Sea Star Paint Color

Sea Star Paint Color – When it comes to painting, there is a lot of ground (or rather walls) to cover. Choosing a color can be a frustrating task especially when there are so many options to consider, but it is a powerful part of design that should not be overlooked. It can make your space feel light and bright or dark and dramatic, which is why choosing colors with our clients is so much fun. We’ve gathered some of our interior designers to share with you their “proven” color tips that they love to use. Scroll down to see the swatches we love and how they look in real life!

Our favorite color choice is just the beginning. After choosing your shade, you need to think about how it will fit in with the rest of the room. Want a matte wall color with satin trim? Or a floor to ceiling glossy finish? Our biggest advice to you is to try these colors again and again! Unfortunately paint chips are not an exact science, so buy a test kit and paint on a surface of your choice to get a real feel for how the paint reacts to light (or lack of light) in your space. We like to play with different color finishes for a brighter look, and we recommend looking at satin, matte or eggshell finishes as sometimes a subtle finish difference can quickly transform a room. Here’s how our designers combine their favorite colours:

Sea Star Paint Color

Sea Star Paint Color

Now that you’ve seen how to combine our favorite paint colors, let’s see them in real life! Below are some projects that showcase a few shades on our list:

Best Gray Paint Colors By Sherwin Williams — Tag & Tibby Design

An all-time LDa classic! This white is fresh and crisp without being yellow or gray when paired with other ingredients which is very unique. It can be used as a wall, floor, cabinet or all three. Use different finishes from Benjamin Moore to add contrast – matte, glossy and egg; If you like your whites both shake and mix.

As you can see in our Blue Hills living room, the lacy Chantilly walls and ceiling look clean and vibrant even when paired with a bold paint color.

“For me, this is the ultimate neutral couple. It can be warm or cool depending on the decor and complement any space.

“Every home needs a solid foundation that’s not cold, and this gray has warm undertones that go well with the wood accents.

My Favorite 8 Sherwin Williams Dark Blue & Navy Paint Colors

In our Fort Hill project, we used Benjamin Moore’s ‘Grestone’ for a cozy and sophisticated feel in the office, which pairs perfectly with the wall-to-wall bookcases as well as the walnut countertops .

“A decorative old world blue that works equally well in more contemporary spaces, this timeless shade can easily span a range of styles and sensibilities.”

And we have to agree! Interior designer Dean Sauer chose this particular color for a beach laundry room.

Sea Star Paint Color

“We wanted to create a fun but utilitarian space in nature – quiet, light and sunny in nature.”

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand

Sage – A color that is timeless and provides character in any space. It has a striking look but is soft and can be found in traditional and transitional designs. In our Walnut Hill project, we chose to paint the panels in the dining room – adding a little warmth and lightness to the space which also connects to the adjacent sunroom.

We hope you enjoyed some of our color theories and they will help you when you are ready to tackle your next home painting project! I’m starting a new weekly feature on Mondays that I’m calling “Color Palette Monday”. My goal is to share color palette ideas from the most common paint color questions I get from readers. I know it’s hard to find. just the perfect color and my hope is that these palettes will help anyone looking at the myriad of colors available and also give you tips for color coordination (fixtures, ceilings and highlights). .

The best part about this weekly feature is that each color palette I share each week will be a full page printable with a little space for “notes”. The printable palette looks like this:

My printable images are not intended to replace colored cards, but will give you a better sense of color and some contrast. When you see a color you like, don’t rely on my palette, pick a color card to see which color works best for you. Believe it or not, printing a color photo is much closer to displaying true color than a computer monitor (unless your printer is terrible!).

Olympic Gray Goose Interior Satin Paint Sample At

I recommend printing the pallets on plain card stock (without linen/fiber lines) for the best quality, but standard copy paper (8.5 x 11) will work just as well. Below you can see the major differences between the computer monitor image on the left and the printable palette image on the right:

I also number the color palette in the printable and publish it every week, so if you want to print and save, you can come back to the number for the article with examples of the coordinating room. I’ll also only share the colors I know first, and if I can’t find a familiar color, I’ll only share the colors I’ve seen on a physical paint card and compare them to other known colors .

Okay, now that I’ve written a novel about how this new feature works, let’s talk about the color palette for this week!

Sea Star Paint Color

This color combination is great transition colors because they have cool and warm tones and they work in almost any space and with any wood or colored flooring.

Star Of The Sea

I mixed some interesting gray blues with hints of green and you’ll notice that some have more or less hints of green than others:

(The top left color in the palette will always be the recommended floor or ceiling color. The bottom left color will always be the darkest color in the palette and is good for fabric accents or a possible complementary color for painting furniture in their place.Coordinated light of colors black can also be the main wall colour).

Depending on the lighting in your space, this color can be very green or very blue, but either way, the grey/blue/green mix is ​​very nice. I have seen it used especially in bathrooms and bedrooms and it goes really well with white. I have recommended this color several times and so far everyone has been happy with it.

Another beautiful color that I think would be great in a bathroom or bedroom is Silence by Sherry Williams:

Jrl Interiors — Paint Pairings For Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year 2022: October Mist

Outside of Valley Mist you can see a light blue gray with a touch of green and other grays in this color. However, I have seen some places where this color actually turns green, so check this color in your local lights if you are interested:

Benjamin Moore’s Charlotte Slate was popularized by this beautiful BHG color palette that went viral on Pinterest. Of course, the following is the beautiful blue / green / gray color:

I think Charlotte Slate would be beautiful painted on a piece of furniture or a cabinet. We can also see this rich color in a small bathroom with white towels or a study / library.

Sea Star Paint Color

Finally, Halcyon Green by Shirin Williams is another beautiful grey/blue/green that can warm up any space. See how this color brings this dark basement workspace to life:

Dining Room Update Before/after

Again, note that lighting can change the color of paint significantly and what looks safe on the color card can have a crazy color that appears under certain lighting conditions. If you like the color of the paint, definitely get a color card and a sample and see the color in your space with one-to-one lighting. If you’re still unsure, paint a large poster board with the sample color and tape it to the wall and look around day and night to see how the color will look.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me on Monday for the first color palette!! I’m really excited about this new feature and can’t wait to share some beautiful color palette inspiration in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions for the next Color Palette Monday, I’d love for you to share them in the comments section below.

If you want to keep up with the weekly color palettes, you can like our Facebook page here to receive notifications of new posts on your FB timeline. However, I share paint color inspiration on the Facebook page several times a week and we have some really good paint color discussions.

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