Step 6 Aa Character Defects Worksheet

Step 6 Aa Character Defects Worksheet – Devora recently commented on a post about selflessness. It raises big questions about selfishness and other weaknesses in our character.

“The big book talks about 100 kinds of fear.” Deborah said. What about selfishness? Why aren’t there more stories?”

Step 6 Aa Character Defects Worksheet

Step 6 Aa Character Defects Worksheet

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While the program states a fearless morality, morality is neither selfish nor selfless, neither right nor wrong.

Renewal means selflessness and focus on God. In the 12-step recovery model; All our personality flaws come from ourselves and our selfishness.

The ego is referred to as the capital “I” or “I”. Chuck C. brilliantly defines ego as “separation from God and from each other, and ultimately from ourselves.” (1984),

It is our ego that separates us from God and others. Quoting Chuck C, “The only barrier between me and you, me and my God, is the human ego” (1984);

Love, Relationships, And Step 6

So, we categorize fear into ‘100 styles’, but fear itself is a unique emotion and just a character flaw. Remember the rest of the sentence Devora refers to. Hundreds of fears, self-deception; selfishness Driven by self-pity. “

For me, it means that there are 100 patterns of all the flaws of our personality. Fear as well as self-deception (dishonesty); There is also selfishness (selfishness) and self-pity (anger). It’s all “selfishness, self-centeredness; “The root of our problems.”

So, at the root of our fear is the delusion that we are “totally unique” and separate from God and others because of every mask and flaw of our mask. In fact, we are all connected. We are all created in God’s image. Every person and everything in this world has a small part of God.

Step 6 Aa Character Defects Worksheet

The first condition is that you realize that a life you manage yourself is rarely successful. On this basis, we almost always clash with something or someone, even if our intentions are good. Most people try to live independently. Each person is like an actor who wants to lead the whole episode. light ballet I always try to set the scenography and the other actors in my own way.

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As long as his preparations are the same and people do what he wants, the show will be great. Everyone will be happy, including you. Life is going to be amazing. Our actors are sometimes very virtuous when it comes to such a plan. kind, Compassionate Knows how to be patient and generous. He was humble and selfless. On the other hand, He is mean, selfish, selfish, He may be dishonest. However, like most people, they are more likely to have different personalities.

What is happening? Bad transmission. He began to feel that life was not treating him fairly. He decided to try a little harder. In some cases, he becomes even pickier or kinder the next time. However, his game is not good. He admits to some of his mistakes, but believes that he blames others more. He is angry, a feeling of resentment and self-pity. What is his fundamental problem? Isn’t he really being selfish when he’s trying to be kind? Isn’t it a delusion that if properly managed, it can take away your pleasure and happiness in this world? Was it not clear to the other players that this was what he wanted? Doesn’t his behavior make each one of them retaliate by taking whatever he can from the gallery? Wasn’t he a creator of confusion, not harmony, even at the best of times?

Our actors are self-centered; Self-centered people are what people like today. He looks like a retired businessman in the Florida winter sun lamenting the sad state of the country. Preachers lament the sins of the twentieth century; Politicians and reformers who believe that everyone will have utopia if the rest of the world behaves. Lawless scofflaws who believe society has wronged them. And an alcoholic who has lost everything and is trapped. However they protest, are these people mostly angry at themselves or self-pitying?

Selfishness – Egocentricity I think this is the root of our problem. Hundreds of fears, self-delusion selfishness Driven by self-pity, we trampled our people and retaliated. Sometimes we think they hurt us without anger, but at some point in the past we always found ourselves in a position where we made a decision based on ourselves and later put ourselves in a position to hurt ourselves.

Understanding Aa’s Step 6

We are selfish; selfish, Whenever insincere or scared, Because we try to control the situation and others. We are playing God. In the theater of life, we become directors, not actors.

Then the Big Book of AA says this. So I think our problem is basically our problem. They come from within ourselves, and alcoholics usually don’t think so, but they are the worst examples of self-willed chaos. Above all, we must get rid of that selfishness. If not, they must kill us. God made it possible. There is no way to completely remove it without it. You may be rich in moral and philosophical beliefs, but you cannot live them even if you wanted to. Self-centeredness cannot be greatly reduced by striving for personal power. I need God’s help.

How is that? First of all, stop playing God with yourself. Does not go. Then, Decide that God will move forward with your supervision in this life drama. He’s in charge. You must be his agent. He is the Father, you are his offspring. Modify a simple relationship. Most good advice is simple, and this concept is the cornerstone of a new, winning door on your way to freedom.

Step 6 Aa Character Defects Worksheet

The Big Book of Fear says, “This little word affects every aspect of our lives. Fear is an evil thread. It pierced the fabric of our existence. This triggers many situations that bring us dissatisfaction that we feel we do not deserve. But aren’t we getting the ball rolling? Sometimes we think that fear, like stealing, should be classified as a sin. The problems seem to be getting bigger, he said.

Selfishness And Character Defects

Why are you afraid of thieves? Because it destroys our peace of mind. Why is fear a sin? Because it breaks your connection with God.

AA Big Book asks why are you afraid? I failed because I relied on myself, right?

If we are focused on God and not on ourselves. We believe in an infinite God rather than an infinite self. remember We are in this world to do what He gave us to do. To the extent that she humbly relies on him to let him do what he wants. It allows us to unite misfortunes in peace.

We ask Him to remove our fears and focus on what He can have in us. immediately We begin to conquer our fear.

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So fear is rooted in our ego. It is based on a selfish desire to achieve the desired future results. Every fear has a root cause. Confidence sets us up for failure. If we believe in God, We will perform the role that God has given us, not our duty. The answer is to rely on it.

But all our personality flaws are rooted in ourselves. As addicts, we want what we want. They come from a place of grandiose self-absorption. The purpose of life with a spiritual solution is to “leave God and forsake God”. God can provide for us what we cannot do on our own. You can publish your book online for free in minutes. Create your own flipbook.

Description: January 1; 4th Grade Worksheet 2006 This 4th grade worksheet uses phrases from pages 63-71 of Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book). Text quoted in italics:

Step 6 Aa Character Defects Worksheet

Level 4 Worksheet This Level 4 worksheet uses expressions from pages 63-71 of the Big Book. Text in italics is quoted from the Big Book. When the word “optional” is used in the worksheet; This is suggested by the Big Book, but means that nothing is recorded. However, many people who have used this worksheet have found it useful to record their mistakes and some of the mistakes. Please note that this document is intended to be helpful but not exhaustive. You can get the latest information.

Confronting Character Defects In Addiction Recovery

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