Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors

Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors – When it comes to trendy yet timeless colors, there’s nothing like blue! This is the best blues ever (and believe me, I’ve seen a lot!). Whether you’re looking for a light or dark shade, this shade of blue is sure to please.

If you want to decorate your house, these are the best blue colors that you can use. From teal to light blue, it’s all beautiful!

Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors

Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors

Did you notice that choosing the color blue is not called difficult? There are many subtle changes and nuances that can change just with the color around it!

Paint Color Trends: Best Of The Best Picks

Don’t let that scare you. There’s a reason blue continues to be a paint color right now! It can make the house shine or make it perfect.

NOTE: If you are painting the room yourself, this tool will be very useful. And this post will give you my best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps.

Blue is called a “cool” color because it is happy and refreshing. It radiates images of foaming ocean waves or the evening sky. Some colors will grab your attention while others fade into the background.

If you choose the blue color for your house, remember to have the house over 2-3 colors. Things like sunlight and furniture can affect how colors appear in your room.

The Best Paint Colors For Your Home

Best blue color? I have a few favorites and I’m happy to share what I think are the best with you. From muted blue grays to dark navy blues, these are colors you can count on.

Blue-grays are the best neutral tones. They disappear into the background and you can be free with wall decorations and furniture. It is multicolored and takes a lot of shade from the things around the room. It’s a smart choice because, like the gray color, it can fit into any room.

This living room from Green With Decor shows how the undertone of See Good Gray can be blue gray in some lighting. If you want a neutral color that is sure to turn heads, try this one.

Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors

Don’t let the name fool you! This paint appears with a beautiful undertone of light blue. I have a paint color in our master bedroom called Palmetto Gray from Porter Paint. The closest thing to that is the Silver Sage.

Beautiful Sage Green Paints

This amazing playroom cabinet is painted in a beautiful teal color to make the cabinets pop. This shade will probably work best if you get at least one natural light, but put it on the wall and see.

If you want something that brings out more personality and brightens up a room, teal is perfect! These sunglasses will take you from the beach to the cool and cool of spring. They are suitable for any room in your home, from the nursery to the dining room.

Wythe Blue is a blue-green color that can fill a room or be used as a paint to draw the eye. I like it so much I used it in the dining room and bathroom in our last house. It’s versatile and beautiful!

This beautiful teal color has been a favorite since I saw this workspace from the Bower Power blog years ago. It’s super calming and somehow makes every place new!

The Best Blue Paint Colors For Your Home

This beautiful shade makes me swoon! Like all colors, how this looks on your wall will vary depending on the amount and type of light you have in your room. This is one I will try on my own wall soon.

I have to say that the dark blue color can add a lot of light. I advise you to use them as accent colors because they are more attractive than anything else in the room.

Still, there are many good things that can be done when decorating a room with navy blue. You can use a nice color for the music or you can be bold and use orange as a secondary color.

Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors

I love how this navy color matches my front door so well. I chose to use muted colors in the entrance and the door draws all the attention.

My House Colors & Keeping Them Organized

I loved the color so much in my last house that I used it again in my living room in my new house. I love it! It works well here because of the large window wall, white built-in walls and large double doors. So, not much wall space and tons of natural light!

This is the color of 2020. As you can see, this blue is so dark that it almost reminds you of the midnight sky. Gold and white are the best colors. Because this shade is so pretty, it’s best left neutral, like on the shelves.

The dark shade is an earthy color that combines perfectly with green leaves and natural wood. It looks darker when there is not much light on it. Of all the dark places on our list, this one has the least amount of light.

At the other end of the spectrum, let’s look at some shades of blue. These are airy and have a lot of white in them. They are perfect both in the bathroom and in the bedroom, where this shade has a very beautiful effect.

My Personal Home Paint Color Palette • Whitney English

As the name suggests, this color is similar to the blue of the ocean (and a hint of grey-green). Some confuse it with Palladian Blue. I compare sea salt to Palladian Blue – there are some differences that affect how you decorate with them.

I love Sea Salt as a blue wall color, so I used it in my kitchen in our old house, as shown below. I plan to use it in my new home too!

The vantage point is much brighter than seal salt. It’s the perfect blue for those who want color on their walls without making things too bright or distracting. Drawing on a sky blue shade, this bedroom looks like a garden of dreams. The flowers are the perfect touch.

Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors

Ice Cap is a light blue color with a touch of gray in it, making it a beautiful blue color for the bedroom. It’s hardly hot and it’s nice to see the shadows of the sky when it snows. If you’re hanging with it, you’ll want to use some warm colors in the fabric and interior. As in the bedroom below, you can see where the shade of earthy brown tones and warm red oak.

Turquoise & Caicos

No matter which shade of blue you choose, I always recommend that you test the color first. You can do this by painting on a large poster and hanging it in different parts of the room. Do this at different times of the day as the angle of the light can change.

Another tip: Make sure the paint colors you buy match your home’s color palette. If you don’t have one, you should make one, stat! Here’s how to create an entire color palette for your home.

I have collected the best tools for painting the room yourself. First, you can check out this post I wrote: Painting a Room in 5 Easy Steps. This tool is the best tool I use when painting my rooms, this is how they are painted 95% of the time! I’m happy with how the colors came out in the room! New cooking will be amazing this year. .

I chose Restoration Hardware Silver Sage for the wall color, and we also chose to add a few more inches to the crown molding by using about 3″ below the existing crown molding and painting it. so that all the colors match. Great decision there .

Point Peter Place, St. Marys, Ga 31558

This color changes with the light. When it shines outside it is a light blue/grey color. If it’s cloudy, it’s a green/gray color. Outside at night it is a cool silver gray color. He’s a chameleon of color, I tell you.

These lines had to be engraved so I could get a clear picture of the whole room!

Since everyone loves a good B&A, I’ll show you how it used to look with the previous owners yellow paint:

Silver Sage Restoration Hardware Paint Colors

And today with a new coat of light blue/grey/green on and what looks like some sort of alien spaceship blowing out the window….

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Paint Color Spotlight

Renovation Remodeling Silver Sage color looks great with cabinets and counters and kitchen counters and carpets and floors! You can’t ask for better than that.

Garrett jumped into one of my photos and I had to show you all his cute face. It made me laugh.

Here is the first one with the previous owners salmon tartarine that I complained about

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