Sinek Find Your Why Worksheet Pdf

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Sinek Find Your Why Worksheet Pdf

Sinek Find Your Why Worksheet Pdf

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Such sharing of data may be considered a new “sale” under California privacy law. Disabling personal ads opts you out of these “sales.” Learn more in our Privacy Policy, Help Center and Policy on Cookies and Similar Technologies. In 2009, author Simon Sinek gave a TED Talk titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” This 18-and-a-half-minute TED Talk urges business leaders to “start with the why.” “Why” is not just a word, but a powerful idea. In this compelling book, Simon Sinek shows why organizations guided by this idea are more successful than those that are not.

The first part of “Start with Why” deals with the assumptions we make and how they affect our actions. Sinek gives examples of situations where looking at the big picture can shape your behavior with long-term consequences. Take the classic example of American automakers rising up against the Japanese. In American factories, assembly line workers use rubber mallets to apply the finishing touches to doors, while in Japan doors are made from scratch to fit perfectly.

Sinek Find Your Why Worksheet Pdf

This is also a metaphor for leadership. There are two types of leaders: those who decide to manipulate to achieve an end result, and those who start with the result in mind and let other things fall into place.

Find Your Why By Simon Sinek

According to Sinek, there are two ways to attract customers: impressive carrots or twirling sticks. Most marketing tactics used by companies today involve manipulation. These are price, promotion, fear, demand, peer pressure, and innovation. Price and promotion are the most common forms of marketing manipulation, but fear, desire, peer pressure, and novelty are more obvious.

Regardless of the type of manipulation, it is important to understand that these are short-term solutions that lead to repeated cycles. Going too far down this path will affect long-term profitability, but there are other paths that will be explained in Chapter 3.

The essence of Simon Sinek’s book “Start with a reason” is the discovery of the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle consists of three parts: why, how and what.

Why: Few people or companies can clearly articulate why they do what they do. It’s not about finances, it’s about results. Why is it about your goals? Why does your business exist? why do you get up early And why would anyone care?

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How: Some people and companies know how to do it. Call them “differentiated value propositions” or “unique selling propositions.”

What: Every company in the world knows what they are doing. This is true no matter how big or small the company or what industry it is in. Anyone can easily identify the products or services their company sells, or their business activities within the company.

When we start with “why,” we go full circle. The “why” is the reason to buy and the “what” represents tangible results that are just proof of that belief. The “what” is the reason to which we can justify why we prefer one company over another.

Sinek Find Your Why Worksheet Pdf

Simon Sinek gives the example of Apple. According to him, technically Apple is not different from its competitors. But Apple is talking about the “why”. Apple’s “why” is to challenge the status quo and empower the individual. And their challenge to the status quo is a recurring theme in everything they say and do, which is why people take Apple for granted.

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The fourth chapter begins by focusing on the human desire to be there. This desire drives us to pursue others who share our “why.” Amazingly, the Golden Circle is in tune with the way our brain works.

Neocortex: The neocortex corresponds to the “What” level. It is responsible for our natural and analytical thinking and language. It allows us to see a lot of facts and figures, but not morally.

Limbic Brain: The two middle parts make up our brain and are responsible for all our emotions such as trust and loyalty. This corresponds to the “why” level. This part of the brain is responsible for all human behavior and decision-making processes.

When companies start with a “why” they believe in, they will tap into our natural desire to incorporate those products as symbols of our values ​​and beliefs. They make us feel special, like we’re part of something bigger, and feel a sense of community with everyone who buys the same product.

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Most companies start with the “what” and “how” because that’s what their customers want. They are looking for high quality, low cost, 24 hour service and many features.

And it all sounds scientific because it’s based on data. But for Simon Sinek, it’s so magical. The part of the brain that controls decision making is not the same as the part of the brain that reports the “why” of that decision. So all those focus groups and surveys are probably useless.

Quote from Henry Ford: “If I asked people what they wanted, they would quickly say horses.”

Sinek Find Your Why Worksheet Pdf

Chapter Five continues with an explanation of the significance of the Golden Circle, but only in the correct order.

Find Your Why By Simon Sinek (deep Book Summary + Visuals)

The highest level of confidence is when we can only point to concrete elements or reasonable circumstances: “I think this is the right decision.”

When we make decisions from the body, that’s the highest level of confidence we can project: the decision feels right, even if all the facts and figures fly.

Being able to put the “why” into words provides an emotional context for decisions. When you know “why”, the highest level of confidence you can project is “I know it’s true”. When you know a decision is right, you not only feel it is right, but you can understand it and articulate it in simple terms.

The purpose of business is not to do business with people who only want what you have. It should focus on people who believe in you.

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Trust begins to grow when we see people and organizations working for reasons beyond self-sufficiency. Aligning the why, how, and what is one way to build that trust.

Manufacturing companies are constantly challenged to differentiate themselves from the competition. Chasing the competition, trying to match them with features only adds to the “what” culture.

Companies that start communicating with the “why” have more flexibility in the market, because customers are influenced by the “why” of what you do. Let’s take the example of Apple and Dell. Apple makes computers. Apple also manufactures the iPad and iPhone.

Sinek Find Your Why Worksheet Pdf

A deal, on the other hand, is defined by the “What”. Dell makes computers, so consumers are wary of buying anything else from them, like tablets or smartphones. They tried to expand into different areas, but soon retreated from the “focus”.

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