Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram

Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram – My idea is plug like trolling motor. Marinco makes a plug for the Scotty, specifically a drop-down plug, but they only fit 8 wires.

So I called the manufacturer and they recommend a size 6, prefer a 6 but can use at least an 8

Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram

Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram

I went to Sea West and looked at the wires and plugs and found that most plugs fit a 6 instead of an 8.

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Does anyone know what other than the permanent mount and direct wire for the battery and a plug that fits the 6G wire?

Were the rebels Scottish? Does Scotty (or your manufacturer) make an extra plug and cable? If the mfr recommends 6gig but there are no 6gig capable plugs then something is wrong.

The resistor manufacturer says 6 gauge because of the loss of current due to the long wire run

How long do you work? Have you figured out what gauge you need for this run?

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Ready2fish said: I don’t have any device to download so my opinion is just an opinion. Does your brand of power supplies indicate how long your 6 gauge will run due to loss of current due to long lead times? Have you figured out what gauge you need for this run, I would be careful with what amp you use, stick to what the OM recommends Click to expand…

If I have to put the wire somewhere, my runs are no more than 6 feet or 8 feet from the port side.

I don’t have the manual or installation yet because I’m trying to get the hardware for the first install.

Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram

Scotty’s guide in the post above doesn’t mention 6G cable. Read it and see what you think.

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If the shocks can pick up a 25# ball, I think there is current through the wires.

“Use good marine quality salvaged electrical wire to run the wire gauge downpipe. To determine the correct wire size, measure the “wire length” from the positive (+) power supply connection to the downpipe. distance. and return to the (-) negative power supply connection. 25 Use at least 12-gauge wire for lines longer than 10 feet and 10-gauge wire for lines 25 to 40 feet long. Wire smaller than the recommended gauge will not carry enough power. Charge the downrigger by operating it at its rated speed. It will run significantly slower. Always unplug the downrigger when not in use. .”

I don’t know the bold/emphasis part. Good to know, this changes my original “wire numbers” which mentioned 12g and 10g but not 8g or 6g.

Kroppe said: OE, have you seen this: It talks about 12ga shielded submarine cable. Click to expand… Ordered a set and talked to the guy who had them and he said they were dumb

Scotty 12v Motor #24154, Short Leads

When I talked to him, I didn’t mention how many runs or how small my boat was, I wonder if he thought I had a big boat, maybe a long run.

Scotty’s guide was a help to my newfound knowledge of electric runs, my biggest run was no more than 20 feet and I’m pretty generous and tall. I didn’t know how much extra wire I needed since I didn’t have the back deck yet to install the clean wires, so I gave myself a lot of extra wires to guess.

If they need a 6g wire, I found a Marinco plug similar to a trolling motor plug with a 6g adapter.

Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram

Guts @ West Marine recommended a circuit breaker and internal fuse. They think I have a monster boat.

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I called them and left a message asking if I could get the manual in the mail before they arrived. At worst, I get them, get the manual, then drive and install the theme.

All should be ready when they arrive and I begin to set up as these may be the best days of the summer for fishing in this county.

I also saw/read. While researching, but the guy said “50 feet”, so it’s for running 50 feet.

Not clear. Amps are amps and watts regardless of voltage. At lower voltages, more amperes are required to deliver certain power or watts. Watts = Amps x Volts. Your amp circuit will determine the wire size. When selecting measuring instruments the voltage is low. The insulation factor is very delicate, but most wires are insulated up to 600 volts. Some charts may give higher amperes per gauge, but this is safe for marine wiring. Humminbird 710236 1 Xnt 9 28 T Single/dualbeam Transom Mount Transducer

Downriggers are not very important because they only work occasionally and for short periods of time. With things like electric trolling motors with constant current, you want to go as big as possible. If you need to shorten the wire, this will overheat the motor and greatly shorten its service life. I use a 6ga marine for mine.

Since the devices are rated at 60a per 1 millisecond, the graph is equivalent to a 6g wire as stated by the manufacturer. Why there is a 12g wire from the device itself is a different story if the 12g wire is not connected directly to the battery.

I started running the wires and had to remove the back cover to run the port wires.

Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram

Let them run, need to install the sockets tonight, have 4 guys look at the boat with me in two days and find the best choice for sockets. Maybe I’ll try soldering.

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Experience is the key word. I wrestle like a bulldog trying to connect with football.

I measured the garland 2 times, then 4 times more, and then who knows why? Fear!

Holes are drilled, then the edges are smoothed and covered with electrical tape. A rear lock nut was placed over the threads, then the threads were passed through the hole and connected.

Slide the plug into the hole and screw on the lock nut. This is the hard part as they need to be tight to prevent the socket from twisting. Getting the finger on the lock nut with enough pressure to turn was a difficult task. I ended up using a small wrench for the necessary pressure to turn the lock nut.

Scotty 375 Sure Stop Pro F/30

Fill both sides and then put on some cable protectors (you know the stuff on trailer cables to prevent snagging)

Then before putting the site on, I took the other battery, connected the Pos/Neg, then removed the plug cover and installed the plug.

Tested with a small bilge pump I use to drain my driveway in the spring, worked great.

Scotty Downrigger Plug Wiring Diagram

My soldering attempt tonight. I need to install 2 Pos and 2 Neg battery holders and then solder the two connections to the positive cable for the internal fuses.

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Hopefully the boat will be ready to fish by the end of the week, but the riggers won’t ship until next week.

I should have them by the end of the 4th weekend so I’ll be playing in the water a lot that weekend.

I’m like old people having sex and I often say that you can’t see it’s ugly, an accident, and if you see something bad, like a water leak, you don’t ignore it.

After my first two attempts, the bench caught fire, someone took pity on me and the connections were finished and tested.

Cannon 3393200 Cable Power, Battery

I installed them yesterday and everything is fine. Checked in garage, wiring is great, spoilers are great, chase part no longer available.

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