Starless Night Paint Color

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The perfect blue color for your bedroom (or your next project) isn’t impossible. If you’re like me, you can stand in front of color divisions for hours trying to figure out which is which.”

Starless Night Paint Color

Starless Night Paint Color

Today on the blog I want to share all the ways I’ve used blue with my favorite colors over the years. Revisiting these places makes me feel the best. I miss you!

My Dining Room Paint Is Starry Night By Behr And The

The color blue has always held a place in my heart. In every home we’ve lived in, I’ve felt called to incorporate blue walls. Even though we’ve moved across the country, it brings a sense of familiarity.

Before we get into it, if you’re going to paint, I wrote a whole post about my best painting tips and tools to help you get it done faster. I’ll leave it here if you need it.

Navy Blue had a moment about 10 years ago. It was everywhere. The wardrobe, the children’s room, the sofa, and I was deep.

As my style has evolved and matured, so has my love for the color blue in interior design. Instead of drawing it anywhere and everywhere, I learned to use it intentionally to create an experience. If you pay attention, you will see blue in all kinds of design styles. Depending on the shade, it can act as a neutral or bold color.

Paint Colour Inspiration

Blue is everywhere: the sky, the ocean, it doesn’t pass into the world around us or the world of design. I’m glad it’s sitting.

First – #HouseNo13 Breakfast corner! It was my last home in Mesa, Arizona. We had a wonderfully dark and moody breakfast using Behr Starless Night. It’s an overall stunning navy blue that I think reads like a true navy blue. Ceiling painting brings the space inside and gives it a dramatic feel.

We also used Behr Starless Knight in our Monarch Manor kitchen remodel. This was the first round of renovations that we did in just 3 days. Before and after photos can be found here. It’s a starless night in Behr with natural light streaming in.

Starless Night Paint Color

Blue can make a stunning exterior paint color. This Benjamin Moore blue with white trim was a perfect match. I like that it wasn’t too bright or navy. This color brought out all the green around us (remember, I’m from the desert) without being too loud.

Master Bedroom Reveal ยป This Little Miggy

Behr Compass Blue is another true marine color that I love. It is slightly brighter than Starry Night. You can see it here in my sons space themed room and also in the Monarch Revival pool room we are working on.

I was looking for a masculine blue/grey feel, which is exactly what I found in Behr Submarine Grey. It’s not too blue, not too gray, and provides the perfect contrast to the deep wood tones and gold accents in this space.

This is my husband’s bathroom in our current home, The Monarch Revival. You can see a full room tour with all the resources here.

A lighter, more feminine blue/grey can be found in Behr French Colony. I loved this color in my previous master bedroom. It pairs beautifully with many other color schemes to create a great accent wall. It’s very colorful without color, you know?

Behr Starless Night (ppu14 20) Vs Sherwin Williams Dark Night (sw 6237) Side By Side Comparison

The music room at The Monarch Revival is this shade of blue. It has my heart. It’s one of the first places you see when you walk in and it still takes my breath away. Here’s proof that light blue can only be used in a child’s room. Although it would be an unusual blue color for a bedroom or nursery.

Like you, I am always inspired by my favorite designers and accounts. These are some of the blue rooms that stopped me.

I hope this helped you get one step closer to finding the perfect blue color for your bedroom.

Starless Night Paint Color

When you paint an entire room in one color, it makes quite a statement. It separates this area from the rest of the house and gives it its own color scheme and atmosphere. Painting is truly transformative as I have demonstrated today.

Behr Starless Night Dining Room Decor Home Decor Blue

What is your favorite blue color? Is there blue in your home? Tell me in the comments!

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