Synecdoche Vs Metonymy Worksheet Pdf

Synecdoche Vs Metonymy Worksheet Pdf – Metonymy and synecdoche ● Metonymy: Substitute word product ○ “Represent the intangible by something tangible” – Brummett ○ Examples: “I am your voice” ● Mutual synecdoche ○ Example: Drive -. > Create Country/Territory -> Entire Country

Why metonymy and synecdoche ● Short/quick way of conveying meaning ○ Social action: Expressed as “in a group”. ○ We understand “The Hawk” because we’re on the “Allen Field House” team ● Makes abstract ideas more “real” ○ Reduces complexity ● Signals that the speaker is using language, not “Information” ● Easy change.

Synecdoche Vs Metonymy Worksheet Pdf

Synecdoche Vs Metonymy Worksheet Pdf

Irony ● Violation of expectations ● First type: irony, hyperbole, litos ● Second type: When the speaker focuses on a noncontradictory situation Why irony? ● Emphasizes social interaction, describes “in groups” ○ Similar to metonymy and synecdoche ○ Considered as intelligent audience, “knows best” ● Difficult to identify! Although contextually, the audience, set in Stanton’s “The destructive male” Irony ● It is based on the expectations of a relationship between a man and a woman ● Civility, rationality, complementarity ● It overturns this idea.

Reading Poetry With Sībawayhi: Ittisāʿ/saʿat Al Kalām And Metaphorical Thinking In The Kitāb In: From Sībawayhi To ʾaḥmad Ḥasan Al Zayyāt: New Angles On The Arabic Linguistic Tradition

Rhetorical Situation Contingency – “flaw marked with urgency” “if there is a mistake that can be corrected by speaking” Examples: violence, municipal committee meeting Control Contingency: Each determines the role of the task. An Organizational Principle Complaints: Topics can be addressed by speakers. Symbolic barriers to success – emotional state of the audience, first name.

Good idea of ​​persuasion ● Consensus: Find agreement ● Equality: People deserve respect ● Independence: People make up their own minds.

Fischer ● Arete: He has personal experience with his disease and is very knowledgeable about it ● Phronesis: Knowing how to best appeal to Republicans and how to speak to the public without criticizing them. Ask yourself if you are human.

Glaser ● Arete: Subject Expert and Active Participant, High Cost of Medicines

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Course Ideas on Brick ● Complete reading techniques ○ Do a “close study” of Hitler’s text ○ Read for structure and content ○ Read for social context (introduction and conclusion) ● Rhetorical situation: demand, audience, limitations ● logos, ethos, pathos ○ Reliance on performance, anthems – self-directed audience ● Narrative word paradigm – other critics can’t “get” ○ Paradoxical paradigm word paradigm – critics can’t “get” ○ Tells an important story (even (be it not real) , harmless to debunking ● Alignment and opposition ○ Done with: Vienna/Parliament, “inner voice”/Munich ○ Words expressing opposition ○ Logos ● An anthem An argument is the “heart and soul” of Find the meaning

Cardinal Van Geck’s Argument 1. Which point is omitted? ● What rules apply to data requests 2. What type of report should be used?

Three Aspects of the Ariti Ethos: Excellence; Identifying their themes, truths and reasons Phoenician: practical wisdom/wisdom. Know the best time to speak, master the context. Credibility Eunoia: Good will. Best wishes to the audience

Synecdoche Vs Metonymy Worksheet Pdf

Pathetic ● persuasive by changing the audience’s opinion ● a speaker who conveys no emotion ● unrelated to the argument, separate but related ● can appeal to emotion, but not close to the merits of the argument ? ● Intensity, awareness, immediate objections ● Manipulator ● Loss of intensity over time Pathos strategies ● Abstractions, direct appeal to audience values ​​● Emotional language/”laying it on thick” ● Distribution/display of emotion Changing the ● The communicator exchanges an intelligent. thought a second. Fear > Hope > Anger > ● Time related ● Place related ● Purpose related ● Stakeholder related

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● Against the “rational world paradigm” ○ Life is a series of logical puzzles that can be solved using reasoning ● Assumes that people are natural salespeople ○ Stories incorporate a moral argument ○ Life has meaning is about ● Each part. The story must fit into the larger literary story.

Narrative theory in action ● Narrative truth: internally consistent, not subject to fact-checking (288) ● Moral argument: “good”, “reasonable” policies (291)

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