those colors in your space will help you assess and see how color might change in your lighting.

If you’re looking for the safest color, look for light gray colours. The gray undertone neutralizes and balances the color as it disperses pigments and gives a more muted colour. If you’re looking for a lighter blue, a color like Benjamin Moore’s Gray Wisp has a gray undertone with a blue undertone.

Re Purposed Pottery Barn Chairs

You don’t need a lot of gray in the undercoat to get a more muted/safe color. Since gray helps neutralize undertones, it’s also a trick to make sure all the colors I choose throughout the house work together and move from room to room.

When you look at colors at a paint store, it’s easy to spot colors with undertones of gray, because these are the colors that limit true gray. In other words, look at where the true gray begins to turn blue, green, etc. If you look at the areas where the color transition begins immediately after gray, these are colors with gray undertones. If you want a strong gray, select the first color when starting the transition. If you just want a little hint, choose 2-3 shades of color.

Once you narrow down your color choices, seeing the color in action helps a lot. You can do this by searching the search box on Pinterest for the name of the paint and the brand of the paint.

Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2012

As you can see in the image below, I typed “accessible beige” into the Pinterest search box and several rooms appeared with rooms painted this color:

Wall Paint Color Palette Coastal Farmhouse Sherwin Williams

Almost all of the colors can be found by searching on Pinterest and as you can see below, I was able to see a great example of an accessible beige painted on the wall:

Of course, it’s important to remember that paint colors won’t look the same in every home, but it does help to get a better sense of color. The interesting thing is that there are so many different examples of each color on Pinterest that you can see your potential color in different lighting conditions just by searching for the color. Again, this is just a way to see the color in action and to help you determine how the color will look in the room.

If you’re not sure what color to look for, check out my Pick a Paint Color Pinterest board here for several areas painted in different colors. I always add the name and brand of the paint color to each pin so everyone can see the color in action.

Once you’ve narrowed down your color to one or two potential options, it’s important to draw a sample of the color on a large poster board and pin it to the wall. The large poster board will give you better color vision and also help to look at it at night with bright light to see if you like color at night too.

Pottery Barn Inspired Handcrafted Beachcomber Basket

If you have few options and find it hard to improve, painting some poster boards is the best way to better define your perfect color.

Don’t be afraid to modify or change the color. If you have done all of the above and would like a certain color to be a little lighter, darker or slightly discolored, tell the guys at the paint store what color you are missing or need and they will help you. I noticed that the color I want is usually between two shades on the color chart. I ask the guys at the paint store to mix the two colors and give me a sample and paint another poster board. Every time I do this, the color is always exactly what I’m looking for. If not, the paint shop guys can suggest changes.

Here are my five favorite tips for choosing paint colors. If you’re looking for my more in-depth post on how to get tips on how to easily make your picks and set the tone instantly, I’ve shared all of my tips and tricks here on my blog.

Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2012

For more tips on colors and color palettes, you can find me on my blog, Creative Exchange.

Why I Love Pottery Barn

A participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide sites with a way to earn advertising costs by advertising and linking to amazon.com. View our full disclosure here. I’m excited to share the changes so far in my friend Peggy’s bedroom! I first shared the project here and many pieces fell into place. We still have some work to do, but we’ve made a lot of progress! Let’s see where we started and where we are now. This post contains many affiliate links.

It is spacious and spacious and offers us many options for furniture and decoration. The biggest problem here is that the original furniture didn’t match the size of the space, so we were on a mission to fix that.

The first task was to add moldings to the wall where the bed was. I was lucky enough to find a local carpenter working with me on a side job and

I’m very excited about how this happened. He even changed the wall opening to better match the design.

My York Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofa

Here’s the beautiful Mackenna Paisley bed and comforter from Pottery Barn. Peggy already had the navy blue quilt and it matched perfectly with the quilt.

The wardrobe from the Joanna Gaines collection also arrived. Here’s a look at the delivery and launch dates. Perfection! We’ve also added some decorative pillows from Restoration Hardware Outlet to the chairs.

This space requires more. They have about four feet on either side of the bed to fill, with the headboard installed. What shocked me was that many of the options we liked were very expensive. I just couldn’t bring myself to drop the big bucks on the bedside tables. I knew the look I wanted – something with a bit of curve and some substance.

Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2012

This Corsican chest of 3 drawers. When I saw it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. But it’s around $1,200. I think the Joanna Gaines wardrobe we got was less than this! this is not true

Pottery Barn Summer Catalog

So after exchanging about 7,452 text messages, we pulled out of the internet and took a break from watching. Sometimes you just need to walk away, right? It’s as if the universe knows you’re looking for it, and you definitely won’t find it if you search hard for it.

Then I went to Restoration Hardware Outlet and found this. This was another one that caught our eye as we searched the internet, but then again

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