The Cold War Heats Up Worksheet Answers

The Cold War Heats Up Worksheet Answers – Presentation on the topic: “The Cold War 18 The Origins of Cold, Cold, Hot, Hot” – Presentation Essay:

CHAPTER 18 The Cold War The End of the Conflict Chapter Objectives Relation to History Timeline Chapter 1

The Cold War Heats Up Worksheet Answers

The Cold War Heats Up Worksheet Answers

2 Home 18 Conflicts in the Cold War Chapter Objectives Understand international violence and domestic violence as a consequence of the Cold War.

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Home 18 Conflicts in the Cold War N T E R A C T WITH HISTORY At the end of World War II, Americans are in the grip of a new fear. The Soviets adopted a violent political system called communism. Many believe it threatens the American way of life. All over the country, suspected communists are summoned for questioning before the subcommittee. Anyone accused of un-American activity faces public humiliation and professional ruin. What do you do when a friend is accused? Explore the Questions • Are Americans with communist beliefs a danger to the nation? • What can individual citizens do to protect the rights of all people? • Should citizens speak up to protect the rights of others?

CHAPTER The Cold War Period of Conflict United States In 1945, the United Nations was founded. 1946 Churchill gives the “Iron Curtain” speech. 1948 Harry S. Truman is elected president. In 1948, the Berlin airport was opened. 1949 The United States joined NATO. In 1949, China became communist under the rule of Mao Zedong. In 1950, America sent troops to Korea. In 1950, the Korean War began. 1952 – The US dropped the first hydrogen bomb. Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president. 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed as spies. 1953 – The two sides in the Korean War agree on an armistice. 1954 – Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the US military of communist involvement. 1954 The French were defeated in Vietnam. Continue . .

CHAPTER USA International Cold War Era 1957 The Soviets launch Sputnik. 1959 Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba. 1960 – Francis Gary Powers’ U-2 spy plane is shot down by the Soviets. John F. Kennedy was elected president.

SECTION 1 Cold War Map Introduction Home Main Idea The alliance between the United States and the Soviet Union is torn apart by mutual conflict. Evaluation proposal

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CHAPTER 1 Cold War Answers Home Map Why It Matters Now The United States and the Soviet Union emerged from World War II as two “superpowers” ​​with very different political and economic systems. After World War II, differences between the United States and the Soviet Union led to the Cold War, which continued into the 21st century. Terms and Names • Satellite State • Marshall Plan • Berlin Airport • Truman Doctrine • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) • United Nations (UN) • Cold War • Iron Curtain • Assessment of Violations

8 SECTION 1 Cold War Answers Home Assessment Chart 1. Describe the actions of the United States and the actions of the Soviet Union that contributed greatly to the Cold War. American Actions Soviet Actions Marshall Plan Greece and Turkey Truman Doctrine Containment Preventing Free Elections at Berlin Airport Control of Eastern Europe Poland Continues Blockade of West Berlin. . .

9 CHAPTER 1 Cold War Core Map Home Assessment 2. People who worked as aides to President Franklin Roosevelt were concerned that Truman was unfit to lead the world. Based on what you have learned in this chapter, evaluate Truman as a world leader. Consider: • his attitude towards Stalin • his economic support from European countries • his support for West Berlin. Answer Possible answers: Truman was an effective leader who maintained Soviet influence and implemented the Marshall Plan and the Berlin Wall. . He was very responsive and very combative. Continue . .

The Cold War Heats Up Worksheet Answers

10 SECTION 1 Cold War Answers Home Assessment Chart 3. Which do you think was more successful in achieving its goals in 1945-1949? Answer Possible answers: The Soviets were more successful because they expanded their influence in Eastern Europe. The US was very successful in breaking the blockade of West Berlin and helping to rebuild Europe. Continue . .

Cold War Heats Up Powerpoint

11 SECTION 1 Cold War Experience Chart Home Value 4. What was Stalin’s motivation for supporting communist governments in Eastern Europe? Answer: Stalin wanted Eastern Europe as a buffer zone to protect the Soviet Union from invasion on the Western Front. End of Chapter 1

CHAPTER 2 The Cold War Brings Thought The US policy of containment and Communist victories in China and North Korea lead to the Korean War. Evaluation proposal

CHAPTER 2 The Cold War Warms the Domestic Experience Why It Matters Now After World War II, China became a communist country and Korea was divided into a communist north and a democratic south. The ongoing conflict with China and North Korea continues with the involvement of the United States of America. Terms and Names • Korean War • Mao Zedong • Chiang Kai-shek • Taiwan • 38 parallel reviews

Home 2 Assessing the Temperature of the Cold War 1. List the major events of the Korean War. Event 2 Event 1 Event 4 Event 6 Event 3 Event 5 Event On June 7, North Korea attacked South Korea. In September, MacArthur launched a counterattack at Inchon. China entered the war in November. In 1948, Korea was divided into two countries. In June, America supports South Korea. Between September and October, the UN offensive was successful. A truce was signed in July. Continue . .

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15 CHAPTER 2 Assessment at Home Heats the Cold War 2. What would happen if MacArthur convinced Truman to expand the war to China? How could today’s world be different? The answer is probably World War III, which will result in the destruction of millions of people with nuclear weapons. Continue . .

16 SECTION 2 The Cold War, Warming Home Score 3. Many Americans questioned whether the Korean War was worth it. what is your opinion why? Consider: • the loss of American lives • the fear of communism that gripped the country at the time • the crisis that ended the war Answer Possible answers: The war was not profitable because Korea was a divided nation. left The war was worth it because without it all of communist Korea might have collapsed. Continue . .

17 CHAPTER 2 The Cold War Warms Home Review 4. At the end of the Chinese Civil War, the United States refused to recognize the Communist People’s Republic of China as the de facto government of China. What were the benefits of such a policy? What were the weaknesses? Answer Advantages – The US remained committed to a policy of anti-communism. Weaknesses – Disapproval of the communist government in China prevented the US from influencing China and forced China to form an alliance with the Soviet Union. End of Chapter 2

The Cold War Heats Up Worksheet Answers

CHAPTER 3 The Cold War at Home Main Idea The Cold War increased the fear of communist influence in the United States. Evaluation proposal

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CHAPTER 3 The Cold War at Home Why Domestic Experience Matters Now In the late 1940s and early 1950s, fear of communism led to reckless accusations against innocent civilians. Americans today remain wary of unsubstantiated accusations. Terms and Names • Alger Hess • Hollywood Ten • McCarthyism • Ethel and Julius Rosenberg • Joseph McCarthy • HUAC • The Blacklist Review

SECTION 3 The Cold War at Home Review at Home 1. Give four examples of how anti-communist terrorism took place in a country. HUAC investigates un-American activities in Hollywood. Incidents of espionage increase fear. Anti-communist fears spread throughout the country. Congress passed the McCarran Act. McCarthy raises fears of a communist conspiracy. Continue . .

21 SECTION 3 The Cold War at Home Review at Home 2. If you lived in this era and were accused of being a communist, what would you do? Consider: • The Hollywood Ten, who refused to answer questions • The Rosenbergs, who demanded a Fifth Amendment answer. By answering, I would show my loyalty to the United States

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