The Empty Pot Worksheets

The Empty Pot Worksheets – Our Empty Pot activities for distance learning are now digital, using slides and interchangeable worksheets based on Demi’s book. Memorize a picture book and use printouts or use Google or Seesaw for paper skills.

The Empty Pot is the story of a boy named Ping. Ping loves flowers and everything he plants blooms well.

The Empty Pot Worksheets

The Empty Pot Worksheets

One day the king announces that the person who will succeed him on the throne will grow a beautiful flower from the seeds given by the king. All the sons in that country take their seeds and go to the palace to plant them in the hope of becoming the future king.

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Ping plants a seed and wonders where there are no flowers. After each season nothing has yet blossomed and he has to offer an empty pot to the king. Ping blushes when he sees that all the boys and girls have beautiful flowers.

However, the king announces that Ping is the next king! He says that he gave seeds to all the boys and girls who were cooked and could not produce flowers. Ping unless someone is honest. Students will learn a lesson about trust while reading this book. We had one of the best numbers weeks we’ve ever had! We have worked hard on the number of examples up to 120. Since we were in the middle of a botanical unit in science, we decided to use “Tops and Bottoms” from Stevens’ Apostolic Sea of ​​Journals. Some example activities. I’ve shared my top and bottom before, but I’ve included this math feature for you to download and print. Here are two pictures.

For the past few weeks we have been busy trying to write real stories. We followed closely behind Lucy Calkins. For inspiration reading a lot of novels, I think children depend on it. I put together a small unit with posters, organizers and shakers.

Finally, we will be working on author stories this coming week. I chose “Empty Pot” by Demi. It is a beautiful story about faith and courage. If you haven’t read it to your kids yet, do it now! I have another small component with this story. This unit helps children see the value of such a piece.

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Well, that’s all for now!!! I hope you have a fun filled week learning your vigils!!!

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