Somebody Wanted But So Then Worksheet

Somebody Wanted But So Then Worksheet – A strong and concise synopsis must contain the key elements of the story. The framework supports students in writing organized and comprehensive narrative summaries.

) using our downloadable pocket cards. Then use the text you read earlier to discover another example. Use this introductory lesson to complete the SWBST framework as a whole class with student support.

Somebody Wanted But So Then Worksheet

Somebody Wanted But So Then Worksheet

Review the entire lesson over the next few days using a variety of previously read texts, such as literature, historical accounts, and informational texts (Note: This framework is effective with any informational text structured as a problem/solution.)

Summarizing Fiction… Somebody Wanted But So Then

Guide students to experiment with skills in small teacher-led groups. Using structured texts, students read key supporting information and an oral summary. Give each student one of the SWBST pocket cards and summarize together.

While the students orally summarize the excerpts, the teacher prints the text on a larger graphic organizer. .

Practice skills in an independent literacy station. After students have demonstrated understanding in whole-class and small-group lessons, it’s time to continue working within the literacy stations. For example: The past few weeks we’ve been up to our ears (and we love it!) with traditional literature, and this week we’re working on summarizing and writing summaries of literary texts. I like my anchor chart:

I think my favorite is the triangle. I love how my students can see the theme, main idea, conclusion, and change in sentence length when retelling a story.

How To Teach Summarizing Using Swbst

I’m sure most of you have seen the “else, should, but, then, then” decision organizer. I’ve also included an “ending” that I can’t claim is an original idea. I believe I saw it on Pinterest last year. My reason for including “finishing” is that it allows you to add finishing touches to finish everything off. I took the picture above before I made the anchor chart. I put quotes around the word “end” to show that it’s an option, but you don’t always need it.

Example: We used a conclusion with stone soup and country house mice. We need an “end” to Stone Soup, but not to City Rat Country Rat.

My favorite is the bottom line for the summary. On the first day, we read Stone Soup filled with “someone, should, but, well, then, (finally)” and wrote our summary “orally”. The next day I read the city mouse, the country mouse to the kittens, and they filled the upper part with their company. I wanted to ask them to write a summary with their partner, but they kept saying, “Wow????” He said. You see, we wrote it together, and the cats copied it. At first I was a little disappointed that my students couldn’t take the information in the graphic organizer and write a 2-3 sentence summary, but then I realized that we had never done this before, so I should just leave them alone! I like that we write it together so my students can see what a quality summary looks like. (Sorry, I didn’t take a picture, I was so brainwashed this Friday!)

Somebody Wanted But So Then Worksheet

My plan for next week is to do what I did today (I read aloud, students fill in someone, should, but, then, then, (finally), we write a summary together). Then on Tuesday I read again, and the cats fill the whole page with their friends. I ordered the Snow Queen book from the public library (the inspiration for the classic Snow Queen movie!) and hope to have it by Tuesday! I then use this graphic organizer as homework for my guided reading groups. Read the article about Christopher Columbus. Then check out these Christopher Columbus activities you can do on Columbus Day.

Summarizing Using The Somebody Wanted But So Then Strategy

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. He lived in the Mediterranean Sea and wanted to be a sailor. At the age of 14, he started sailing on Italian ships, and when Columbus was 25 years old, he sailed on a ship to England. His ship was attacked by a group of French pirates. Columbus was wounded, but he grabbed the wood and headed for land.

Columbus opened a shop to sell maps and books to sailors. There he became a cartographer and started reading. He read Marco Polo’s book. Columbus was intrigued by Polo’s book. After reading this book, Columbus was convinced that he would reach India by traveling west. He wanted to go to India to buy gems and spices.

Columbus is from the Portuguese king Ivan II. requested three ships to test his idea of ​​sailing west to reach the east. The king refused to give him the vessel. Columbus wanted to visit other kings of France and England. They didn’t give him boats. Finally, Columbus went to King and Queen Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. He asked them for money and traveled west to reach the east. Queen Isabella initially refused Columbus. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella later gave Columbus three ships, a crew of about eighty men and some money. Those three ships were Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

On August 2, 1492, the journey began. The journey was not easy. Columbus’s crew was afraid of the unknown sea. They believed that there were demons in the water. Some believed that the world was flat and that ships would drift too far from shore and fall off the edge of the earth. On September 1, 1492, Columbus’ ships passed by an active volcano on the island of Tenerife. They also said they saw a ball of fire falling from the sky into the sea. Men considered them bad signs.

Summarizing Literary Texts (with A Freebie!)

On October 12, after 71 days at sea, land was sighted. Columbus and his men landed and planted the flag in the sand. They claimed the island that they named San Salvador after Spain. Columbus called the natives Indians because he believed he was in India. Columbus landed on an island in present-day southeast Florida.

In March 1493, Columbus set sail and returned to Spain with a few Indians. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella called him Admiral of the Ocean.

Columbus sailed to America three more times in 1493, 1498 and 1502. He called San Salvador and then Cuba Juana, but he did not become very rich in his travels. He died on May 20, 1506 in Spain, a fairly rich man.

Somebody Wanted But So Then Worksheet

Have students summarize the story of Christopher Columbus essay, “some wanted / because there were none. Free printables are available to help with this event. Invite students to write more than one statement.

Teaching Summarizing So Students Actually Understand

Depending on the time, have students write a poem or give them a printed poem. Then have students describe the poem.

One thousand four hundred and ninety-two he brought three ships with him and called his faithful crew. He was strong, powerful and brave when he crossed the sea. Some people still think the world is flat! Can you imagine that?

Use this simple question board about Christopher Columbus. Have the students draw cards and answer the question correctly before moving on to the game board.

Make a telescope. You will need a roll of paper towel, masking tape, construction paper and paint. Lightly crumple one end of the paper towel and gently fold it over the other end to adhere. We covered the top towel with construction paper and painted it. Magnifier at the end of the telescope for a more realistic touch.

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