Shade Grown Paint Color

Shade Grown Paint Color – I was recently at the TODAY (shameless plug 😉) exhibition, and in my segment I said: “Green is the new gray.” Which basically means wherever I normally use gray in my designs, I use a shade of green instead. And the result is always great! Using green shades as “neutral” in a large application is a refreshing feature for any room – be it a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, front door … the list goes on and on. It’s different from the same old, same old. So today I am sharing my favorite shades of green and I hope this post will inspire you to think “green is the new green” the next time you change your home decor.

The bathroom below might look familiar if you’ve watched the second season of AID! I have destroyed my home. We used the Sherwin-Williams ‘Rosemary’ on Van Scooting and the paint color I used in the above wall finish is ‘Evergreen Fog’.

Shade Grown Paint Color

Shade Grown Paint Color

This reading corner I made for Hidden Potential in the past is for books (understand?)! The color we used here is called “Night Owl”, it is a full gray green color.

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In the same house as the office, we designed this beautiful kitchen with deep green cabinets. This color is so rich – I love it.

If you can’t paint, or maybe you want to try some greenery first on something smaller than a wall or a cupboard, can I suggest some furniture! This is a green leather chair from HELP season 2! I destroyed my house. This room is full of greenery. This is unexpected, but also direct

The color of the cabinet below is on the finished cabinet, so I don’t have a store-bought color for you, but it’s still a great tip as green instead of gray might work. And the result is that the capital city will add a lot more personality!

If you use green instead of green let me know in the comments here! I can use your idea in my home. 😊 I’ve seen so many shades of green in action lately that I thought I deserved my own little post with my favorite photos in action. I recently went through this process myself to renovate my office, and while I haven’t revealed the color yet, I know I have a few options that I like and that I use elsewhere in my home. After searching the internet for moody greens and blues, I narrowed it down to a few colors:

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2) Thunderous is a favorite of Sharon Williams and was reused by Chris Lowes Julia in her recent kitchen remodel. I am obsessed with this power couple, of course! This mint gray one is high on my list and it looks amazing. See for yourself in this amazing kitchen photo!

3) Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams is a deep forest gray with brown tones. Would look great in a small space like the powder room shown below to add some immediate drama.

4) Kalina Flower by Benjamin Moore is a subdued green that immediately soothes the eye.

Shade Grown Paint Color

5) Essex Green is another dramatic green that I couldn’t resist adding to my list. Angela Rose is a perfect example of this in her guest room.

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It was really hard to narrow it down to five shades, but I think this list summarizes my favorite moody greens for this season. If you’re looking to update your walls before fall (yes, those lines!), I highly recommend these five color palettes to add drama and intensity to your home.

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