Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick – Love your red brick house and its timeless look. But when it comes to the color of your siding or trim, you’re ready for a change. Before you bring home a bunch of paint samples, there are a few things you need to consider, like your roof, driveway, mailboxes, and the overall style of your home. Fear not – we’ve got some inspiring ideas and pro tips for adding the perfect pop of color to your brick home.

Gray is a beautiful neutral color that can make your red brick stand out. Choose gray-blue instead of gray which has a tan to complement the red.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Blue can be a great choice to pair with red brick. It is not associated with red on the traditional color wheel, but it works when the two colors are together. When choosing a paint color, try to stick to navy blue rather than royal or blue. A dark blue house with red brick and white decorations is a beautiful combination.

Why We Chose Sherwin Williams White Duck For Our Exterior Paint Color

Green and red go together like holly and berries. There are several shades of green for your edging color that will best complement your brick.

Sage is a gray-green color that looks like, you guessed it, the color of dried sage leaves. Light and dark colors of sage go well with red brick, and again cream colors can be a very nice accent.

A deep blue-green, rather than a light blue-green, will help your brick stand out, as the brick’s warm color contrasts with its cool color. Black shutters and white trim complement this blue-green color with gray roof shingles.

Many tones of beige, from dark gray to light brown, complement the red brick, as both have warm shades. Black shutters can sharpen the look and make your windows pop.

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Black and white, while it can sometimes stand out on a red brick facade, can also give a dramatic look. Black siding can bring a very modern look to your home, while white siding with red brick is a timeless look that dates back to the colonial era of American history.

When considering a siding color to pair with your red brick, there are a few other design elements you should consider before making your choice.

The style of your home plays a big role in what color siding will look best. Do you have a colonial style home? White lining is your best choice. Modern or contemporary? Black will nicely complement your design style. Victorian? Muted colors are your friend. Be sure to research your home’s architectural style before falling in love with mismatched paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

While it may not be a priority, the type and color of your roof will play a big role in which siding color will work best for your home. If you’re going to change the color of your siding, but not reroof, you need to choose a color that will complement not only your brick, but your roof as well.

What Color Deck Goes With A Red Brick House?

Drains come in various materials and colors. Although many people choose white, you can change the color of the drain depending on the material. If you do not want to change the color, you should choose the color of the lining that matches your gutters.

Is your mailbox metal? brick? Is it a small replica of your home? Consider how you will match your mailbox with the new border color, if applicable.

While concrete or asphalt go well with any color, it’s a different story if you have a paved driveway. You must consider that color when choosing a new color.

If your fence is painted, be sure to consider the color (or color change, if applicable) when checking out a new paint color for your home. Many homes feature black metal or wood, but be careful not to overlook these details.

The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors

Retaining walls, such as driveways, should be considered in your overall design plan. It’s a detail that’s easy to forget, but it detracts from the curb appeal. Consider colors that complement your retaining wall as well as your brick when choosing something new for your siding.

Remember, if you’re not in the mood for a DIY project, you can hire a professional outdoor makeup artist near you to make sure the job is done perfectly. Thinking about painting the exterior brickwork of your home? We’ve rounded up our top 8 painted brick homes before and after 2022 to help you decide. Whether it’s your first time painting or changing the color of brick, we hope you’ll find inspiration in these examples of brick homes.

Because these brick exterior before and after photos are actual homes we’ve painted, we have some unique insights. Many of the colors listed in the brick house photos below are loved by exterior design professionals across the country. We also cover how to choose the right front door and trim color for your new brick painting project.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional painter, we’ll give you tips on how to keep your exterior paint job looking great. Let’s play with the first example of a painted brick house before and after painting.

Tips For Choosing Your Exterior House Paint Colors — Decocco Design

The old bricks in this house have deteriorated after the application of lime 5 years ago. In fact, the exterior brick is almost like lime, but slightly discolored with signs of decay. As a result, we use a stone primer and two top coats of quality exterior latex paint.

The color we chose for the brick is Snowbound. In fact, our design experts chose Sherwin Williams’ Snowbound (SW 7004) as their favorite exterior brick color of 2021.

We added this popular white brick color to match the smoke blue shutters (SW 7604) and front door. We used a dusty blue over the black color of the shutters to match the existing copper gutter and downspout. Before and after photos show the results straight from the HGTV transformation.

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Paint Color Ideas For Ornate Victorian Houses

It was difficult to find the right color for this unpainted brick house. We had to find a white color that would go well with the black brick chimney on the front of the house.

In the end we decided to use Iceberg (SW 6798) as our white exterior paint. We used Tricorn Black for our trim color. As a result, the new white side color really stands out among the black trim and green landscape. Undeniably, it’s a postmodern renovation that looks great.

This painted brick before and after is an absolute game changer. The bare, unpainted brick needed a modern upgrade, so we decided to paint it.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

Our owner chose alabaster for the brick color and paired it with tricorn black trim. Both colors are very popular exotic colors carried by Sherwin-Williams.

Exterior Historic Colors From Sherwin Williams

Need interior design inspiration? Before you start your next project, check out our best neutral interior paint colors of the year for ideas and tips.

In order to repaint this exterior, we had to match the brick with the existing blue weatherboard on top of the house. The current brick paint color is gray with a pastel base that clashes with the blue trim. Recently pressure washed, we have left the front brick exposed and some of the back unpainted as it is in excellent condition.

As you can see, painting the brick blue to match the siding makes the house look bigger than it is.

The custom brick color formula is James Hardie Night Gray, which matches the existing composite wall. We combined the new color of the brick walls with crisp white trim and painted the bottom and gutters for added visibility. What’s more, we highlighted the back porch railing and front porch posts to complete the home’s exterior transformation.

Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Everlast Satin Fired Brick Hgsw2071 Latex Exterior Paint + Primer (1 Gallon) In The Exterior Paint Department At

This ranch style home used to have unpainted red brick and looked old. After a good wash, we sealed the windows and exterior elements before gilding the brick walls.

We painted the side brick and shingles on the 2nd floor level the same white. Benjamin Moore’s sea pearl is a beautiful off-white color with a touch of gray. Instead, this uniform coat makes the house look bigger and more modern.

Finally, we painted the shutters, house number and front door in a warm gray color. The dark gray color used is called Raccoon Fur (also a Benjamin Moore color). It therefore pairs very well with warm, creamy brick colors such as Sea Pearl. The result is a simple but modern brick house that will look great for years.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors With Red Brick

This Tudor-style brick home is ready for a fresh coat of paint to bring it back from the Stone Age. The house was to be put up for sale and needed to be refreshed. Instead, we found a white color that went well with the brown Tudor trim and matched the concrete window sills.

Exterior Paint, Picking The Right Shade Of White For Our Home And More. — Rebecca & Genevieve

We chose Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace for the brick cladding, which plays nicely with the red shingles on the roof.

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