Tangled The Series Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Tangled The Series Rapunzel Coloring Pages – No Disney ‘Tangled’ yet! The film is truly imaginative and beautiful, with just the right amount of whimsy. What we love about this movie is that it’s not as elegant and cute as the other Disney princesses. And I think that’s probably the main reason for its popularity. Following the series’ popularity, Disney released Tangled: The Series, which begins with the musical TV series Tangled: Before Ever After. We absolutely love this series and I’m sure you will too. That’s why we bring you a small collection of printable Tangled: Series coloring pages. So without wasting any more time, check out the Tangled: Series coloring sheets below!

Cassandra did not appear in “Tangled,” but she was an integral part of “Tangled: Series.” Rapunzel’s stepmother and close friend, raised as Corona’s daughter. She is known for her fighting skills and strength.

Tangled The Series Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Tangled The Series Rapunzel Coloring Pages

As in the film, Flynn or Eugene play a major role in the series. He was a young man with light brown eyes, dark brown hair and a goatee. We absolutely love his charming, funny and romantic nature.

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This coloring page features King Frederic, Rapunzel’s father, and a supporting character from the show. The series shows that Rapunzel and King break up, but in fact they love and care for each other very much. We hope their relationship gets better soon!

Maximus appears as a supporting character in “Tangled: Series” and goes on adventures with Eugene, Rapunzel and Cassandra. Fortunately, Maximus is not as rude as Flynn is in the story.

Although many may not like it, Mother Godel also appears in “The Tangled: The Series”, despite Rapunzel’s Nightmare. Boasting her return to Rapunzel, she summoned the Thornstone that night when Rapunzel’s hair mysteriously returned.

How can we not talk about Pascal, Rapunzel’s pet and support system in the movies and series? Pascal is Rapunzel’s assistant and assistant, sincere and secretive. Although he only deals with gestures and facial expressions, he is the driving force behind most of Rapunzel’s actions.

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Meet Princess Ariana, Rapunzel’s beautiful mother and friendly Frederick’s wife. In this episode, we learn how excited Princess Ariana was to find her daughter. Nevertheless, she overreacts and does not support all the efforts of her daughter.

This is a coloring page for Princess Rapunzel, the cool main character of the series. She is the Queen of Corona, known for her long magical hair. She married what was known as Eugene or Flynn Rider. What we love about Rapunzel is that she is no ordinary Disney princess.

Here is another coloring page of Rapunzel from the series. The series captures her life as a princess and shows Rapunzel’s beauty and stability as she continues to grow as a person. She covers the mysterious reappearance of hair in the series.

Tangled The Series Rapunzel Coloring Pages

The color sheet of the young musician Varian from ‘Tangled: Series’ is really interesting. You must color your portfolio and other Varian representations. So you can color many pictures in one coloring sheet, which is really fun.

Rapunzel Tangled Coloring Pages Printable

So how do you print all those coloring pages? You can also print Disney coloring pages. It will make a fun activity with your friends. Until then, happy photos.

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