Subway Tile Paint Color

Subway Tile Paint Color – What color paint goes well with black and white tiles? We’ve seen black and white tiles re-emerge in design shows and interior design stores. And while black and white go well with many different colors, the color you choose will affect the mood of your room. Let’s see what color we find that matches the black and white tile.

We look at examples of each color range. We also talk about how to choose a tile paint, the best joints for black and white tiles, if there is a color that does not go with black, and if black and white tiles are still in fashion. So please read on for more information and inspiration.

Subway Tile Paint Color

Subway Tile Paint Color

While black and white certainly go with any color, some may look better than others. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here for design ideas. Let’s see.

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For an authentic and clean look, we recommend choosing a bright, fresh white to match your black and white tiles. This paint color allows the tile to take center stage and prevents your eyes from being too busy deciding where to sit. You can take one of your tiles with you to the paint shop to make sure they match the whites, as whites can vary greatly.

Yellow is bold and bright, so it makes sense that it looks good with bold black and white tiles. This small black and white tiled bathroom with a black and white clawfoot tub is decorated with white tiles and sunflower yellow paint. What a fun place to relax for a long time in the tub.

This black and white checkered square mosaic is a classic. But instead of the classic white paint color, they chose a beautiful green on top of the white layer. When you choose this color, you can accessorize with colored towels, bathroom rugs and toiletries.

A towel like this would look great hanging from the rods in this bathroom. Click here to find these towels on Amazon.

Green Subway Tiles Bathroom

For a space with more drama, consider painting the walls a dark or deep charcoal. This room is gorgeous with a black and white tiled floor and a monochromatic wall painting with rich charcoal paint. A light rug and a modern pink armchair lift the mood and make this a space that will make you say “wow”.

This little pink chair and ottoman would look great on a black and white tile floor with charcoal painted walls as a backdrop. Click here to find this series on Amazon.

Here’s another beautiful bright color for painting black and white tiles. In this bathroom, a light and airy sky is painted above the tile. Like our green option, choosing this color allows it to be an accent color for many other items in the bathroom.

Subway Tile Paint Color

What do you get when you mix black and white paint? You will be gray! Therefore, gray paint is perfectly combined with black and white tiles. Here, the soft light gray looks good with the black checkerboard and the white tile floor. A deep red ottoman is a very fun accent with this color combination.

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Here is a beautiful red ottoman with built-in storage. It shines when placed on a black and white tile. Click here to find this on Amazon.

Greige is neutral for all these days. It is a happy mix of gray and beige and works in both cool and warm tones. In this small bathroom, it adds warmth but doesn’t detract from the thick black and white tile floor.

Matching tile paint colors is not the same as matching paint colors with anything else. The best thing is that if you have an extra tile, bring it with you to the paint store. You can then place different color swatches around it to get a feel for what it will look like.

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Your next consideration is the paint color family. What is your design attitude? Do you like neutrality? Then you want to take patterns from the same general family as your tile color. Choose light or monochrome. If you want drama while being neutral, go for black. The same applies to white or black tiles.

If you want something fun and bright, choose a color. Explore the color design options and see which one matches your favorite tile. If you’re not sure, buy a paint sample and paint a large poster board and tap the wall to see if the color will work.

The next consideration is the color of the tile. Maybe you moved into a house with a color you don’t like, but the only thing you can change is the paint. You have some beautiful brown tiles – how can you freshen things up? Find out what color you like and compare the color swatches to the tile colors. You can paint your tiles if you want. See our post here: Can bathroom tiles be painted? [so]

Subway Tile Paint Color

Grout is often an overlooked part of a good tile job. The color you choose can definitely affect the final product. With black and white tiles, you have options. The white grout disappears next to the white, but it makes the black really pop. The opposite is true for black mortar. White grout gives white lines, black grout gives black lines. But anyway, half of it is satisfied.

Best Bathroom Paint Colors 2022

If you want color in the grout, the safest bet is gray. But remember that it will change your quality from two to three colors. While you can choose a current color to liven up your bathroom, make sure this is your style before you do. The slider can be removed and replaced, but it’s kind of a pain.

Although most colors go well with black, you should think twice before choosing another really dark color. Dark brown and dark gray certainly do not go together, but you end up with a room that is heavy and overwhelming and maybe depressing. Burgundy is another that comes to mind, which could be great.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of black and white tiles. These bold geometries are popular for use as backsplashes or flooring in bathrooms. Eventually, the trend will die and people will move on to other options, but for now, you can be sure to choose something like this:

A large square black and white floor. The former is perhaps more evergreen than the latter, but both have certainly stood the test of time.

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These examples certainly make us think of the beauty of black and white tiles as a design expression. There are many ways to change the atmosphere of a room with the paint color we choose. Hopefully one of these was the spark you needed to make your design plans come true. The subway tile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we’re here for it. We asked and shared this information with our customers when they shared inspiration for their upcoming renovations. While we have many examples of traditional 3 x 6 tiles, we spent much of 2019 installing variations of this style.

But first, let’s look at two similar but very different 3×6 drives. Do you see the difference between the two projects?

The color of the mortar is different. The #josphineplace master bath above has white grout and the kitchen below #tangletown has black grout. While we won’t dive deep into grout in this post, just know that there are different grout options and they can dramatically change the look of your subway tile.

Subway Tile Paint Color

It is best if you get this tile in a format, usually 12×12, for easy installation. However, any long subway tile can be cut into a herringbone pattern, just remember to account for the extra waste. For this installation, we used Jeffrey’s Court’s favorite stone tile, Chapter 18 Chevron Mosaic size 2×10.

Transitional Style & How To Incorporate Tile

So the biggest trend we see in our projects and frankly … everywhere. We understand why, it lends itself to the authentic look of the artist. A traditional flame with a handmade appeal and a modern feel make this an easy choice that our customers won’t say. We present one tile with three different projects, Watson Ave, Josephine Place and Silver View Drive.

Here’s a subway tile enlarged to 3 x 16, placed in the 1/3 direction. We like this app with high tiles for a more interesting app.

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