Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page

Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page – We are excited about our Stations of the Cross Coloring posters and hope this post contains some useful information as you begin planning for Lent.

Downloadable PDF: Don’t have time to read this blog post right now, but want to print it? Want a PDF document to take to your next staff or committee meeting to share about these stations of the cross posters? Click here to download an information guide on the Stations of the Cross Coloring Posters.

Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page

Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page

If you are not familiar with the position of the cross or want to know more, you can find details about its history here on Wikipedia. One of the earliest versions of the Station of the Cross can be dated to about 1217. St. Francis started the Preservation of the Holy Land, a group that defends and promotes devotion to certain holy places. But around 1200-1500 it was discovered that travelers to the Holy Land followed a certain holy path to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

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The Stations of the Cross allow us to follow Christ in his last days, pause to reflect and reflect on the way.

The Stations of the Cross have a rich visual history, and the stations have been painted, sketched, illustrated and drawn in beautiful and creative ways. However, if you do a Google image search

, you will see works of art that look very similar. No child-friendly descriptions of the stations that we could find. Also, since many of the versions we find online use the traditional format of the Stations of the Cross, many coloring sheets are very similar. Traditionally, you erase Jesus three times, Jesus meets his mother, the women of Jerusalem, and Veronica erases the face of Jesus, all of which visually create an almost identical image.

We thought we could create something more creative and meaningful for both children and adults, so we are excited to launch Stations of the Cross Coloring Posters for Lent 2017.

Stations Of The Cross

In addition to the coloring posters, we have also created 8.5×11 illustration coloring sheets and a devotional guide – links below:

The illustrated service community comes from more than 45 different denominations, some of which may not be familiar with the position of the cross. We are most interested in the sacred form of the Stations of the Cross, which was introduced by Pope John Paul II as the biblical Stations of the Cross on Good Friday 1991. The Stations are listed below with their associated scriptural references : :

While the traditional position form describes some stories that are derived ​​​​​​from the tradition regarding the Bible, the classical position form presents a version of this devotion that is more closely related to the biblical narratives.

Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page

Our stations of the cross posters are available in poster format as well as 8.5×11 color pages (and can be purchased separately). For each of the fourteen stations, we chose a word that illuminates what happens in the station, and we used that word to focus on the pictures and questions. In addition to our posters, our Stations of the Cross devotional guide provides you with a quality resource to help you put together a creative and meaningful intergenerational program for Lent.

Where Jesus Meets His Mother

Knowing that 14 posters would be too much color during Lent, we decided to put two stations on each poster, and they look like an open Bible to remind people that these events and stations are from the accounts of the Gospel of Jesus. last days

Poster Details: We have seven 3′ x 2′ posters showing the fourteen stations of the cross based on the classic station form, and then we have eight 3′ x 2′ posters for the 15th station, Resurrection. , which can be incorporated into Holy Week or Easter Sunday.

Below you can see the poster designs included in this poster set (click on the image to view a larger version of the poster design):

We love to see how churches, schools and other communities choose to use our colorful posters. Below are some ideas on how to incorporate our cross dye posters into events or communities:

St. Helen Of The Cross

We have found that some of the most creative ideas for using our products come from the churches and communities that use our materials. So what are your thoughts?

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Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page

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Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page

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I wanted to print all these seasons and of course I waited until the last week of Lent. These are awesome! I’m so glad I finally bought it. We went with our 3 year old 4 times after we put it on. It’s easy to print and the seller is great!

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We can do moral stations crossed during the Covid closure. Thanks for making this possible!

This download is our great RE program for Cross family stations!! We printed two versions 24×36 and smaller.

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Stations Of The Cross Coloring Page

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Jesus On The Cross Coloring Page

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