Smoke Blue Paint Color

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This is the first room that I have ever been big with color. Thissteppedoutsus suggested that my stage should be gray (and more gray) and heavy, deep, sad, and vibrant blues. So far, I really am;

Smoke Blue Paint Color

Smoke Blue Paint Color

Remember how my mom and I did our kitchen sinks using Olympic Prime Paint + Primer? On the same trip to the hardware store, I picked up another bottle.

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I have not chosen the real picture to change the time in the room, I decided to take the game and find out that the correct description is correct as a requirement; if you can remove this wall from this;

Which I hope will be comfortable even next to the blue wall. But I wonder if I can get the protection I need in one bottle, or if I try to spend a few days in different areas (always a concern when you make a big color change like this).

After waiting for the proper drying time of all the work and priming, they are sealed and the wall is ready. I gave it my first coat and had two initial thoughts;

1. This is definitely the color I want (and I’m a little disappointed; I didn’t use the first coat of real paint on the wall, I just took the bottle and went with it).

Ppg 1 Gal. Ppg1156 5 Smoke Blue Satin Interior/exterior Floor And Porch Paint Ppg1156 5fp 1sa

2. The first blanket really looked… different. But the paint went well and painted, and I noticed again, like the last painting experience in Mom and Dad, very thin (and I gave the color, I noticed).

However, this is not my first painting project. A second outfit can make a big difference. And the boy did this;

The paint color, called Smoke Blue (Olympic), was inspired by the curtains I got for my living room (um, like last year). You can see all the plans here, which will finally be done, although the last wall on the right needs to be finished to put everything in place (now it still presents more problems with drywall repairs than others; but only one thing in this case is the implementation solution.

Smoke Blue Paint Color

The color is the same all day (even in this picture). The room gets light from one window on the right, so the brighter the room, the more attractive it looks. But the window also faces the back, which receives filtered light most of the day, so it needs more flexibility. The shadows around this room are also very good, so the image below looks like the right wall is exposed to light (even though it isn’t).

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It’s hard to remember how much effort this site takes. It was in the same way that I went to the corner, when the old rusty clothes were falling;

Now, it looks very urban. I might add some, like a new roof, new lights, and some art (I’m still thinking about DIY). But nothing beats a beautiful painting like this!

In the coming months, I’ll be putting together a recap to show you how the drone era ended (or like the Olympics, #uptothetium). Some other bloggers have also tested the paint, if you want to see more, head over to Home Making Home, DIY Village, and DIO Home Improvements for more before + afters.

Open: Big thanks to Olympic Paint for sponsoring this post, providing the tools to get the room done, and giving me the energy to get this room done (seriously). Although this is made possible in partnership with Olympic and Well Guard, all opinions expressed here are, as always, 100% my own.

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Hello! I’m Sarah. Favorite things: 1) tearing my house apart and 2) putting it back together. Sometimes I talk about other things, like life and food and travel, but mostly I focus on DIY and the tools you find here!

Do you have DIY problems? Instagram me @uglyducklingDIY or use the hashtag # to share your project! And it’s blue! You don’t hear blue, but I hear blue. Except Sherwin-Williams just announced the Color of the Year 2020: Navy, a dark blue.

This month’s color is Smoky Blue, a dark blue with a light blue to make it less bright. Don’t look for the perfect accent wall color or deep color for your special space.

Smoke Blue Paint Color

Even though we’re done with the Color Wheel, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop using colored lights! There are many other colors that I did not write about in the light. We hope to highlight at least one Sherwin-Williams color each month. So reach out and let me know what color you’d like to see next! For now, keep reading this post for the Smoky Blue review!

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Peel and Stick Paint Sample Find Out Today If Smoky Blue SW 7604 Is For You! [Product ID=”37992, 36259, 36467, 37961″ class=”psblogpost”]

If you want to see previous posts on the Color Wheel and Color Choices and reviews you can go here. But also be sure to check out the entire Color Wheel and hand-pick color schemes from all Sherwin-Williams color decl! There are over 1700 colors and each color has 4 designs that you can find and use in your space.

Smoky Blue is one of those colors that wasn’t even on my radar until it happened one day. I was looking for a word wall for a client and this was the perfect shade of blue to coordinate with the project. Then I realized how big this “smoke” was in the middle of the blue.

One of the reasons it’s not on the “Top Blues” list is its location. Smoky Blue is a group painted with the best 4 colors (connected from light to dark), but the last 3 colors are only 3 shades of dark blue.

Glidden Hep Interior Paint And Primer, Smoke Grey / Gray, 1 Gallon, Semi Gloss

Although Smoky Blue hides the colorful notes of the SW color, it quickly becomes one of the blue-gray tops. I put it for blue-grey, because it has a gray tone, not a bright blue color. Smoky Blue has a low LRV (15), which the colorist said “is a dark color that does not reflect much light.” Although I usually save this dark color for certain areas, the dark color is “in” and “reduced,” so I pay attention to the air this time!

For your convenience, here is my hand picked color scheme for Smoky Blue SW 7604. Be sure to visit the Smoky Blue color scheme page and leave any questions or comments!

Now that you have a Smoky Blue base and you’ve seen my color scheme, consider some inspiration from my Pinterest board. Take a look below and let me know your favorite. If you have your own photos, send them to me and I’ll post them!

Smoke Blue Paint Color

As I said, I would be ashamed to use dark colors throughout the room. But dark means dark and I’m here for you! I have a few different places where I have seen Smoky Blue used and I like to participate.

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One of the reasons Smoky Blue works so well in this small dining room is the wide sliding doors that allow more natural light to shine through. Also, other than the simple white house, let the blue star be released. it adds a lot of contrast to the scene. Light and warm wooden floors, along with mid-century modern furniture, cool smoky blue walls to a “T.”

Carpets and neutral wall rugs also help to accentuate the art and contrast with the dark colors on the walls. I like to hang plants in the corner that play with the texture of the whole room. Blues and greens remind me of the great outdoors!

Also, Smoky Blue is on all the walls in this unique place. I love that you can add some interesting colors to the bathroom to make washing more fun, don’t you? It’s the window that helps Smoky Blue not feel too dark in this small space, and I love that it gives a nice accent to the accent wall!

Red is the perfect compliment to a Smoky Blue outfit. It’s actually red and blue

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