Rose Quartz Paint Color

Rose Quartz Paint Color – If you thought Pantone couldn’t surprise you after choosing Marsala last year, think again. For the first time this year, Pantone has chosen two colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. They explain that rose quartz soothes, while stillness gives rest to the eyes. I’m kind and loving, but someone says I’m eating cotton candy. Fortunately, however, these pastel tones are easy to add to your home.

Pink has long been fashionable in home decor. Whether it’s a hot or soft blush, it keeps popping up on my Pinterest feed. So, the Pantone selection of rose quartz makes it official. And the color of the year, pink bedspread, is now available! Also check out these 11 ways to add rose quartz to your home.

Rose Quartz Paint Color

Rose Quartz Paint Color

Ah, the pink sofa. It has been dancing in our eyes for some time and now it has been given permission to step into the light. Because nothing is as feminine as a quartz velvet sofa. (Via Gosto Disto)

Pink Quartz Master Bedroom Accent Wall

The front door is often overlooked in home styling plans. One coat and you’re done. May I suggest a fix with a nice rose quartz coat? Keep your entire home up to date. (by Pompelli)

Some of you probably live in a house with old pink tiles. Good news: you can stop being rude now! Many other people will also consider installing pink tile in their bathrooms because rose quartz helps. (via Deco Salteado)

Rose quartz lights? come on! There is a beautiful, feminine pink option that will brighten up your dining room, living room or bedroom. Talk about setting the mood for Valentine’s Day. (via Style Me Pretty)

Speaking of the dining room, how cute are these dining chairs? I hope you give your beginner a cup of rose quartz paint. I promise they will look great on any kind of table you have. (via Deco Salteado)

Rust Oleum Modern Masters 32 Fl. Oz. Rose Quartz Metallic Paint

Let’s not forget the kitchen. You may not be too keen on painting all your cabinets pink, but give your cabinet doors a makeover. Much less work on the arms, but no frills. (via Casa Borg)

Let’s talk about clothes. Curtains, throw pillows, and blankets are all easy ways to bring quartz into your home. Then, when you decide to keep quiet, the job will be easy as pie. (via Style Me Pretty)

You may think that bedding belongs in the clothing category, but we are telling you that this is the category for you. We spend a lot of time in bed, so it is important to make it a comfortable place. Rose quartz will make you sleep with dreams of ballerinas and warm baby clothes. (via SF Girl By The Bay)

Rose Quartz Paint Color

We recommend adding pink to your dining table regardless of the season. The pink color is unexpected and will add a hint to your table without taking away from the food on your plate. (via Elizabeth Ann Design)

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection 2 Pack Rose Quartz Water Based Metallic Paint (1 Gallon) In The Craft Paint Department At

Go to your child’s room and think about where you can add some rose quartz. A small reading angle like this is useful, but the pink night light is also useful. (via Room Care)

Obviously, if you’re on the rose quartz bandwagon, you can grab some paint and start painting. There’s something about making the cut easily with the wall. (via Vogue Living)

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