The Arab Israeli Conflict Worksheet Answer Key

The Arab Israeli Conflict Worksheet Answer Key – Compared to other conflicts, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is neither the bloodiest nor the most expensive, but it is certainly the most bitter and the most passionate. Longest war in modern world history 5 major wars 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 Guerrilla warfare – 1936 Arab revolt – Produced more protests than any conflict in the region, including the Vietnam War. A power struggle that threatens the stability of the world system (’67, ’73: US and USSR almost went to war in the Middle East = WW3) The United Nations devoted more energy to this conflict than any other 1979: Jimmy Carter makes Egypt and Israel a signatory the contract. The first agreement between the Arabs and Israel. 1990s: Clinton closer to peace, possibility of two-state solution. In 2000, these talks were interrupted by the intifada. 2010: Obama launches peace plan” ]m=mn some agreements provide the basis for building the West Bank: a better economy Better security cooperation Many analysts are pessimistic about Obama’s plan and peace in general. Hamas convinces the Palestinians, does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The fall of President Mubarak causes opposition to the views of Israel. New views against Israel in Turkey / the rise of Iranian power. Abbas asked the United Nations to recognize the Palestinian state

Palestinian/anti-Zionist Narratives See Zionists involved in pain Foreigners’ behavior, aggression, insatiable Zionist territorial aspirations Rapid Jewish growth: 1880 – 6% of the population, 1939 – 30% of the population Jews began to assert power the political Jews preferred. to relocate the Palestinians to other Arab countries. Cultural/land connections appeared When Britain took power after the Ottomans, they promised to create a national home for Jews Great Migration, Balfour Declaration of land purchase (1917) 1929, 1936-39: Arabs took up arms against Jews and British. It holds 20,000 British troops. Zionism is British colonialism. 1947: The United Nations voted to approve the creation of two independent states, one Jewish, one Arab. After the Holocaust there was a lot of sympathy for the Jews, but the Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

The Arab Israeli Conflict Worksheet Answer Key

The Arab Israeli Conflict Worksheet Answer Key

Nothing to do with genocide. The Jewish population (1/3 of the total) got 55% of the territory Then 78% of the Jews expelled the Palestinians, defying the demands of the United Nations that the refugees return to their homes. They attacked Egypt, Jordan, Syria, took the remaining 22% of the West Bank Arabs were treated badly (confiscation of water, strict security checks, visual violence) Israel followed discriminatory policies: Palestinians cannot return to their homes in Israel, but anyone born. A Jewish mother has an automatic right to return to Israel.

How The Middle East “got That Way” Ii

Jewish/Zionist narrative temple in Israel, Jews praying towards Jersulam (not a foreign presence) The legal foundations of the Jewish state are undisputed. United Nations Britain is obliged to help in the development of the Jewish state. The United Nations supports the creation of a Jewish state. Since 1949, Israel has been a member of the UN. The majority of people in the world believed that the Jews deserved Israel after the Holocaust. There is no other place for them. Palestinian leader works for Hitler Jews have an ancient relationship with the land, unlike the colonists. Land is NEVER bought, it is always bought (in large quantities). Palestinians think they are helpless victims, but in control of their own destiny. The Palestinians destroyed a satisfactory agreement 55% of the land that the Israelis have is desert. Arabs refuse to divide, return to violence (1947, 48) Palestinian state may emerge 70 years later 1949-67: Palestinians fully satisfied with the armistice lines 1967: Egypt and Jordan, promoted Palestinians, fight Israel. There will be no West Bank, Israeli settlements beyond the 1949 borders. No peace, no negotiations, no recognition of the Arab countries. The King of Saudi Arabia encouraged Yasser Arafat to accept the agreement presented by Clinton. He refused, which started the 2nd intifada. Hamas fired rockets to destroy the negotiations. The Zionists are ready to accept a large minority of Arabs, full citizenship / rights. than the exile of the Jews of the Arabs every Jew was. Expulsion Some Arab countries expelled 700,000 Jews. There is no excuse for the military. Israelis are not racist. Race is determined by genes. The population of Israel is diverse: Ethiopians, Indians, Burmese, the head of the navy is Chinese, Americans, African Americans. Israelis have Judaism in common, not race. Along with other 57 countries of the United Nations. Christian Population Expands Only Democracy in the Middle East Anti-Israel activists are free to say whatever they want. What the Arabs hate is the presence of the successful

Many Jews believe that if they try / imitate too hard, they will be left alone. Anti-Semitism continued despite these efforts

Many Jews believe that most Europeans look down on them. They were not wrong. They felt they had to move to Palestine, to have status in their modern country. Abandoned dream of imitation

Theodore Herzl was taken seriously: he refused to have a bar mitzvah, he refused to circumcise his son. The Jews were encouraged to convert. Alarmed by the rise of anti-Semitism Wrote the “Condition of the Jews” The Zionist Organization: gather Jews from all over the world, return them to the land of their ancestors. Herzl met with the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, asked for help from Germany/UK, but to no avail. Jews were encouraged to stay in the land of Palestine

Lethal Journalists React To The Al Durah Report: Insights Into The Ngo Journo Matrix

The Jewish people asked the poorest Jews to suffer from poverty and anti-Semitism. 2nd Aliyah: 40,000 immigrants to Palestine 1914: 80,000 Jews in Palestine (14% of the population) Increased from 6% in 1880 Many Jews immigrated to America (place of election) 1918: World War I changed the situation 60,000 Jews were killed it doubled from the 1880s) 1921-1924: The United States reduced immigration preferences due to the policy of isolation No other destination than Palestine Control of Palestine transferred from the Ottomans to Britain Mandate of Palestine: Britain was to make a Jewish national home in Palestine , Herzl’s dream. seen!!! Britain committed to creating a Jewish state in the 1930s Europe experienced waves of anti-Semitism Boycotts of Jewish businesses Expulsion of Jews from universities Humiliation A large part of the Christian population believes that Jews are the enemies of all good, deceitful people. , the devil, unclean animals, for the sake of humanity the Jews must be quarantined if they are not to be exterminated. 1939: Jews are 30% of the population of Palestine

Agriculture: New Jewish village in Palestine Jewish demand drives up land prices (50x) Palestinians sell land to Jewish Zionists LAND IS NEVER PROFITABLE, high price paid Jewish capital helped stabilize economy (Arab citrus industry) The Jews expelled the tenants of the purchased land. cultivate the land themselves

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The Arab Israeli Conflict Worksheet Answer Key

It is. It points to a bigger problem. The Jews expel the Arabs from their country 1933: The Jewish economy was more successful than the Arabs

Palestine And Israel

Yishuv: The first Jewish community in Palestine Jewish Agency: responsible for immigration, education, work, health, etc. As a National Government. Haganah: army to protect the settlement Schools/universities use Hebrew. Preferred Yiddish (symbol of ghetto identity) Elected national parliament (Knesset origin)

The Labor Party- led by Ben Gurion did not want to offend the British or the Arabs did not discuss in public about an independent Jewish state (fearing opposition from the Arab state) it was too weak to consider the development of power sought to avoid democratic elections where the supremacy of the Arabs. he would strangle the Yishuv Ben Gurion described three stages of reform in which: Jews remain a minority, increase in power Jews approach 40%, Jews and Arabs increase in power, British decline in power, Jews and Arabs join, the order disappears.

Jewish View of Palestinians Thankful for economic development No connection to the land Wants a socialist rebellion against the unjust capitalists ALL WRONG Zionists believe they must save Jews from impending annihilation in Europe Arabs protest to continue Jewish immigration to Palestine Britain closes immigration Zionists accept the picture. in cooperation, wanting to reduce the solidarity of the Palestinians and the Zionists of Palestine are afraid of the hatred of the Arabs because it puts them in the position of oppressors; the opposite of the image they want. Natural peace advocate He claims that there is a place for Jews and Arabs

Images of Arabs Not Accepted by All Zionist Reformers: Jabotinsky ridiculed the Labor Party as useless Ben Gurion denied the Arab-Jewish conflict. of the situation of the Arabs The living conditions of the Arabs are definitely increasing.

Gcse/ib History: The Peace Treaties After Ww1

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Displacement of Palestinians in modern times. The Palestinians now feel that time/history is on their side. On the contrary, many Israelis fear the future. In the 1930s, the Israelis began to accept the Palestinians’ defiance.

Palestinian Nationalism Ottoman Empire: Arab loyalty is local, universal, but NOT national. eg Members of this village or family, this work. Everyone is Arab/Christian/Muslim, but no one calls themselves “Palestinian”. 1908: the word Palestine was introduced by the Arabs who considered the area near Jerusalem to be a holy land, but without political implications. Cultural ties led north to Syria. Today’s Israel is often called Southern Syria. Why

The Arab Israeli Conflict Worksheet Answer Key

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