Serene Green Paint Color

Serene Green Paint Color – We toured a romantic rustic home with a French country interior whose beautiful green accents got some of us thinking about paint colors. My thoughts immediately turned to a beautiful green used in many outdoor decorations in France: Vert Olivier (Tollens). This green paint adorns the bottles at Vivi et Margot’s farm in western France. Today’s French green paint colors look like Vert Olivier to people far from France.

D├ęcor de Provence – French green and calm French blue-green paint colors and ideas with peanuts, peaches and strawberries.

Serene Green Paint Color

Serene Green Paint Color

Farrow & Ball sample colors are now available to order and ship, so you can order this color chart here.

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El Mueble – French green paint colors and calm French blue-green, as well as peanut, mint and spicy ideas.

Hello Lovely Studio – Calm French green and French blue-green paint colors and ideas with pistachio, mint and spicy.

Hello Lovely Studio… Green exterior and interior photos to inspire decorating ideas and resources for your painting projects.

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Our Favorite Green Exterior House Colors

TOLLENS Vert Olivier – Outdoor and indoor green photos to inspire your decorating ideas and resources for your painting projects.

BEHR Mild Mint – Outdoor and indoor green photos to inspire decorating ideas and resources for your painting projects.

If you’re looking for a less saturated version of Vert Olivier, but with a similar hue, consider Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green.

Serene Green Paint Color

FARROW & BALL GREEN BREAKFAST ROOM NO. 81 – Pictures of green interiors and exteriors to inspire decorating ideas and resources for your painting projects.

Green Paint Shades That Prove It’s A Neutral

Photo: FARROW & BALL Green breakfast room – color ideas for interior walls, design and furniture, and exterior trim.

BEHR Green Meets Blue – Paint ideas for interior walls, design and furniture, and exterior design.

BEHR Mountain Beach – Paint ideas for interior walls, upholstery and furniture, and outdoor decor.

I think it’s really helpful to look at some pictures of surfaces painted in the same color because you can appreciate how natural light affects their appearance. Check out how light and fluffy Vert Olivier looks in these outdoor curtains.

Chic And Serene Green Bedroom Ideas

Photo: Vivi et Margot – Paint ideas for interior walls, design and furniture, and outdoor accents.

Vivi et Margot – interior design inspiration if you’re looking for the perfect mint green paint color!

Photo: Vivi et Margot – Interior design inspiration if you’re looking for the perfect mint green paint color!

Serene Green Paint Color

In an earlier chapter of Life I painted a set of Restoration Hardware sage green cabinets, and in the next chapter I painted my kitchen and dining room green from Mary Engelbreit’s house in St. Louis. Peanuts, beets, corn or olives?

Sage Green Paint Colors

Shop the things you want to buy on Amazon here and find home decor here for decor inspiration.

Amazon Services LLC participates in an affiliate program that offers websites the opportunity to earn fees by linking to and related websites. I have always loved the color green. But not all shades of green. This is especially true for wall colors.

The problem is, when you go to the paint store looking for cool green paint, you understand that the paint has the word “green” in its name, or something green in nature. Say, fern, grass or summer leaves. Or moldy cheese or even lake glass.

But no, it wasn’t always like that. Dozens of paint colors are definitely green, but the color name doesn’t imply that. In fact, sometimes actually green is mistaken for gray, brown, silver, teal, etc.

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And looking, the wall has colors that appear green.

I don’t want to say “down”. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but often the color is there, not the “bottom”. However, it is not easy to see unless it is in very high concentration and against a wall.

A good example of a green is the well-sounding “French Linen,” which hides the green until it’s ready. I once called a woman this when she painted her master bedroom.

Serene Green Paint Color

I looked at the chip and thought it might be faulty. But I went to research, consult and guess what?

Interior Paint Colors We Loved In 2018

Yes. No it was raw, GREEEEEEEEN. But it is definitely green, especially on one wall and corners. Remember what you didn’t already know: Corners magnify colors.

Some rooms, especially dark or north-facing rooms, are all green. I may have told a story about a client 15 years ago. All the samples we took were green. It was also pinkish-green in color. “Okay, let’s make a cream” I said and wanted to pull out the rest of my hair.

It still looked green, but at least it was a nice celery color and looked good in the room when it was done.

Also, if you use an artificial lamp or other warm light, it will bring out the green in the paint colors at night.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For A Restful And Serene Escape

So let’s look at 12 calm shades of green paint that can hardly be called green.

Well, except for the first one. However, this color is the opposite. It says green, but it looks tan on the chip.

(Some of these greens are part of the Laurel Home Essential Paint and Plate Collection. If so, they will have an asterisk* next to them.)

Serene Green Paint Color

This perfect neutral color first came to my attention a few years ago when Bunny Williams raved about it. The upper room is his office, his library is also painted in this way. I would say bronze, green, golden brown.

Pratt & Lambert Interior Paint: For Drywall/masonry/metal/plaster/wood, Serene Green, 5 Gal Size

Bunny says it’s a wonderful backdrop for art and likes to pair it with turquoise and other bright colors. So I added to my paint collection. Although I have never used it, some of you have already expressed how much you love it.

Moonshine is a color that can take many forms, but most commonly appears as green. I love the photo above because the moonshine is different on each wall.

November Rain is another shade of green paint that can be either green or blue depending on the lighting.

This is from my old house. Our little cave faces northwest with a huge mountain blocking even the sunset. I finished mixing the remaining four paints. Haha! However, it is almost synonymous with spring.

The Best Blue Green Paint Colors For Your Home

I have used this color many times. You can skip the fan layer, but it’s a very pretty celery green. It has gray and brown undertones so it doesn’t look blue and sickly.

Cathy Kincaid’s Beautiful Room. I have used Richmond Gray several times. It’s a rich khaki green color that looks amazing with wood tones. But I think these are all colors. If you want to see another post about colors that look good with wooden design, go here.

Above are 40 panels in Richmond Gray from the Laurel Home Essentials Paint and Palette Collection.

Serene Green Paint Color

Don’t forget I cheated. This film was taken by Farrow and Paul as their French Grey. Nice color too. If you are looking for a transfer map from F&B to Benjamin Moore, please go here.

Calming Colors For A Serene Home

At least half of the colors I’ve listed are Benjamin Moore historical colors. There are only 174 of them, and most of them are amazing.

I found Nantucket Gray in someone’s kitchen 20 years ago. I think my son’s friend. It’s a great color and definitely turns out greener than it is on the chip.

It is a classic sage with a good amount of ash. Pale greens can easily be mint, iced and hospital. They need some brown and/or gray to be rich. So, if something looks bad on the chip, it’s cool on the wall. But again, please experiment with your colors!

Interior designer Sally Wheat gained popularity a few years ago when she used this color in her kitchen. Medium dark gray-green in color and in very good cabinetry.

Best Green Paint Colors

I think it’s a 10. This is another amazing one. The kitchen above is from DeVOL, not sure what color it is. But he looks like Copley Grey. That’s important to me. Indeed, most of Benjamin Moore’s historical coloring is like this. And there are many colors

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