Silver Car Paint Colors

Silver Car Paint Colors – Chop Top Silver Metallic – Acrylic Paint Auto Paint – Quart Only Paint Color – Professional High Gloss Car Guitar Repair Top Coat

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Silver Car Paint Colors

Silver Car Paint Colors

AL has a 1:1 mixing ratio of 1 part AL paint and 1 part medium or slow drying thinner.

Silver Paint Codes…

* The required medium and slow drying thinners are available separately or in kits with AL paint colors. Use LT70 Medium Thinner for 70-85¡F or LT85 High Gloss Slow Thinner for 85¡F and above.

AL is an easy-to-use, one-step gloss coating system designed for automotive repair and restoration and is also used for guitar and furniture repair. The result of AL is a long-lasting varnish that can be polished to a very high gloss. For added depth of color and extra show-quality protection, AL CL3245 can be finished with a high-performance varnish (not included, but available separately).

Note: Monitors may vary in how paint color is displayed and may not correspond to actual color. All Restoration Shop paint colors are inspired and named after well-known classic paint names and O.E.M. The paint is not aligned with the manufacturer’s color code.

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Since 1974, the restaurant has been a trusted premium brand and source for innovative premium automotive products!

Save up to 70% on products that meet or exceed the performance of more expensive brands! Our premium coating products are made in the USA and unlike many of our competitors, we design, manufacture and distribute our products throughout the USA. Our premium coating products use only the highest quality materials, allowing our customers to achieve consistent, high quality professional results on all painting projects! With over 288 shades and an auto color library database dedicated to the early 1900s, there’s no other place for your automotive color needs. When I was making #2335, people kept asking, “Hey, what colors did you use?”? I have always taken the question as a compliment. A few people ask me, “Would you mind if I painted my car the same color?” I say, “No, why would you?” I always said if there was going to be another FFR it would be silver I guess I have to apologize for pissing off some owners by asking what color they used for their feathers I’m thinking of painting the FFR silver like the C6. But I think some darker colors would show the lines better.

I see no problem asking about colors. I painted the Nissan chrome silver with anthracite stripes to match the rims.

Silver Car Paint Colors

I have no problem with people asking about polish colors. I visited several large car parks to find my color and when I liked something I asked the salesman to open the door for me so I could get the color code. When I explained why, he was happy to help.

Chrome 0.015 Metal Flake

X2 in m-b iridium silver. IMO it’s the lightest, truest silver (no bronze/gray/blue undertones) and has the deepest metallic as well. Choosing DaBat didn’t hurt either.

To add to JRT’s comment, we decided on silver and then the question was what is silver. I was working at a Lexus dealership at the time. One day I looked in the store and saw 4 silver cars of different makes and years. Everyone was different. Silver looks like white. There are many shades (darker/lighter) and many colors (bronze, blue, green, etc.). This MB color has been mentioned a lot on this forum, so I think it’s a great choice.

I just got back from dinner in Surfside Beach (South Myrtle Beach) with my sister who has a new silver Benz but I’m pretty sure it’s not iridium silver. It looks darker than the MX5. I think I’ll drive the C6 and find a new Mercedes parked somewhere and explore both. I want something black.

On the day of 2335 I looked in the DuPont paint chip book and chose Viper Blue. #3917 RX-7 was a (dark) red metallic. #7787 will have black side pipes and plans for a Breeze SS safety bow.

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Check out the Tesla Silver. close to iridium. You should really see the silver in the sun when the cobra shows its curves

McThcart said: I want something black. My gf said the wheel hub fit. Click to expand… For a darker silver with lots of metallics, check out a 2001 Honda color called Silverstone Mica. Code – NH630M. It also comes close to the color of the bike.

See color even in the dark. Some silver may appear slightly flat and gray at that point. The artist I used said it’s because some people use pearls.

Silver Car Paint Colors

I used a silver 2000 VW Beetle in the first ffr…it had no pearls at all and was the lightest silver we could find.

Car Colors And Their Inherent Impact On Ownership

That’s a bit hard to ask because there are over 2,500 different “silver/gray metallic” color mixes.

Any time you mix a color code for a normal painting, unless you have an anal painter who mixes his batches in tenths of a gram, it will vary slightly.

Dodge Viper Silver….Color Code PA9. The dash was custom colored to match the accent colors on the Coyote. Since then I have modified the engine and given it a different look.

My Coyote powered MKIV has a custom Lamborghini Titanium base or stripe color (PPG 35989) that started with PPG 35989 and removed all of the T409 (one of the two blacks in the formula) to make the base closer to true silver. . The base is a dark silvery metal. I was looking for more subtle lines that integrated with the base but without ghosting. The painting was done by Da Bat…

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Mustang said: “That’s a bit tough to ask because there are over 2,500 different paint mixes for ‘silver/gray metallic’ cars. Every time you mix a paint code for a typical paint job, if you have your own, unless Be it anal. An artist who mixes his range down to a tenth of a gram, it varies slightly. Bill S. Click to expand… Do you want to hit me for losing an auction? I always think, “If I If not offering to help, delete the comment.” There are thousands of shades of every color. Thanks for helping to show this!

Fine. To be honest, I was thinking dark silver until I saw the pictures. Dan Babb VW may be silver. I’m trying to learn silver in traffic but it’s hard. Until today I was thinking about silver Mercedes.

My favorite in the silver range is the Lambo Titanium that Kevin mentioned. The silver lying there has the most depth and “life”.

Silver Car Paint Colors

Jackliner said: My favorite in the silver range is the Lambo Titanium that Kevin mentioned. The silver lying there has the most depth and “life”. Hi Jeff. Click to expand… Jeff, this is exactly the silver shade I had in mind. Now I have to make a decision. Thanks for posting the picture.

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MCathcart said: Are you trying to kill me for losing the auction? I always think, “If I’m not helping, delete the comment.” There are thousands of shades of each color. Thanks for the help pointing this out! fine. To be honest, I was thinking dark silver until I saw the pictures. Dan Babb VW may be silver. I’m trying to learn silver in traffic but it’s hard. Until today I was thinking about silver Mercedes. Thank you! Click to expand… No not at all, not at all sure where you are coming from with this or your comments. These days I prefer a short and sweet answer, less drama, less stress, but if you think I made a bad point in the original post, I’ll expand on it, hopefully you’ll understand later what I did above. Why wrote . .

Where I’m from: As a retired paint shop owner, I’ve had people come up to me with pictures printed off the internet and say “I want that color” :001_rolleyes: What I call “easy” when I sit down with them. Paint Color Book” and started going through different shades and codes with them, some understood, some didn’t. I found 20 binders full of the same shades of a certain color. When I started pulling 1 found it. When I wrote my 2500 + comment, I thought,

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